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Snowpocaplyse and shipping updates!


Guess who?!
Yup it’s me. I am alive. Although I have to tell you, it really does not feel that way. I have been sick since right after Christmas with what started out as the current viral thing going around but morphed into a wicked case of bronchitis. I am still wheezing (asthma) and coughing and it feels like I will never stop. My whole family got hit with this nasty bugger.
I had all of these great plans with my girls who were home for the holidays and to also do some planning for the upcoming year and New Year clean-out. None of that happened. We took turns taking care of each other and watched our comfort shows Gilmore Girls, Will and Grace and Parks and Rec. and I knit when I could.
It certainly was not what I had planned but at least we got to be together!



And then there was the weather. Do you know that we here in Blue Moon land have had snow on the ground since around December 14th. I know! Crazy-pants! And not a small amount of snow either.
After the last dump last week we had about 3 feet of it. Frozen Solid!! I will tell you my friends that is a whole lot of snow. The Pacific Northwest is not really equipped to deal with this kind of winter. We lost power for a few days and it took a 2 days and a big ol tractor to dig us out.
Because of this we are a bit behind schedule. Team Blue Moon could not get here for most of last week and I was too sick to work. Most of us got to work today and it looks like there is going to be a warming trend (fingers crossed) to melt some of this and clear the roads and packed snow and ice.
I am very sorry about the delay! Please know we are doing our very best to get you your yarn!

Thank you for your patience!
Stay safe and warm!

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  1. HazelSmith #

    So, so, sorry that you’ve had a bout of horrible health. I am not surprised at the delay because I noticed there were 2 days where it said you were snowed under and besieged by power outages. Have the girls gone back, leaving you by yourself and stressed about your sock club commitments? Take care of your health first before to pour all your energy into sock club. While we are all excited and anxious for new yarn, most of us have enough in stash to keep us happily knitting socks for a fair number of years. I should never buy another skein of sock yarn, but of course, I joined for my 8th year!

    Weather seems to be weird in a number of areas. In Ontario, we are alternating 5-10 cm. of snow at a time, with freezing drizzle and freezing rain. Yuck!!!!! At one point, it was dangerous to go out at all – not because of the roads, but because of the totally iced over sidewalks and parking lots. Canadian Tire actually ran out of salt. I finally got some Dept. of Highways salt that has no additives and is safe for wildlife(that would be deer) to eat. At present, we are heading for at least 5 days of above freezing weather. This is NOT usual and I must admit I prefer snow to rain. Skiing does not work well in rain.

    Now, off to pick a sock pattern. I can’t remember the last time I found myself without a sock on a 2.25mm circular. I’m not totally monogamous, but 3 is the greatest number I can handle. Right now, I’ve finished a sweater(Luwan in STR HW), a hat(Rikke in the leftovers), and a pair of targhee socks. I’ve given away the socks and hat, but I’m wearing the sweater.

    Do you have BFL Sport? Paula said you weren’t happy with it. When it’s up to snuff, I need another skein of it in Coral.

    Cheers and white wine, Hazel.

    January 17, 2017
  2. HazelSmith #

    I can’t figure out how to edit my comment, but here are 2 correct alternatives.

    “Take care of your health first before to pour all your energy into sock club.”incorrect.
    This should have read,”before starting to pour” OR “before you pour”. Either works.

    January 18, 2017

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