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Happy Halloween!











Our very own Witchy Poo not wasting any precious knitting time!!!

As I have said…we love to celebrate All Hallows Eve here in Blue Moon land. Usually it’s our Witchy Poo Becky who is our inspirational force. If you have met Becky you understand what I am saying here.  Well…Becky has a new playmate. Turn out our new team mate Kalia is as much of a prankster and lover of all that is Halloween as Becky. Becky is thrilled and they are wreaking havoc in the barn.

Yesterday we had a Halloween themed potluck for our lunch break.

So much fun and yum!

Speaking of fun, we still have a few of our Trick or Treat and Mystery Mill End Bags left if you missed those last weekend.

We are putting up more of our holiday hues next week (probably Wednesday) along with a few new ones. So look for these guys!

As much as I LOVE my homage to Frozen with our Let It Go colorway, I have to say I think my favorite of this bunch is Ten Lords A Leaping.  I knew it as soon as I had the dye on the skeins too.  I did my little happy dance and told it how special it was. That’s the trick in all of this, you know? Letting the yarn and colorways how wonderful they are. Happy yarn makes happy knitting!

In the header above you can read all about our next Big Ass Skein release!  Warm and toasty gorgeousness!

I hope everyone has a spooky and wickedly fun Halloween!

Be safe!

She Said, He Said… He Said, She Said…


Just in time for holiday knitting a lovely compilation of hats, mitts and cowls to keep us all toasty warm, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us this winter!



Welcome to the next to last addition of the Big Ass Skein Society for 2015. Shannon has out done herself this time. There’s a whole lot to love about, She Said and He Said, not the least of which is the pom-pom on top of that She hat. I do love me a good pom-pom!









The whole idea of the Big Ass Skein Society was to show just how much you can get out of one of our big ass skeins.  What better way to showcase this then with a hat,mitt and cowl trio!  We chose two of my favorite colorways for this design ~ A Fungus Among Us, and My Blue Heaven. What’s really wonderful, as you can see from these lovely pictures that Shannon and Stefan took, is that either one of those colorways could be used for either the He or She version.









I love both stitch patterns almost equally. I think the She Said one especially speaks to me and most definitely in those mitts.

















Our Targhee Bulky is so squishy and warm. I can easily see these as a favorite winter wear! And…because it is a bulky yarn, it’s a quick knit for the season that is  upon us, the holiday knit-a-thon.









I’m thinking of a matching set for my son and his wife in Go Beavs and our new Timber’s colorway (coming soon to a website near you).









Thank you Shannon for such lovely and timely designs! Also to you and your lovely husband for being so very wonderful and quite adorable! xoxo

All of the BASS information for this and the other designs can be found here and here.

Note: If there is a colorway you’d like to order this in that you do not see on the website please do let us know.