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Barn Sale and Dye Day

Where does the time go?

Seriously!  Where the hell does it go?

How is it already the end of July?

It was just May and the flowers were just blooming and then boom it is the end of July. We were meeting about things  up and coming and I looked at the calendar and almost passed out. So needless to say it has been a very busy few months here.

We are training not one, or even two, but three new dyers. I know. It’s a lot. It’s enough to make this dyer’s head spin. But…it was way past time and well, when the universe sends you people that want to play with dye then you open the door, invite them in and teach them how to do it! So a hearty welcome to Laurie, Jessica and Trista. And since we are welcoming  new team members we also have Brandy and Kalia in production.

All the new dyers is one of the reasons for the Rare Gems offering and has also given us more yarn then usual for Barn Sale. We could nickname this sale the learning curve sale!! hehe

Next week is out Annual Barn Sale and Dye Day party! Yay!!!! I love this day so very much. It is so much fun. I look forward to it just about all year. We get to have great color fun and we get to see all of you wonderful knitters that we have not seen in about a year.

We have had the Barn sale and Dye days up on the website since June and the dye slots are almost all sold out so if you wanted one now is your chance!

Yes we will have an indigo vat going and hopefully some carding fun too and whatever other fun things we can think up.

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The sale is Saturday August 1st in our red barn at Blue Moon from 9:00 to 5:00

Address is 56587 Mollenhour Road, Scappoose Oregon 97056

If you can carpool we would really appreciate it, because parking is limited. We ask (beg) you not to park on any of our neighbors land. Come all the way down to the end to where the gravel drive dead ends into us and we will squeeze you in. If necessary we’ll put you down in the lower 40 by the chicken coop.


Google us their directions are great!

Once you are in Scappoose if you are coming from Portland then go through town until you hit the last light which is right after the fire station. That light is Scapposse-Vernonia HWY on your left. You will turn left onto Scappoose-Vernonia Hwy. and take is approx. 7.5 miles. 

 The next road you want is Chapman Rd. which you are turning left on. You can only turn left.

( DO NOT take the road before Chapman Rd which is Chapman Grange Rd it is wrong.)

The next turn is also a left onto Mollenhour Rd which is the first street you will come to after you turn onto Chapman

Go up Mollenhour about an 1.8 of a mile . Our gravel drive which is on the right and marked by a piece of driftwood and green house number signs. 56587. Turn right here and follow it  all the way to where it dead ends into us.

Yay! You are here!

Please note that there is no cell service up here.

If you are coming to DYE!

Please wear something that you don’t mind getting dye on or bring an apron. You don’t think you will spill or get dye on yourself but it almost always happens. It’s all that color concentration  that is going on.

Come at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time so we can get you set up and your yarn soaking.

Bring your lunch and hang out with us and the chickens and enjoy the day.  It is supposed to be a stunning one. Also if it is supposed to be hot we are 10 degrees cooler here! One of the many perks of living up here. Although in the winter it’s a little cold.

Okay I think that covers all the details you need. OH, one more thing. If you can bring your own shopping bags that would be extra wonderful.

A side note to our story winners. I have not forgotten about you. I am musing!

Thank you for your patience!

Happy Knitting everyone!!