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Birthday Give-away day #6 & #7

Okay before we go into more Birthday-Give-away-fun let’s talk Santa Rosa Knit-a-long.


As far as we know from our communications from the mill in Switzerland we are still good for the  Marine Silk Sport hitting the east coast on the 1oth and to us on 14th. I know! So very far away. It’s a great mill and they seriously rock the silk blending and spinning.

We have been trying to figure out the best way to handle new orders on the kits.

We’ve decided a first come, first serve, waiting list would be the best option. How it will work is if you want a kit you email us. We will put you on the wait list and when we know the yarn is on it’s way, which could be as early as this coming Monday-June 6th.  We will then  contact everyone on the list with a link for purchasing the yarn.  As soon as it hits our doorstep will move into the barn and dye it up as fast as we can to get it out to you as close to the cast-on date as humanly possible.

Those knitters we have already contacted whose orders we could not complete with the first batch of yarn of course, come first. Everyone else who has emailed us already I will be contacting this weekend to see what kit you want and if you’d like to be put on the waiting list.

I know that this is not a perfect solution but I do think it is the best way to be fair and keep team Blue Moon sane.

If you want to be  on the waiting list for the Marine Silk Santa Rosa Plum KAL  kits please, email us at: Put Santa Rosa KAL wait list in the subject line of your email.  What we need to know is which colorway kit you want and the size ( 4,5, or 6 skein size). All of that info. is still on the website here and the discount will be good until we all have our yarn!! It would also help us to have your address and phone number.

Once we get your email we will send you a confirmation email back letting you know that we did.

I will be sending out a newsletter tomorrow with this information.  I want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding. I know it is knitting and we all have projects to keep us occupied. You have all been so very gracious and kind. I just want you to know it is greatly appreciated!



It has been quite the few weeks here at Blue Moon. Today was our beloved Paula’s last day. A bittersweet day indeed. While we are all beyond thrilled that Paul has found something closer to home we will miss her more than I have words to convey at this time.

I will say with a very full heart, THANK YOU Paula, for being you, for sharing yourself with me and all the incarnations of team Blue Moon you have been around for caring about and treating our wonderful knitters so well!











Our contest for the 6th and 7th days one.  If you feel so inclined please leave a good wish for Paula to take with her on this new chapter of her life.

I will pick two of you from these comments and you will win a skein of Socks that Rock lightweight in the colorway Wonderful Goodness.

wonderful goodness










Happy Knitting my friends!

  1. rkray3 #

    Happy trails, Paula – it seems you will be sorely missed! I wish you all the best on your new adventures!

    June 3, 2016
  2. hughem #

    Best wishes for a bright and colourful and very happy future, wherever the rainbow leads you. Your gentle voice will be missed.

    June 3, 2016
  3. k1teach2 #

    Best wishes for brightness and joy in every new venture you undertake! Our worldwide community of Blue Moon has been a better place to indulge our colorful imaginations because of you.

    June 3, 2016
  4. bleuzee #

    Wishing you the best of everything as you go forward, Paula!

    June 3, 2016
  5. spitfiresnc #

    Paula, I’m sorry that I only had to chat with you when I had problems. Good luck and have fun storming the castle!

    June 3, 2016
  6. joviv101 #

    Paula –
    As Steve Jobs would have said:
    “Put a ding in the universe!”

    June 3, 2016
  7. yolanda #


    All the very best in your journey.
    May the yarniverse guide you…

    June 3, 2016
  8. danel #

    Paula, the only time I heard from you it was good news! Hope your new gig is full of good news, happy days and pots of gold!

    June 3, 2016
  9. KnitterG #

    Blue Skies ahead for you Paula. I hope your adventures take you to wonderful places and spaces.

    June 3, 2016
  10. #

    May the sun always shine through your window and into your heart! Payers go with you on this new chapter in your life’s story!

    June 3, 2016
  11. sunshineadw #

    Best wishes Paula for your next adventure, and wishing you lots of yarny goodness for it as well!

    June 3, 2016
  12. Deb #

    Paula, countless times you’ve provided great guidance on BMFA yarns, ordering, options. I’ve saved a few of those invoices with your personal notes handwritten on the bottom! You are beloved by all of the BMFA community and will be greatly missed! Sending you warm wishes and every happiness on your journey!

    June 3, 2016
  13. Tania #

    Best wishes in your new journey! Hope you find new friends and happiness!
    May the yarn be with you!

    June 3, 2016
  14. julie #

    Best of luck with your new adventures Paula! May your new journey be filled with love, laughter (and yarn!)

    June 4, 2016
  15. mykerme #


    Happy trails as you follow your rainbow!

    June 4, 2016
  16. kay #

    Paula, best wishes for your new job. I hope it becomes all you wish it to be.

    June 4, 2016
  17. janewolfe #

    Paula, Best wishes as you set out on the next adventure. May the wind always be at your back and the sky, a gentle shelter over your head. Best.

    June 4, 2016

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