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in a timely fashion

TimelyIn these warm months of longer days, we can feel more generous with time. Watering the garden takes time; steeping sun tea takes time. Is there more time to think right now? I’d like to think so.

“In the fulness of time” is a phrase that has such a tempting feel to it – in the fulness of time, I could write a book; knit a sweater; learn to meditate… so many delicious things can happen with the gift of time.

Today’s Inspiration Monday is a lightweight, fun, colorful project that would be an ideal companion to a summer’s day … and it’s quite literally Timely. This stripey, top-down cardigan by Libby Johnson of Truly Myrtle is a treat of a project, combining stripes and easy construction – it would be timely to start it now so you can wear it as the evenings draw in this Fall.

Doubly timely, as well, given that Libby started a KAL over in her Ravelry group on July 1. Choose some colors lickety-split, get your order in, and the Barn Girls will have your yarn to you asap so you can swatch and join in the fun!

But what yarn? This little cardi is going to be a three-season stunner because of its gauge: 27 sts and 39 rows = 4″/10cm is a super-lightweight fabric that can go outdoors in warmer weather, or be the perfect layer for the office A/C.

Standard fingering-weights might just be too beefy for this project – a yarn that knits up comfortably at 7 sts/1″ might not be opened up enough to create drape at this gauge, and end up a bit too stiff or pert. My first thought was La Luna Lace, since it’s a perky little 2-ply that’s thick enough to be inbetween cobweb lace and fingering. Sure enough, I tried a swatch and got gauge on the second try with US4/3.5mm needles. It’s so drapey and wonderful, I had to make a little video of it swishing and swinging…

Now what about color? Here comes the fun – the 2-row stripes mean you can really play with contrast and ground a highly-active Multicolor Wave with a grounding neutral. The texts have been flying back and forth between me & Tina since we discovered this sweater with colorway combinations; kind of like a game of Colorway Poker (“I’ll see your ‘Muddy Autumn Rainbow’ and raise ya ‘Farmhouse’!”)


For my project (and you know I already got my order in), I chose to stay true to her beautiful photographed sample and use a pale neutral for my Color A – I chose Jengu, one of the Spirits. Because these pale, pale neutrals are ‘spirited from’ just one color, you can tease out your favorite hue from a multicolor and anchor it with your favorite Spirit.


For Color B, you can really let fly – even if you’re resistant to wearing multiple colors at once, like I am. The alternating stripes of solid + multi create a harmonious, and nearly minimal, impression. So here was my chance to dip my toe into Buffy waters – I chose Xander, because I’m totally infatuated with browns and blues together right now. Since Jengu is spirited from blue, I know they’ll go together beautifully.

everydaygrey_sk Everyday Grey





Hey all!! Happy Monday. I (tina) am chiming in with a few other colorway pairing suggestions, cause I just can’t help myself!  And as always if you need help please ask.

I’ll list the Bespeckled colorway and then next to it will be a list of shaded solids that I like with that Speckle.

DepravedDyer Birthday Sprinkles :  Just about anything. On the brighter end Boysenberry, Aquarius, Fancypants Fuchsia, Lean Mean Aubergine, Tit4Tat. On the lighter end ~ Chillaxin, Rosebud, Everyday Grey, Pistachio, KMBFLA and Lauma.

Apron Strings :  Magically Delicious, DesAqua, Pistachio, Saffron Surprise, Coral, and Melusine

Scattering Particles on Parade: KMBFLA , Coral, DesAqua, Aquarius, Mermaid Tears, Boysenberry, Orchid Queen, Pooze, Lean Mean Aubergine and Lauma

Heirloom Tomato Jam : Pistachio, Pooze, Pond Scum, Harriet, Saffron Surprise, Calendula, Rose Quartz, Brick and Poupon

SugarPlum Fairy Dust: Lauma, Mermaid Tears, Winter Solstice, Pooze, DesAqua, Seafoam Home, Saffron Surprise and Rosebud

Autumn’s Up:  Magically Delicious, DesAqua, Pistachio, Saffron Surprise, Coral, Melusine, Pond Scum, Aquarius, Chillaxin, Calendula, Harriet and Sun Salutations.

Guardians of the Galaxy :  Just about anything!!   I like Everyday Grey, Mermaid Tears. Jengu, Tit4TaT, Smoke on the Water and Pistachio to name a few.

Heckley Speckley : Lauma, Branwen, Winter Solstice, Sun Salutations, Tempest, Spruced and Mica


And since it’s Inspiration Monday, we’ll leave you with this inspiring quote. This week’s is from Virginia Woolf, and we think it speaks directly to us as knitters, especially knitters who love garments.

There is much to support the view that it is clothes that wear us, and not we, them; we may make them take the mould of arm or breast, but they mould our hearts, our brains, our tongues to their liking. – Virginia Woolf