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Knitty fun and color changing.

Okay so I am sure that most of you have seen the Summer Knitty. It’s live and full of summertime fun and stunning knits. Especially one that this knitter is super excited about! Baker Street Scarf, designed by Joan of Dark, modeled by Neil Gaiman and based on the scarf worn in BBC’s series, Sherlock. I love Sherlock so Baker Street Scarf is going to be an absolute must knit for me.

It’s all pretty exciting!

I can tell you I was thrilled when Amy contacted me and asked me if I wanted to be part of a super secret project. Partly, because I like to be involved in super secret projects and partly,because of my love for all things Sherlock, and Neil Gaiman and Joan. Of course the other reason is that this whole thing involved my Ravens and well, I do so love me some shadowy color creating.

So off to the drawing board to pick a yarn base and dream up a Raven to add to the clan. We chose Gaea which is one of our bases that certainly does not get the attention it deserves. Thick and so soft with superb stitch definition. A great scarf yarn and one that would work well in a darker color to help accent the stitches. Then off to the dye table to birth a Raven. I chose deep blues and blue greens for “Say Nevermore” to highlight the black since Mr. Gaiman likes to wear black and to keep some of the Sherlock’s  scarf color in there.       I think it worked well. I hope you agree.











A really stunning scarf to knit and wear whether you are solving crime, creating magical stories or designing knitwear – really, no matter who you are!


It’s that time again!                                                                                                                                                                                                                Time to change colors out. Below you will find the list of colorways that will be on hiatus starting this Friday June 12th.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.54.58 PM

And under this list is yet, another list. A list of summertime hues. We are going to put these up for a few weeks and then change them out again, because it turns out we have a whole bunch of summer color! So very much and I wanted to do some more neon ones too so look for those in the coming weeks.

Afternoon Delight
Baby Mama
Beach Blanket Bingo
Beach Glass
Boobie 1
Boobie 2
Braun’s Woods
Claire de Lune
Coral’s Reefer Madness
Dophins Disco
Flash Mobbin
Forget me Knot
Gastropod Shuffle
 Koi Koi
Handsome Man
Hot Lips
Lady Edith
Liquid Sunshine
On Blueberry Hill
On the Vine
Pebble Beach
Peridot and Periwinkle
Pineapple Express
Rock Candy
Sail Away
Sassmaster Skein
Single Cell Dating Pool
Sky Rocketing Puddle Jumper
Spawn of Braun
Stalking the Wild Blueberry
Sunkissed Sands
Tide Pool
Tinks Toots
What the Foqua

I was thinking a contest might be fun to do with all of these colorway names. It’s so fun to see and read them in a random list. We make up all kinds of songs and stories based on these lists. It’s so fun! So…what if you made up stories using say 25 of the colorways names in the list of ones that are going up this Friday. You can choose any 25 from this list. Be creative! Be wacky!  You can post them here is the comments section of this post for all of us to see. Each person gets one story submission and team Blue Moon will choose a winner. The grand prize is that I will make you you’re very own colorway. You can name it and tell me what you would like it to be and then I will translate it into a colorway!  Because there are only so many hours in the day your word count is 350.  You have until June 25 to submit  and we will choose by June 30th. Sound good?!!

Summer color fun!

A few reminders:

Notorious Sock Knitters, the 15% part of the club expires on July 15th. So make sure you use it by then. After July 15th it goes to 10%. The code is in the January Dyer’s Notes.

We will be putting the Dye Day and Barn Sale info up on the website this weekend so look for that. The dye slots fill up fast!

Our next BASS goes live around June 20th so look for that Form Shannon!

Ok I think that is all for right now.

Enjoy the sun!

  1. Artemis06 #

    To: Claire de Lune

    From: Diana

    Hi, Claire!

    As you can see from the enclosed photo, we are at Pebble Beach. It was spur of the moment; after some Afternoon Delight (blush), ol’ Hot Lips said, “Let’s hop on the Pineapple Express and go!” I don’t have to tell you that the idea of Sunkissed Sands and Liquid Sunshine appealed to me, so off we went.

    The scenery on the train was gorgeous. We passed the Lemongrass growing On Blueberry Hill, saw birds flying out of Braun’s Woods, and the castle on Rock Candy Mountain. My Handsome Man was thrilled, but that was nothing to what happened when we got there.

    First we checked into the SeaMar, then we visited the Tide Pool to swim. There were so many kinds of Algae bloom going on that it looked like someone had sprinkled Confetti! We didn’t want to swim there, so we drove over to the Lunasea. You won’t believe what we saw Beached there! A Mermaid! She smiled at us, so we went to introduce ourselves. She said she was Lady Edith Baita, and that she liked to occasionally come ashore to collect Beach Glass and play Beach Blanket Bingo. Well, you know us, Claire, always game for a laugh, so we played a few games of Bingo with her before she had to Sail Away.

    That evening we went to the Dolphins Disco in the Firebird Lounge. We learned a couple of new dances, the Gastropod Shuffle, and the Sky Rocketing Puddle Jumper. It was Awesomesauce until the old man put his back out, so we went back home to Rhodanite the next day. I wish you’d been with us!

    Write soon, and Forget Me Knot!


    June 11, 2015
  2. RiverPoet #

    Koi Koi rolled over in her bed of algae, not yet fully awake, an gave an absent-minded scratch to boobie 1 before stretching and yawning. She’d gotten some sleep, despite her fight with Braun last night. He was SO wrong… she was in no hurry to get married and be someone’s baby mama. Mermaids have options these days, you know.

    She still wasn’t sure how the conversation had boomeranged from discussing a long weekend getaway to the islands, to setting up a household in Braun’s Woods. Sheer lunasea! She’d stormed out of Dolphin’s Disco once she realized he was serious. Sail away from here? From the sunkissed sands, the liquid sunshine on the tide pools, her beloved pebble beach… yes, Braun was a handsome man, but sometimes she felt that he saw her as just a pair of hot lips… and apparently the gal to birth the spawn of Braun. What the foqua?

    Well. He could certainly toss himself into that single-cell dating pool happening over at Coral’s Reefer Madness. She rolled her eyes thinking of Coral’s tacky nightclub… all that confetti. It got everywhere. Ugh. Koi Koi sighed again, and decided she may as well get up. She looked through her collection of colored beach glass… citrine, peridot and periwinkle, ruby and rhodanite and cobalt and deep purple… her own pretty little rock candy collection. Being a mermaid and knowing where to find the best pieces did have it’s advantages, and her collection always cheered her up. She selected a few of the prettiest pieces to decorate her tail, and with her confidence firmly in control, swam out to face the day.

    June 11, 2015
  3. SantaFeLil #

    Boobie 1 and Boobie 2’s Awesomesauce Day

    Boobie 1 and Boobie 2 headed out for some Afternoon Delight. After a quick walk through Braun’s Woods they ended up at Coral’s Reefer Madness beach hut, where they played some Beach Blanket Bingo after a good Flash Mobbin and Gastroyd Shuffle.

    Once on the beach they went exploring and slipped on some Algae while climbing on a rock to watch the Dolphins Disco. They also spotted some Koi Koi and a Mermaid.

    In the distance they say Lady Edith. She was watching something out at sea. Boobie 1 and Boobie 2 quickly climbed up On Blueberry Hill, where they spotted a Handsome Man in a sailing vessel heading their way. As it got closer they could hear strains of Claire de Lune. A Firebird flew toward the sailing vessel as Lemongrass blew in the breeze.

    Boobie 1 thought she saw a Socktopus, but Boobie 2 said it was just their friend Maia swimming ashore for her nightly excursion on the Pineapple Express to Tinks Toots where she was sure to have some Rock Candy after picking grapes On the Vine.

    As the Liquid Sunshine melted into the sea, Boobie 1 and Boobie 2 said in unison, “Sail Away Handsome Man. For tomorrow the Tide Pool will be gone away, and all we will be left with is Sun Kissed Sands after this beautiful day.”

    As Handsome Man sailed away they could hear him saying “Forget Me Knot, Lady Edith, Forget Me Knot.”

    The End.

    June 11, 2015
  4. PurlGirl #

    Once upon a time when my Handsome Man and I were having some Afternoon Delight on Pebble Beach, he said “Lady Edith, your Hot Lips taste like Liquid Sunshine” I replied” my sweet Sky Rocketing Puddle Jumper, that makes me want to hop on the Pineapple Express and Sail Away to Lunasea. I’m hungry for some Lemongrass soup and Rock Candy that is sold at the Tide Pool bar. The bartender, Tink Toots and his girlfriend Maia are so cute when they entertain us with the Gastropod Shuffle at their Dolphin Disco. Of course, if we get bored there, we could play Beach Blanket Bingo, throw our Boomerang or go climbing on Blueberry Hill. That’s where everyone is Stalking The Wild Blueberry On The Vine.

    I say What The Foqua! Let’s head for Braun’s Woods and create our Own little Spaun of Braun. And they lived happily ever after!

    June 12, 2015
  5. Janis #

    ‘ON THE VINE’ (late edition)

    Headline: Nautical Nuptials for local lass LADY EDITH

    Article: By On The Vine wedding reporter Ms TINKS TOOTS

    Well the whisper on the vine is no longer a whisper it is now a shout-it-from -the-rooftops fully formed fact!

    Earlier on today Lady Edith SKY-ROCKETING-PUDDLE-JUMPER-Smythe finally tied the proverbial nautical knot to none other than her long term beau and actual HANDSOME MAN Submariner Captain Alganon ‘ALGAE’ WHAT-THE-FOQUA!

    The marriage took place in the brides home village of SEA MAR-on-the-marshes at the quaint little parish church of St CLAIRE DE LUNE.

    The invitees, a small intimate gathering of some very close friends witnessed the happy couple getting spliced. One friend in particular drew my attention for he is rarely seen in public, the infamous Knight and notorious sock knitter Sir SOCKTOPUS SASSMASTER SKEIN, usually a bit of a recluse owing to his sock knitting and yarn addiction!

    The bride and her sister, MERMAID of honour Lady MAIA, wore matching gowns styled on mermaids tails. They really did look the part indeed! Every inch of gown being highly embellished with scale-like sequins individually hand fashioned from BEACH GLASS and CITRINE! They wore delicate headdresses of FORGET ME KNOTS bejewelled with PERIDOT AND PERIWINKLE petal CONFETTI filled baskets were clasped in their lacy, white gloved hands.

    The wedding banquet took place at The SUNKISSED SANDS Grand Hotel located in a prime position on nearby PEBBLE BEACH.

    The lavish breakfast banquet ended at midday with the arrival of their favourite group R.C. (ROCK CANDY) and the LIQUID SUNSHINE BAND.
    The band played well into the night but not before Lady Edith and Captain Algae took to the DOLPHIN’S DISCO dance floor for the traditional first dance, their favourite track the GASTROPOD SHUFFLE being played at full volume.
    Leaving the guests to party on the happy couple departed for their honeymoon cruise aboard the SS AFTERNOON DELIGHT 😉 ………….

    June 12, 2015
  6. Sadiesue #

    Sitting on Sunkissed Sands with an elderly friend.
    Should we Sail Away?
    For An Afternoon Delight? Absolutely not. Let’s keep the berries On the Vine.
    Squishing Algae between his toes. That could lead one to Lunasea.
    Pebbles on the beach sparkling like Peridot and Periwinkle. It’s a Pebble Beach!, she laughs.
    A young man propels himself like a Sky Rocketing Puddle Jumper out of the Single Cell Dating Pool and towards the local Mermaid who is already being kissed by Liquid Sunshine.
    How about some Rock Candy?
    I’d rather Pineapple Express.
    A Handsome Man with Hot Lips bent toward his Lady Edith.
    Let’s look for Beach Glass, she offered.
    The Tide Pool was swirling.
    Socktopus was rising.
    Beach Blanket Bingo was in the air.
    The sun done like Citrine.
    Her cheeks were the color of Rhodanite.
    What the Foqua, he thought.
    Forget Me Knot?, he asked.

    June 23, 2015

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