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Deconstructed & Once in a Blue Moon

First, real quickly, for those taking part in Sock Sniper, it starts tomorrow, and you all have a coupon code.

It’s always so interesting to see how folks work with our colorways. When local designer Katherine Leek approached me about breaking down some of our Multicolor Wave colorways into her lovely and super wearable Deconstructed shawlette, I was tickled. The pattern is the perfect blend of knitterly interest and mindless knit, and the color combinations are almost endless.


So endless in fact that we had to limit it (and ourselves – do you know how fun it is to break down color ways into their composite parts? TOO MUCH FUN!)


As Katherine herself says,

Have you ever looked at a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock and wanted to wear that skein? Exactly that skein. Well I have. Repeatedly and often. And thus Deconstructed came to be. A color block shawl that breaks BMFA’s incomparable colorways down into their basic components and then puts them back together in a wearable form. So you can wear that skeinExactly.

We’re starting with just a few deconstructed colorways, to whet your knitterly whistles:

Loch Ness (Spinel, Pond Scum & Everyday Grey)

Lucy (Stumptown Brown, Sky Blue & Spores)

Smokey Mountain Morn (Smoke on the Water, Everyday Grey & Fir-ever-green)

Scaponia (Jasper, Terracotta & Mulberry)

Skyrocketing Puddle Jumper (Chillaxin, Just Right Red & In the Navy)

Skyfall (Everyday Grey, Obsidian & Aquarius)

Crabby McHappypants (Pond Scum, Just Right Red & Chillaxin)

Lagoon (Black Onyx, In the Navy & Enchanted Forest)

Covelight (Jasper, Tanzanite & Meet Brown, Joe)

The shawlette is in Socks that Rock Lightweight, so hop on over to the website, grab three skeins, and get your needles ready. If there’s a color you’d like to see Deconstructed, send us an email and let us know. We’ll work our magic and deconstruct it…

AND, this is so much fun, you better keep your eyes peeled for even more deconstructed colorways.


Also, did you know that tonight, there will be a Blue Moon? Like, a real, live, in-the-sky Blue Moon. Which works perfectly for our Barn Sale, since, you might have realized, we are all about the Blue Moon. And, much like a Blue Moon, a Barn Sale doesn’t happen every day.


The BARN SALE hours are 9:00 to 5:00 tomorrow, Saturday August 1st at the BIG RED BARN in the land of Blue Moon (56587 Mollenhour Rd. Scappoose 97056).

Google us – their directions are great!

Once you are in Scappoose if you are coming from Portland then go through town until you hit the last light which is right after the fire station. That light is Scapposse-Vernonia HWY on your left. You will turn left onto Scappoose-Vernonia Hwy. and take is approx. 7.5 miles. 

 The next road you want is Chapman Rd. which you are turning left on. You can only turn left.

(DO NOT take the road before Chapman Rd which is Chapman Grange Rd – it is wrong and a very rural road.)

The next turn is also a left onto Mollenhour Rd which is the first street you will come to after you turn onto Chapman

Go up Mollenhour about an 1.8 of a mile . Our gravel drive which is on the right and marked by a piece of driftwood and green house number signs. 56587. Turn right here and follow it  all the way to where it dead ends into us.

Yay! You are here!