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KAL’s,Barn Sale,Dye Day and New Colors…Oh my!

I love playing with yarn and color quite bit. I know, nothing like stating the obvious. But what I love even more, is sharing my passion with others. One of my favorite days of Blue Moon’s year is this Saturday…









Dye Day!! And of course, the Barn Sale. All of which feels like a big ol’ yarn party to me. Even the set up is a bit like a party. Everyone is here today cleaning and moving stuff around and pulling out mill ends from the pod. Debra is here! So much fun!

I hope you will come and play for the day. Our dye slots are full but we will have an indigo vat going and so very many wicked yarn specials. There will be door prizes and loads of laughter and joy!  Our whole team will be at Blue Moon on Saturday. Come meet the newbies!!! There are delightful! You will love them as I do!

I know it has been calling for rain but I have ordered sun and even though we have the Rose Festival weather curse to deal with I think we will be just fine. (Just in case we have some outdoor cover type things which you are also welcome to bring.

I’ll put directions to Blue Moon-land at the bottom of this post!


New colors are up!!!!







Meet (from left to right) Fuzzy Peach Specks, Heirloom Tomato Jam, In a Pickle and Apron Strings! I am pretty tickled with all of this speckled goodness on their own but I’m also excited because they are part of a bigger more mysterious plan!

As we love to do we have teamed up with our buddy the lovely Shannon Squire for a  MYSTERY KNIT-A-LONG

Who does not love a mystery kal??!!  So very much knit suspense. I for one am all about knitting that comes with clues!

Our theme is the all the color and bounty of the summer that is inspired by our local Farmer’s Market finds. Shannon and I chosen 5 colorway grouping themes to start the color scheming yarn ball rolling. we have combined on of our BeSpeckled colorways and teamed  with a Shaded Solid and a Multi-colorway. I know… so much color fun to be had, it is a bit mind boggling. Below are picture of the five we put together. You can use those or you can put together your own trios of hue happiness. As always I am more than happy to help with this process.

We have Peachiness: Fuzzy Peach Specks, Peachy Keen, and Everyday Grey

Heirloom Tomato Jam: Heirloom Tomato JAM, On the Vine, and Vine Ripened Red

Summer Canning Apron:  Apron Strings, Fruity Loopies, and Spawn of Scum

Pick a Peck of Pickles: In a Pickle, Mossy Plaid PDX and Spinel

 Berry Berry Jam: Shaken not Stirred, Purple Rain, and HRH Princess Violetta.

You can change these trio’s by choosing a different shaded solid or multi-colorway or…as I mentioned earlier put you own together!

And look here is what happens if you change it up a bit.

We are going to have all kinds of fun with this and…we have a 4 week dyeing shipping window. ( I got this lesson loud and clear!)

We are in the process of making a new colorway category for our speckled friends! BeSpeckled!!! So if you do not see them in Multi-colorways this is why.

We are offering 15% off of a few of our fingering weight bases for this KAL: Featherlight, Seduction, and BFL Superwash Fingering, so you can choose whichever floats your boat the best. When you purchase the pattern, you’ll receive a pdf chock-full of information, including the coupon code. The discount code is good through July 15th, but the first clue will be released on July 6th.

If you have not used our Featherlight this is your chance. It lives up to it’s name!


Carol Feller’s Santa Rosa KAL

Okay before I go help in the barn one last piece of info is our Santa Rosa KAL/Marine Silk Sport update.

I pick up our Marine Silk Sport bright and early Monday morning and we are dyeing and shipping all next week. Everyone from the first go around who did not get their kits are first and then the wait list knitters.

We have  enough yarn to supply a few more kits for the Santa Rosa Knit-along. If you would like one please email us at and we will do our very best hook you up with one.

Thank you all so very much for your patience.

Have a bright and happy weekend! Hope to see you here.


Here are the directions:

56587 Mollenhour Scappoose Oregon 97056
Google maps works pretty well.
Cell service gets kind of sketchy once you head up the hill.

If you are coming from Portland or Vancouver you want I-405 to US 30 West towards St.Helens
You will be on this for about 14 miles.
You are going to drive all the way through Scappoose to the end of town.
Right after the fire station is the last traffic light which is Scappoose-Vernonia Highway
You are going to turn left onto Scappoose-Vernonia Hwy
Go about 7 miles up. It’s a pretty and curvy drive!
Turn left onto Chapman Road
Go about quarter of a mile and then turn left onto Mollenhour Road
Go about an eighth of a mile and  our gravel drive is right after a row of mailboxes where the 1st one has 56587 on it.
Also…there’s a huge piece of driftwood with a green house number sign on it.
The gravel road dead ends into Blue Moon.

Note: Before Chapman Road there is a Chapman Grange Road. You DO NOT want that one!!!!

Also PLEASE come all the way down to us and do not park on any of our neighbors property.