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Let the Light In ~ KAL!

Let the Light In

Let the Light In

A delightful pop-over to add just a little something to all of those beautiful dresses everyone is sewing and wearing this summer.

Light and lacy!

designed by the clever and talented Karen Alfke.






Yes… Traveling Sweater, Karen Alfke, that one!

She’s back!! I am sure that Churchmouse was sad to see her go but we are super delighted and excited to have our friend back designing and yarn playing!

We thought what better way to celebrate our mutual happiness then with a knit-a-long!!

So welcome to our Blue Moon’s 3rd and final KAL of the summer and Karen’s 1st!

I love that this last KAL is about Letting the Light In!!

I have linked to Karen’s ravelry group where she will have all of the details on the pattern release, dates, how it all is going to work and the 15% discount code that we are offering. So check this Friday June 24th.

The code for the yarns. Laci and Silky Laci will be good starting June 24th. We have learned to give plenty of yarn buying, dyeing and shipping time!

We are introducing a new yarn with this KAL a silky version of our Laci!!

You are going to LOVE it!!

NOTE: Blue Moon usually re-skeins our lace and garment yarns especially those dyed as shaded solids. We do this to show and highlight the shading part of our solids.
During a KAL when the numbers of skeins we are dyeing are greater than normal with the addition of a cast-on deadline we do not have the time to re-skein.
So when you get your lovely Laci skein it might look a little blotchy. Those blotches are not a dye accident but are dye art!

We ask you to please consider your yardage carefully and err not the side of caution. Running out of yarn and needing more form another dye lots is no ones favorite thing!

Happy knit-a-longing!!