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Out of the Hue


Look! It’s a Color Club!!

It’s about time right?! I mean we started the first ever sock knitting club which is still going strong 13 years later and and have run a spinning club for a few years and now have our very own School of Yarn.  We do not want color to think it is not important to us since  we are kind of color obsessed! In the best way of course!









I have been wanting to do this for years now and just could not wrap my head around how I would structure it all in a way where it was super fun and educational. You know when a thing is so very important to you, like part of your essence important and you want to do right by it? Well that is what I think kept getting in my way of making this color-filled dream on mine a reality. And then there was that whole time thing.

I have been working with color and fiber for over 20 years now so I do think now is the time. Also I think we all might need some intensive color immersion therapy. I know I do!

We are going to have so very much fun. I am so excited!!











As I say when I teach dye class, the only limit here is the one we put on ourselves and I plan on taking all limits off!!

So as you can see we are starting with color theory and then moving on from there to saturated color by color studies chocked as full of color wonder as we can!! Like…  the wave lengths of a color, how we perceive color, the psychology of color (how it makes us feel and why) history of color (pigments, dye both chemical and natural) and also it’s chemistry, social and cultural aspects, diversity, design, fashion, art and dyeing!










Lots of color stories!!  We will take all of this info and play with it in relationship to what we do with yarn, fiber, knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving and yes, even sewing!  There will  color play and experimenting!You will build your very own color stories.

Projects galore!

Oh and there will be puns. Hue just lends itself to puns.

We named our club Out of the Hue as a take on the saying Out of the Blue since we are Blue Moon Fiber Arts and I do love a good play on words! Also it’s a bit like pulling all of this joy out of the color universe!

Last Fall when we started the School of Yarn quite a few of you said if I ever did a color club you would be thrilled.  Here we are!!

“Each individual color is a universe unto itself.” Johannes Itten

If you have any questions please let me know!!

PS: The shipping weight and price is for all three shipments.

Yours in color!

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  1. pattyv #

    Im really excited about this new club-I signed up the moment I got the email.
    I love 💕, 💗 all the color combos you come up with.

    July 25, 2018

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