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Happy New Year!!








After my girls went to bed last night I sat here with a few candles and a glass of wine and ruminated about all that was 2015  has been.  I mused over the good times like our epic road trip this summer taking Sophie to college and the more challenging ones like radiation and empty nest.

What a year it has been. So much change, healing and growth all surrounded and nurtured by a stunning amount of  love.

Of course the biggest thing for me on a personal level was the whole fighting breast cancer thing. It has been quite the journey and as I sit here barely on the other side of it I am so very grateful. I am grateful to be here to welcome in 2016 with a great deal of hope and love!

I was at Twisted this week to pick up something and as I was leaving there was a woman sitting and spinning away on her Jensen Tina 2. I smiled at her and she smiled so big and beautiful back at me that I went over to chat and see what she was up to. She was familiar to me but I am just awful with the whole name remembering thing so… . We chatted about her Jensen and spinning and that the shawl she was wearing was spun from some of my fiber and just had the loveliest chat.  As I was leaving she said to me that she was so very glad to see me out and about and looking so well. I thanked her and told her I was doing very very well and she said that she hoped I knew just how many people were praying, sending love and just rooting for me and I’ll tell you I almost cried then and there because I do know. I know with every cancer free fiber of my being.

It was good to be reminded and she did remind me as I was quickly breezing through that day trying to complete my end of year to do list.  She gave me the opportunity to slow down, remember and feel the grace and love.

As quite a few people I know do, I like to pick a word for the New Year that is the focal point out of which all else flows, the year’s spirit. Last year my word was gratitude and I have to tell you it not only served me well, it saved me.

I think 2016’s word is compassion.

Compassion not just for others but for ourselves. Starting with a little self love and tolerance and then working out from there. What would it be like if all of our actions and encounters were laced with compassion? What happens when someone shows you kindness? It’s contagious. When we are shown compassion we tend to then turn right around and share it. Spread the love!

In separateness lies the world’s great misery, in compassion lies the world’s true strength.” Buddha

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I am delighted and ever so grateful to be a part of yours.

Happy New Year!!!











What’s your word going to be this year?