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Sock for Busy B’s



Socks for Busy B’s

by Shannon Squire

A fun collection of go-to simple and sassy sock patterns for the knitter that is on the move!!







Life pulls us in all kinds if directions and usually all that same time. The last thing we want or need from our knitting projects is more pressure. What are the best sock type of knitting that takes no time, are fun and great to wear? Anklets! They are the perfect low pressure sock knitting. So… if you find yourself feeling bogged down by your current project and you need a little break then put it in ones of those lovely bags you have and cast on these lovely anklets. They will literally fly off your needles with the Flying Geese pattern along the top, and the back cuff which add a nice visual and knitterly interest.

Knit in our super bouncey and fun~fun~fun Tigger Targhee in Nyame



A fun reverse stockinette stitch path up the front, and an easy toe-up design, Stolen Moments are perfect for those little times in our very busy lives when we need to be somewhere, but don’t actually need to BE there. Knit in Sock that Rock Lightweight. Colorway Shown here is: It’s a Supernatural Thing!

Make that a knit-moment and take it for you. You are worth it!



We all have way too many irons in our personal fires and feel the pressure of all that heat.  Smithy is a great pattern for letting off some of the daily steam of life and maybe channeling your inner blacksmith. So…put another iron in your knitterly fire an cast on these socks for a little peace of mind. They knit up quickly, with an easy-to-memorize chevron pattern that is elevated by that highly variegated skein of Sock that Rock Lightweight that’s been winking at you from your stash.  Colorway shown here is: Shabby Chic Oasis

Three delightful toe-up sock patterns that are not only perfect for those wee bits of time we all have – waiting for this, killing time until that… but are also fun knits and seriously cool socks!

These lovelies are available individually for $5, or as a set for $11.

Photo Credits: Stefan Lombard