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Farmer’s Market KAL


It’s a Mystery Knit-a-long

with the oh so lovely and super fun Shannon Squire!!

with…our stunning new finger-weight single Featherlight

in all the colors!!!




As we love to do we have teamed up with our buddy the lovely Shannon Squire for a  MYSTERY KNIT-A-LONG

Who does not love a mystery knit-a-long??!!  So very much knit suspense. I for one am all about knitting that comes with clues!

Our theme is the all the color and bounty of the summer that is inspired by our local Farmer’s Market finds. Shannon and I chosen 5 colorway grouping themes to start the color scheming yarn ball rolling. we have combined on of our BeSpeckled colorways and teamed  with a Shaded Solid and a Multi-colorway. I know… so much color fun to be had, it is a bit mind boggling. Below are picture of the five we put together. You can use those or you can put together your own trios of hue happiness. As always I am more than happy to help with this process.

We have Peachiness: Fuzzy Peach Specks, Peachy Keen, and Everyday Grey

Heirloom Tomato Jam: Heirloom Tomato JAM, On the Vine, and Vine Ripened Red

Summer Canning Apron:  Apron Strings, Fruity Loopies, and Spawn of Scum

Pick a Peck of Pickles: In a Pickle, Mossy Plaid PDX and Spinel

 Berry Berry Jam: Shaken not Stirred, Purple Rain, and HRH Princess Violetta.

You can change these trio’s by choosing a different shaded solid or multi-colorway or…as I mentioned earlier put you own together!

We ( me) love the choosing color part of knitting!!!

Do check out our instagram  for more pics on color trios!