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Birthday Give-away Day #5

Okay so it has been a day. In my experience this is Tuesday’s payback when you make her pretend that she is Monday. She does not like it at all! I wouldn’t either.

Since it has been all kinds of crazy here today, and because I have been immersed in Alice in Wonderland research for a while now, and it is still my birthday week  for a few days, and…I love ravens, this is my question for you today.

Why is a Raven like a writing desk?

There are no wrong answers!

Winner gets…are you ready cause it’s really good?!! Our Single Silk Targhee is due to show up this week.  Yay!!!!!!!! Happy dancing all around the barn! So the winner get 2 skeins dyed in a Raven colorway!!!

Also because it is now the work week and we are all busy bees I am going to leave all the contests open from day #4 until Friday that way we have more time to ponder and play and more of us can play if we so choose.

Look at this!  The wonderful Kalia ( team blue moon) made this for me for my birthday. Kalia is all kinds of wonderful. We remind each other to be grateful!