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Merry Making in the rain!!

Oh my goodness so much water. Water still falling from the sky, water on roads, in yards, fields, peoples homes and city streets. The running joke in the dye barn is that we should maybe start building a boat. A big one.

I hope everyone is making good choices and staying safe!

So far the creek here is raging but still is not on the road and our pond is not in the front yard and tress are where they should be. Fingers crossed that this lets up soon!

Since it is super yucky outside we are inside keeping dry and warm the best way we know how with wool!

Haiku Contest:

Before we go any further our haiku winner is Yvonne. It was the knitting ninja that put this one over the top for us!

Thanks to everyone who played along. All of them were great! It was a hard choice. Yvonne if you could email us we will set you up with your prize.


Knitting ninjas know

The echo of a short row

Caresses our curves


I got to play packager and shipping clerk this week since Paula was stranded for a day by road closures. I love packaging up all the orders and sending them out. I like seeing what everyone ordered and seeing familiar names and writing little love notes. So much fun. There was a whole lot of Single Silk Targhee leaving for their new homes. These two H.R.H. Crown Princess Violetta’s are just too pretty not to share. It was hard to ship these out. I’m am not a person who wears purple but this made me happy. I just wanted to sit down and start knitting. Well, after petting ti for awhile.











I also got to pack up our Winter Wonder Bags. So…much fun.  I really, really love the Elfin Greens quite a bit but then this lover of all things green would.











Sookie dyed in Hangin” with my Gnomies colorway!









We are launching our last offering of our Big Ass Skein Club today.  I have been looking forward to this one all year because it uses one of my favorite yarns of ours, Sookie. I do love a nice bulky yarn and am also partial to singles add in the super softness that this merino is and you have a trifecta of wooley goodness. Also…such quick knitting!

Shannon has designed for us a slipper and hat combo. we were going to just offer slippers but there was so much yardage left we decided the slippers needed a hat buddy.


Strange Jewels Hat & Slippers, inspired by Elizabeth’s Gilbert’s Big Magic: “One of the oldest and most generous tricks that the universe plays on human beings is to bury strange jewels within us all, and then stand back to see if we can ever find them.”

Thank you Shannon for all of the design Magic you gave us this year for our Big Ass Skein Society! You are one of my most favorite strange jewels. I think we are going to need a strange jewel colorway yes?

Okay my lovelies it is off to the barn with me.

A few things to remember:

Rockin’ Sock Club 2016 Gift Certificate purchase ability is live.

A Blue Moon gift certificate is a great way to make a knitter you love happy!

We still have room in the Rockin’ Whorl Club and will be shipping the first installment of this group of three at the end of December so… if you want in the time is now.

Sock club members your discount code expires in December 31st. Read the dyer’s notes if you did not receive our email on this. The code is in the dyer’s notes!

BASS members your discount codes will expire on January 31st

And …we hope to see you for PomPom making merriment on the  Saturday the 19th of December.

Stay dry. Stay safe.

Blue Moon Winter Solstice Holiday PomPom Extravaganza

We invite you to us at the barn on Saturday, December 19th, for a fun, food and fiber-filled holiday party! What better way to celebrate the return of the light than making pom poms, sampling all kinds of yarn type goodness which just might include ( it does)  a very special holiday color available on our Cloud 9 base.

Pom pom creating takes on a whole new dimension when you have so many different yarn types and hues to choose from.

Please RSVP over on Facebook, and make sure to bring your favorite holiday cookies or snack to share AND an assortment of needles! If you already have a pom pom makers please bring that also.

So much fun!










Short Row Knits

Short Row Knits, Carol Feller’s latest book, is one of those pieces that is truly multi-faceted. It’s gorgeous in and of itself, as a book to flip through, to take inspiration from, to just simply enjoy. It’s chock-full of “need-wants,” meaning patterns you need and want to make. There isn’t one pattern in this book that wouldn’t make a knitter happy to create or wear or gift. Then there’s the fact that it’s a very comprehensive reference book on short rows. Anything and everything you’d want to know about short rows: the many ways to create them; the myriad uses for them; how to use them to create better-fitting garments. This book will help you be a better knitter. Bold statement, but methinks a very true one.


And, if that’s not enough, Carol used our yarns to create not one, but two stunning pieces.

The first one is Diamante, in our Marine Silk Fingering.


Diamante is constructed from the center out, using short rows to create “wings” which curve naturally over the shoulders. It’s got gorgeous drape, as you can see, and wears very well.

Tamarindo is a sweater made in Laci. Oh, Laci. Such a gorgeous, soft, perfect lace-weight yarn. Carol calls this her Raglan Waterfall Cardigan, and you can definitely see why once you’ve seen the photos.

Tamarindo1 Tamarindo2 Tamarindo3
Tamarindo is both a throw-on-over-anything cardigan AND a dressy cover-up. You can wear it draped open, or held together with one of the shawl pins in your collection (you know you have one, and if you don’t, you know you want one!)

Both of these pieces, and the other eighteen, are stunning, classic, knittable AND wearable. Just the kind of projects knitters actually want to make. We are honored to be a part of this collection, and hope you all fall madly in love, too.

To help your love affair along, we are giving away a copy of the book, PLUS two skeins of Marine Silk Fingering in the winner’s choice of colors. How to win? Just leave a comment on this post, with a haiku that has to do with short rows.

But why a haiku?
Short Rows are the haiku of
the great knitting world.

Now, we KNOW you can do better than that! Show us. We’ll take comments until Friday, December 11th.

PHOTO CREDIT for Short Row Knits stunning photography goes to Carol’s husband Joseph Feller

While you’re marking down the contest deadline on your calendar, if you are local, make sure to block out Saturday, December 19th, from 1-4pm. We’re having a party here at the barn – our Blue Moon Winter Solstice Holiday PomPom Extravaganza! More details (and a Facebook event where you can RSVP) will follow, but know that there will be pompom making, yarn tasting, and a special colorway available on the Cloud 9 base.