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I am here! I am here! I am here!!!

I am in the place of my heart for 5 whole days!! Seriously happy and can think of no better way to celebrate 60 years of being. Going to spend a whole lot of time walking on the beach and communing with my friend the ocean and playing with my buddies Karen and Michael. Yup, pretty happy.

















New colorways are up!!!! ( Actually I thought they were but they are not. They will be in a few hours)

I am a big Guardians of the Galaxy fan so of course I had to translate that love onto yarn! I have been torturing everyone I know with ” I am Groot” texts. Baby Groot is beyond charming and seriously adorable!

I have also added a new Tipsy to our Tipsy Clan, Delilah Dixie Tipsy. Delilah Dixie has a a fiery rebellious streak that is sure to burn a little if you happen get on her wrong side. Otherwise she is loyal to a fault and the fiercest friend a girl could ask for!

And.. last but not least my ” I made it to 60 bitches!” birthday colorway.

" I made it to 60 bitches!"

” I made it to 60 bitches!”










As usual there’s a bit of the back story on this one based on a text exchange with Shannon.









I went with it! Stared with the color that flows through my veins Pond Scum and added it’s bestie Deep Unrelenting Grey and then went from there riding the line between muddy and sassy! I think I got it. I love it quite a bit and…it goes with last years birthday colorway depraveDyer’s Birthday Sprinkles pretty well and is most definitely pond-scummy dirty as Shanno suggested.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 7.20.33 AM










The mug is one of the mugs in our giveaway!!!

I am reposting the fun and games info from last week!!!

Okay now unto the fact that on May 29th I turn 60 years old. I know…how did that happen. Actually I am pretty thrilled to be here to turn 60 so I am celebrating with everything that I have and I would love for you to join me. Some of what I have a lot of is, love and gratitude laced with a fair bit of quirky.  So we are going to be spreading both of these around in the next week.


One of the ways we are going to do this is that everyone person who order from this moment in time until midnight May 31st gets a love note postcard from me in their package with a 10% off coupon good for your next order!  We will also be randomly choosing from all of those orders 6 of you that win a skein of Socks that Rock of your choosing in a wonderful JAMPDX mug. We will also be choosing another 4 that will win a skein of our Yaksi Fingeringweight yarn in the color of your choice in a lovely Queen Bee bag! I know! I totally want to win these!

And…if that were not enough and it is not.  We are also doing daily instagram giveaways with sharing themes like favo color and movies and such. Here is our instagram feed.

It’s been awhile since we had a tell me your color story and I will make you a colorway game so we are going to do that here on the blog.

What you do is tell me a color story.  I love a good story!!! I am not going to give you any limits this time. It can be any kind of story as long as you are descriptive.

Try not to make it too long. I am in the process of training three new dyers so my attention span is a little low at the end of the day. Also that whole turning 60 thing!! You have until June 1st. Then I will choose 4 of these stories and I will create them in living color on yarn and then send you a skein!!

Okay I think that covers everything I wanted to share.

I hear the ocean calling and who am I to keep the ocean waiting?!

Thank you all for all of the love and birthday wishes!

Have a great weekend!

  1. Linken #

    Happy Birthday!

    I love the new colors. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE. And *gulp* so does my 12 year old son -who is also a big Guardians of the Galaxy fan. The boy has a mens size 13 foot…..and I showed him I am Groot colorway. *lol* Maybe we can convince him a hat is better.

    May 26, 2017
  2. twhinkle #

    You are there and thank god for that! Best birthday wishes to you Tina.

    Per your post I’m going to share a color story with you since I had so much fun writing one for you before.

    It was 10 years ago, or actually it will be 10 years on June 16th, that my husband and I got married. And it was probably the one time I really ever felt beautiful. I suppose that’s true of every woman getting married but ours was not a grand affair; it was a small wedding on my parents back patio in Hastings Nebraska with only family and my best friend from forever. Because, let’s face it, a 36-year-old having a princess wedding maybe taking it too far…for me anyway.

    I am a pretty simple woman and I shopped and I looked and I looked and I shopped for a dress. I finally found a lovely sandy-beige crocheted cocktail dress. The yarn even had a metallic thread running through it. I wore my great grandmothers multi-strand garnet necklace, a fantastic piece from the art nouveau era with a lovely round beaded clasp that I actually wore in front as a choker and flipped the beads to drape down my back. My lipstick and nails matched the garnets and in retrospect it is probably the last time I had them both done at the same time.

    I felt like the canvas for the color that day with most of it coming from my small bouquet. It consisted of six Gerbera daisies; two pale cotton candy pink, two lemony yellow, one medium carnation pink, and the last and largest was the most brilliant shade of fuchsia. All of that on a sunny blue sky day was my very small, intimate wedding and a time when I felt beautiful and a part of everything.

    May 30, 2017
  3. Lisa #


    Happy Birthday!! Many happy returns and congratulations on having gotten there. I trust your celebration lived up to your anticipation.

    Color story.
    I live in a place with a lot of vibrant and bright color. I’ve seen people create colorways and name them after the place I live (Maui), but they never seem right to me. I realized when people visit, they may not see what I see, maybe because they don’t go to those places or maybe because they overlook them.

    One story that is right out in the open is the rocks next to what we call the Pali. (It’s real name is Honoapiilani Highway, but I don’t want to scare anyone with that name.) This is the place where the Pali, the highway, twists itself between the cliffs and the ocean. While the ocean is indescribably beautiful it is the rocks that get my attention. They are jagged, and rough, part of the cliff that intimidates the road. It is a dusty, matte looking finish of browns and rusts and almost golds. It is the reddish brown dirt, striped and dotted with cream and almost carmel colored rocks. There is bits of dirty white and golden brown tan, and furrows of brown so dark it is almost black. This is all splotched with foliage, which depending on the season, could be deep green leaves, drying yellowish green bushes, or raffia colored dead grass. The amazing part of this is it looks completely different each time I drive past it, and I swear it is as if the cliffs have their own moods.

    Another little seen part of where I live is the ocean in a place near my house when the water is incredibly high and dangerous. Two winters ago, we had stupendously high surf on north facing shores. 50-60 feet which is may only happen once a decade or so. While the water changes constantly, this particular day it was very unusual in appearance. Not only were the waves massive, but because of their size they seemed to be bringing in deeper water than usual. The ocean closest to the land where I was standing was a deep, dark bottle green that in parts was very close to black, but in others was edging toward an irridescent teal. Every bit of the water was in constant churning motion, and seemed to change faster than a heatbeat. Coming out of that, were the waves which started as almost emerald green at the base and got deeper toward the back of the wave. There were more shots of bluish teal in them, and the colors closer to the top of the wave were true seafoam green with silver, grey and white flecks of foam and breaking waves. I would call this North Shore Storming.

    I am trying to remember this in my head, and know I can’t come close to describing what was there: it was too complex and amazing. I tried taking a couple pictures, but they couldn’t begin to capture all the colors.

    Mahalo and aloha! Happy birthday again,


    June 1, 2017

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