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Birthday Week!!!

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Life has been so busy and intense I was just going to skip anything birthday related. And then I was reminded that I am blessed to be here to celebrate getting a year older so here we are. Also for the first time in my 62 years waltzing the planet I have a friend who shares this day with me. I know!! Crystal Rose who right now is the only Blue Moon dyer besides yours truly was also was born on May 29th. Oh my goodness now that I actually type that, it’s pretty funny both (and the only) Blue Moon dyers right now are both Gemini’s.

Okay I could go on and on with duo puns but we’ll move on.










Gemini Queens

Crystal and I decided we would come up with a Gemini colorway together. We both LOVE green and are pretty fond of our new Forget Me Not Blue shaded solid with it’s hints of periwinkle and greens. We made a new green just for this colorway. Emerald City green is vibrant and lovely and the perfect companion to Forget Me Not Blue. Do you see how when that green lightens it turns a lovely spearmint color. Move over Pond Scum cause there is a seriously sexy green in town.










Since my birthday colorways are usually very bright and colorful I also did another birthday colorway that basically has ALL of the colors in it. Seriously so very many colors. Look at them all.

IMG_7782 (1)









#happybirthday is a colorway that says hey I am 62 and… I have met all the challenges sent my way this year with strength, perseverance and grace.  I celebrate all of life!!

We usually offer birthday specials and games for about a week. I also considered not doing this since we are short handed and a wee bit behind. Again I think celebrating an projecting the positive is always the way to go!!!

So for the next few days we are offering a 15% birthday special on all yarns. Let’s call is a Birthday Stash Enhancement Party!! So if you order yarn that you have a deadline on please let us know when you order it.

Coupon code is: birthdaystashparty

We should be through all of this soon. I hired a new dyer on Friday but she can’t start right away. Oh… in case some of you do not know we had one of our dyers leave unexpectedly which has made us seriously short handed. Also she had been out a lot before she left so her absence had already impacted things.

Anyway I am so very excited about the woman we have hired to join our team. We have sent loads of emails out about your orders and have shipped tons of yarn. Our latest shipment of sock yarn is here so more will go our including clubs and such.

Check out instagram for some birthday fun and games!! And check back here all week.  We are going to do a photo colorway contest on instagram which should be all kinds of fun.

All orders placed until May 30th will be shipped out with a little surprise.

If you feel like sharing what is your best birthday story I would so love to hear it.

Thank you for sharing your fiber lives with me!

You are such a gift!!!