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Birthday Give-Away Prizes

So before I go any further I just want you to know that I have a touch of the flu and am a little loopy so…grain of salt.

After I post this I am going to curl  up on the couch with a cup of ginger-lemon-honey-elderberry goodness and then maybe sleep this bug off.

Here is the complete list of winners from our week long Birthday bash. Thanks so much for playing along with me. I so loved reading all your comments. I think that. “Why is a raven and like a writing desk? ” and  ” If you could have a meal with anyone?” comments were my favorite!

#1  hipknitta wins our lovely 2 coloring books!

#2 ZenJen07 wins 3 skeins of Featherlight dyed to order.

#3 Scarletfever wins  2 skeins of Worthy Fingering dyed to order.

#4 wins 2 skeins of Cloud 9 dyed to order.

#5 nightmaji wins 2 skeins of Single Silk Targhee in a Raven

#6  and #7   Deb and joviv   each wins a skein of Socks that Rock lightweight in wonderful Goodness

#8 Annarch wins  a wool/silk scarf painted by none other than yours truly, me, myself and I.

If you could all email (who is now Brandy) Welcome Brandy folks she’s a little nervous to step into Paul’s shoes.

I know some of you already have emailed and that is fine! You do not need to do so again

Please put the day number that you won. What your color choice is if there is one and your address.

We have all kinds of other stuff to tell you so I’ll post again Friday morning, as I do!

Oh look at this I wrote a blog post during the week. 59 is already working well for me.

Oh….new colorways are up!!!!!!!!


I have a date with the couch!



  1. ScarletFever #

    How exciting! I rarely win anything, and Worthy! How does one choose the colorways?! Thank You Tina! And Happy Birthday from one Gemini to another!

    June 10, 2016
  2. Deb #

    Oh my gosh! I am so thrilled! So thrilled! Thank you Tina for everything and a very very happy birthday!!!!!

    June 13, 2016

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