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Really random Friday.

Today is all random bits and pieces which as I type that strikes me as a good name for a colorway.

First yes, the website was down for a bit this am. There was some glitch with varnish and the server which I do not understand. All is well now and nothing was compromised! It was a bit nerve wracking though.

Okay let’s start with a contest of sorts.

Have you seen Hunter Hammersom’s new book?











I love her concept, fine things for plain occasions and every single design in this book are most certainly fine. All kinds of knit class!

Since we supplied yarn for one of the designs…











Hunter was kind enough to send us a an extra book for you our knitters. So if you leave a comment on this blog post then we will randomly choose among the comments for a winner. What should the comment be about? hmm…

I know how about your favorite word. What is your favorite (non-curse) word?  You do not have to explain your reason but you can if you are so inclined.  I always love reading the why of things. Now I will be spending all day considering my favorite word. Do I choose for meaning or sound or how it is spelled or it’s root or… . Oh dear.

We will choose our winner next Friday the 22nd.

A little hue news:

We have in fact sent the the holiday colorways off to the spa for a rest. What we have put up is a bit of a celebration of Love, in color, Blue Moon style!!







A little peak at the new colors to come next week.









We are almost caught up from the weather and holidays and really appreciate you patience!

Believe it or not we are not too far away from the end of January and the first sock club shipment of 2016. If you want to be a part of that shipment we need your order soon please.

I can’t wait for you to see what we have cooked up for you this year. You would think that after 10 years I would not get this excited but I do.

Okay I think that covers it for random Blue Moon news bits.

I am off today to go pot shopping. ( It never gets old) Steamer pots!!! hehehe

One last but most assuredly not least things before I go. I just want to say just how sad I am over the loss of two beautiful and talented souls this week.  I feel like I was still reeling from announcement about David Bowie’s passing when we got the news about Alan Rickman.

I will really miss both of these men walking their paths, living their lives and gracing us with their talents. I feel blessed that I got to inhabit the world around the same time as they did.

*******Have a great weekend my friends!  I am going to knit and spin and drink tea and watch Harry Potter.

  1. SuzyZim #

    I’ve been drooling over the patterns in that book since they hit Ravelry…I would love to win this one!

    Hmmm…favorite (non curse) word? I think that would be “smock.”

    One of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes strips was when they were playing with clay, and Hobbes wanted to wear a smock, even though it was not wet clay. Then he proceeded to drive Calvin nuts…

    I sure like my smock.
    Actually, I just like to SAY smock.
    smock smock smock smock smock
    Don’t knock my smock or I’ll clean your clock!

    January 15, 2016
  2. Mariemm #

    I have knitted many fine things and this book describes how I like to wear
    them ” for simple occasions ”
    My favorite word is Darling I always wished someone would call me Darling
    I can’t ask them to because then it would’t be spontaneous

    January 15, 2016
  3. stashmaven #

    My favorite word is compassion. It makes me smile to hear it or see it in action.
    I’ve been drooling over the patterns in this book. I hope it comes to my house

    January 15, 2016
  4. dyeshavei #

    Serendipity. I learned the word as a kid because my dad and his friends rented a cabin with that name in Wisconsin, where I used to sneak to the neighbor’s farm to pet the horses. Love the word because we often forget that accidents and surprises can be pleasant and even open up things that we couldn’t have seen for ourselves. (And for that matter, changes can be opportunities and mistakes can be learning experiences. As we know all to well as knitters and fiber people.)

    Hunter’s book is gorgeous!

    January 15, 2016
  5. Favorite word: HEBETUDE
    It is the state of being dull. It is a chunky word and fun to say. Also, it is what I call a party word, as it is something that one can never be, alone. My theory is that it takes two, as one would never use the word to describe oneself. 😀

    January 15, 2016
  6. northstar100 #

    The designs are lovely and certainly worthy of being fine things for plain occasions.

    My word would be gratitude. I used to have a blog entitled, “Gratitude Practices” where I wrote about gratitude for about seven years. It’s very important to me on a daily basis. As I read your post, Tina, I felt such gratitude to inhabit the planet at the same time as two tremendous artists.

    January 16, 2016
  7. JacquieK #

    My favourite words – my love. I say it to my family and my cats.

    And that is a beautiful book. Whoever wins it, congratulations.

    January 16, 2016
  8. rtmay820 #

    Mellifluous– like Alan Rickman’s voice

    January 16, 2016
  9. robing #

    What a lovely book. I would love to win a copy.

    My favorite word:family

    January 16, 2016
  10. #

    I was writing that I love this book and realize I love the word love! We love so many things from knitting, yarn, patterns, to family, friends, places, food, feelings…. Love, it is! Thanks! Stephanie

    January 16, 2016
  11. lmecoll #

    This sure looks like a great book and I’d love to win it. One of my favorite words is “Serenity.” It happens to be my daughter’s name.
    Linda (Lmecoll on Rav)

    January 16, 2016
  12. kurokids #

    Such a lovely book.
    My favorite word is freedom.

    January 16, 2016
  13. yarnslim #

    My current favourite word is havering. It’s a Scottish word meaning babbling or talking nonsense. I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old and it describes most of my life with them at the moment, as they both have wonderful flights of imagination that they share…. At length! 🙂

    January 16, 2016
  14. bleuzee #

    Brobdingnagian (gigantic, huge)

    It’s just fun to say 🙂

    January 16, 2016
  15. Sunshine #

    Whimsical. Because I feel life should be. 🙂 Sunshine.

    January 16, 2016
  16. Kristi #

    Presence. We are present when we knit, and our recipients feel our presence.

    January 16, 2016
  17. LunaG #

    Love Hunter’s pattern books!

    My Favorite word: Malachite
    Why?: Green (not just green; multi-tonal green) – swirls of greens; busy, calming, energizing, peaceful, mesmerizing (drawing you into its visual labyrinth).

    I grew up in the era of Ziggy Stardust & Labyrinth; David Bowie will always own that piece of my youth. My son grew up with Harry Potter but I think my most favorite quote from the lips of Alan Rickman has to be from Bottle Shock. (If you haven’t seen this film, do it soon.) “You hate me because I’m British and you’re not.” (That is so British!)

    January 16, 2016
  18. jak829 #

    Favorite word…love. for without it, in all/any its forms there is nothing.
    This book is absolutely lovely!!

    January 17, 2016
  19. dcoise #

    My favorite word is “tea”. Tea as in the drink, tea as an event with my friends, my children or by myself. Just saying the word brings me a sense of calm. I can hug a mug on a cold day while reading and knitting, have a casual conversation or calm myself from a stressful day. It brings memories of English tea houses and afternoons spent chatting with friends…

    January 17, 2016
  20. PamelaMR #

    One of my many favorite words: popinjay. It sounds like what it is. It evokes a visual in one’s mind.

    January 18, 2016
  21. PunkCupcake #

    My favorite word is definitely hullabaloo, it’s just a fun word to say and use and just makes me smile for some reason, I guess that is reason enough to like it 🙂

    I have been in a daze all week over Mr. Bowie’s passing, and now with Alan Rickman gone it’s been an even harder week. I have been having tea and watching Harry Potter and getting some knitting done to move past the sad.

    …hullabaloo (smiles).

    January 18, 2016
  22. SueA #

    Beautiful book!
    My favorite word…..Smitten

    January 18, 2016
  23. crabby #

    My favorite word is Thanks. Being on the receiving side or giving side when using or hearing the word thanks makes me happy for being me. I love to give thanks it makes my world a happier place.

    Blue Moon Team THANKS for all you do for each and everyone of us!!!

    January 19, 2016
  24. kellybunny #

    I love words! Without a doubt my favourite word is indubitably 🙂 It is so bubbly and happy sounding. I am going to have to write my French as a second language exams again soon, so I have been working on my French lately, and my favourite new word that I have learned is “aléatoire”, which means “random”. It just sounds sexy and mysterious. Words can be so interesting!

    January 20, 2016
  25. Ann C. #

    My favorite word is squeehaw. I didn’t know until recently that it is a regional word. It means out of alignment or off kilter. People give me strange looks when I use it. I grew up with the word, and it describes my life and family perfectly. Plus, when I was little, I thought that was what a donkey said, “Squeehaw!”

    January 21, 2016
  26. Quiltinbabe #

    Aposiopesis. Starting a sentence and then not finishing it because you can’t or won’t…

    I do that a lot. Mostly the can’t, as I am a bit forgetful. But your yarns are LOVELY, and the book it exquisite. What a wonderful thing to be able to gift to someone!

    January 21, 2016
  27. JettaM #

    My favorite words have been used above – love and compassion – so my next favorite word would be “hugs.” It’s always nice to receive or give a hug to family and friends. I love Hunter’s patterns and your yarns.

    January 21, 2016
  28. cappuccino136 #

    My favorite word is home. To me it means love, warmth, belonging, safety. It is what everyone needs and longs for.

    January 22, 2016
  29. luv2run #

    Sweetpea. It conjures up wonderful thoughts, colors and smells.

    January 22, 2016
  30. hughem #

    One of my favorite words is Antimacassar which is a type of doiley you place on the back of a chair or couch or on arm rests to prevent oil stains from marring the fabric of your furniture. It is the one word I remember being taught by my grandmother ( she was born in 1894) as a young child. The word alone can bring her back to me.

    January 22, 2016

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