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Summer of Love!

Summer Solstice was this week which means it is now officially summer.

Yay!!  My favorite part of summer are the long light and warmth filled days.


That said, I have to say I have really been enjoying the mercurial weather pattern we have been experiencing here in the PNW. The rain showers here and there with sun breaks in between. The best of both I guess!

I walk by this willow so many times a day on my way back and forth from my home to the dye barn. Yesterday it was putting on quite the show! I walked by at just the perfect wet lit, luminescent raindrops moment!  Little jewel drops of light!

IMG_4693 (1)











You can’t create in the world of color or design without an appreciation and understanding of light.  Color is light!


 Let the Light In

Let the Light In










Designed and knit by the lovely and talented Karen Alfke!

You can read all about our KAL on this page of the blog.

When Karen and were discussing all the wicked design collaboration fun we were going to have now that she had some time this was the firs thing to pop up!  We actually have had some version one way shape and then another of this on the back burner for a few years.  With all the stunning fabrics and great patterns and beautiful sun dresses what better time to have a knit-a-long for a light and lovely lacy mesh pop-over.

A perfect summer knit and top and a great way to ring in Summer

I love that this last KAL is about Letting the Light In!!

I have linked to Karen’s ravelry group where she will have all of the details on the pattern release, dates, how it all is going to work and the 15% discount code that we are offering. So check this Friday June 24th.

The code for the yarns. Laci and Silky Laci will be good starting June 24th. We have learned to give plenty of yarn buying, dyeing and shipping time!

We are introducing a new yarn with this KAL a silky version of our Laci!!

You are going to LOVE it!!

A note from your dyer (me): “We usually re-skeins our lace and garment yarns, especially those dyed as shaded solids, to show and highlight the shading. During a KAL, when we are dyeing in larger numbers than normal and getting them out in time for your cast-on date, we do not have the time to re-skein. So when you get your lovely skeins of Laci and Silky Laci, they may look a little blotchy. Those blotches are not a dye accident, but dye art!

Also, we ask you to please consider your yardage carefully and not err on the side of caution when ordering your yarn. Running out of yarn and needing more (from a new dye lot) is no one’s favorite thing. Two skeins will provide ample yardage for all;
you may even have enough left over to knit a shawl or scarf from the leftovers in the same Irish Mesh Lace pattern!”

I do hope you will join in the KAL fun. if you wanted you could even make a dress to go with it. We did!

Well Karen did anyway.











My fabric is still sitting on the sewing machine. Right next to my knitting basket full of projects and my loom that is half warped. I do have plans!

I hope you join us!  If you have any questions please do let us know.

Summer Of Love

We are spreading LOVE all the ways we know how in our little woolly colorful part of the world.  Please stay tuned for a dye class schedule next week! ( I know!!!!!) If you could suggest a dye or color class from me what would it be??

Lots more colorful goodness, more kits, games and give-aways.

Oh speaking of give-aways we have not heard from all of you birthday contest winners. Please email us so we can get you your yarn and such.

Have a lovely weekend!


AlSookaokay me