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Out of the Hue

Look! It’s a Color Club!!

It’s about time right?! I mean we started the first ever sock knitting club which is still going strong 13 years later and and have run a spinning club for a few years and now have our very own School of Yarn.  We do not want color to think it is not important to us since  we are kind of color obsessed! In the best way of course!









I have been wanting to do this for years now and just could not wrap my head around how I would structure it all in a way where it was super fun and educational. You know when a thing is so very important to you, like part of your essence important and you want to do right by it? Well that is what I think kept getting in my way of making this color-filled dream on mine a reality. And then there was that whole time thing.

I have been working with color and fiber for over 20 years now so I do think now is the time. Also I think we all might need some intensive color immersion therapy. I know I do!

We are going to have so very much fun. I am so excited!!











As I say when I teach dye class, the only limit here is the one we put on ourselves and I plan on taking all limits off!!

So as you can see we are starting with color theory and then moving on from there to saturated color by color studies chocked as full of color wonder as we can!! Like…  the wave lengths of a color, how we perceive color, the psychology of color (how it makes us feel and why) history of color (pigments, dye both chemical and natural) and also it’s chemistry, social and cultural aspects, diversity, design, fashion, art and dyeing!










Lots of color stories!!  We will take all of this info and play with it in relationship to what we do with yarn, fiber, knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving and yes, even sewing!  There will  color play and experimenting!You will build your very own color stories.

Projects galore!

Oh and there will be puns. Hue just lends itself to puns.

We named our club Out of the Hue as a take on the saying Out of the Blue since we are Blue Moon Fiber Arts and I do love a good play on words! Also it’s a bit like pulling all of this joy out of the color universe!

Last Fall when we started the School of Yarn quite a few of you said if I ever did a color club you would be thrilled.  Here we are!!

“Each individual color is a universe unto itself.” Johannes Itten

If you have any questions please let me know!!

PS: The shipping weight and price is for all three shipments.

Yours in color!

Catching up!!

Okay it’s going to be a little hard, because I am over the moon excited but before I share all about our color club I am going to take care of a little order update business. Also there are some happenings that are just around the corner which is hard to believe but nonetheless true!

We got a little bogged down with orders and are doing our very best to get caught up which we almost are!! Thank you for your patience! As happens we had a mill order delay on our sock yarn which totally messes things up and stresses me out to no end! Added to that a bunch of my team were out sick, again.  I know… it does seem to be happening a lot.  I have a theory about this. Team Blue Moon is composed of a bunch of moms of young children right now. This is a new thing for many years  we were a team of women with grown children. Anyway I am thinking this explains the illnesses. I am probably over sharing here but I have been trying to figure out the why of all of the illness and wondering if maybe Columbia County had an issue of some sort. So  this is where we are. Where I believe we have fallen down on our usual good customer service is in communicating this to you and for that I apologize!! I am working on a new system where this is better.

I have noticed that some of your emails are not getting to us at  and maybe and I am looking into this. One of the other things things that happens is that in our order system we have a way to go into your order and email you from there if there is an issue. In the past this has worked just fine but I am of thinking that some of these are not getting through. So we are also trouble shooting this.

I just want you to know that you are so very important to us and I am trying to figure out some of this technical communication road blocks. I am by far not a techie so… . While I sort through this you can always reach out to me at

We shipped out a massive amount of yarn on Friday and the same will be true next week. Please know that I really appreciate your patience and feed back also!! You are why I do what I do!

Tits Collective yarn is part of what is shipping out!! We are still taking order if you want that colorway before the end of July! It is such a fun colorway to dye.Oh my goodness. I am spinning it too and it is so much fun to spin. So warm, bright and happy! Great color therapy spinning!












I am supposed to have a pound of this done by the end of Tour de Fleece but I do not thnk I am going to meet that goal. I am halfway there so… we’ll see.

For the 16 of you that are ever so patiently waiting for the Fair Isling on Blue Moon it is at the printers this coming week and the pdf is being formatted so.  Also lesson learned!! Check files yourself first!!! I am printing a bunch so once it is all done will put it back up for sale for those who are interested. All of this has given me an even more of an appreciation and respect for tech editors and layout. I am sorry this has been such a wait!

Around the corner is Stitches Midwest and the our annual Barn Sale and Dye Day!!!

The ever so lovely Theresa and Ron Miskin of The Bufflao Wool Company will have a bunch of our yarn. Here is the a link to the Market floor map so you can find them! They will have a bunch of new colorways that we do not even have up yet!! So if you are going be sure to stop by and say hi and check out the color, the yarn and  lovely samples!!

In the past 6 to8 months we have said a sad good bye to some of our LYS’s and also welcomed a few more to our team So do check out who and where our yarn is so you can see it in person and support these lovey yarn shops.

Wow that was quite a lot. I think I am going to put the color club info on the top banner so it will live there for awhile and also we can look at the lovely graphic that Maggie created for it!

I want you to know that I am so very grateful for each and everyone one of you and feel blessed that I can serve you in color and yarn. It has most definitely been a year of challenges.  I do see the light at the end of this tunnel so feel like we are just about over this hump. ( knock on wood)

Thank you all so very, very much for hanging in there with me!!  You are my rainbow!

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