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Dreams do come true!!

hey all…

So do you remember a few weeks ago when I said I was working on something exciting that was also a bit of a personal challenge for me?

BlueMoonExpArtboard 11









If you did not read it here it is:

The Blue Moon Experience is a video platform for us to share with you all we do and what we know. I love the name because it encompasses me sharing my experience and creating an experience for us all.  We are starting off with a monthly experience called Essentials that is themed. You will get a 30 minute video you can watch whenever you like. There will also be a Live Q&A every month that goes into more detail and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and..get answers. I’m super excited about this part since it gives me more of a connection with you. It’s one of the things I have been missing since I stopped doing the shows. My people!

And then there’s the Courses…I so love teaching! it was actually a surprise for me how much I love it. I learned this at the first Sock Camp and have been teaching in one way or another ever since. And since not everyone can get to the hills of  Scappoose Oregon to take classes then doing more in-depth video courses is the next logical step so that is what we are doing.

Once we get this part launched we will be adding in other levels and also components. We will also be have discussions with all kinds of wonderful people from our industry including folks you usually do no get to hear from like ranchers, mill workers, brokers, events leaders to name a few. We are calling this YARN VOICES!  So much goes into the skein of yarn you are using I think it’s important to understand that and to connect with it. I am lucky because I get tot work with such a wide range of people with such expertise and I am so thrilled to be able to share this and connect us all a little more.

I am very, very, excited about this and also as I mentioned earlier slightly terrified. I am very comfortable teaching and even talking to large groups but the video aspect brings up all kinds of emotional debris from my childhood. I experienced a fair amount of child abuse and one of the internal decisions I made was if you are not seen or heard than there is less chance you will be hurt so this one has raised it’s head for me to deal with and I am. Any chance we have to rid ourselves of baggage that no longer serves us and keep us from being all that we can be is a great day.

If there are any topics you would like me to cover I would LOVE to hear from you. We’ve done our best to keep this affordable so it is accessible while making sure we also make a living wage. Do let us know if you have any questions.

I am partnering with a wonderful woman for this new blue moon venture!

IMG_9603 copy









Isabeau Maxwell and she does all the stuff I do not like doing or have the time so…the best kind of partnership. So please welcome Isabeau to our lovely Blue Moon family everyone. You are going to love her as much as I do. I am so grateful to Beau for helping me manifest this dream.

All of which leads me to this moment…we are launching The Blue Moon Experience today!!!!!!!!!

I know….

I hope you’ll join me. You are my people and I honestly feel that besides that whole dyeing yarn for you to knit/crochet/spin/weave/felt thing we do that this is such a wonderful way for me to serve you and expand our community.