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Soothing fiber thoughts!

Hello all…

How is everyone coping?  All of this is pretty intense and quite overwhelming.  As people who knit, crochet, weave and spin we certainly are equipped with the ability to pass the time in a soothing, creative way.  Which I think leaves us in a better place than most. A lot of us also have online social connections that keep us fed and happy. Thank you Ravelry!!

So many of our wonderful fun fiber events have been cancelled and we are all pretty disappointed. I am sorry for us all, attendees, teachers, vendors and the event coordinators. Let’s send all of them love and compassion.

All of the closures and quarantines that are necessary to keep this under control is most definitely going to be a financial hardship for may of us. I know that some super creative souls have put together a few online fun events to support the vendors and teachers. So be sure to watch out for those on instagram and Ravelry. I think basically we just all need to support each other anyway we can. This is going to impact all of us in one way or another and quite honestly, some more than others.

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I am going to do my best to post more here and on instagram to soothe and hopefully inspire. I would love to hear back from you also. Elizabeth Gilbert reminded me today of a practice I uses to do all the time that a therapist friend taught me.

It’s so helpful for times like these when there is so much unknown, which makes us worry and be anxious. So to help keep us in the moment and also to be grateful for every moment we go to our senses.

  You can do this anywhere you are. 

Look around you and then name 5 things that you can see, 4 things that you can hear, 3 things that you can feel, 2 things that you can smell, and 1 thing that you can taste. You have to pay attention to where you are in the moment in order to do this so it lands you smack dab in the middle of right now. It affords us the chance to see and feel where we are and to appreciate that. It slows us down and quiets our minds and regulates our breathing. Such a lovely way to be where we are now.

Okay let’s talk knitting and knit-a-longs!









Photo Credit: Gaye Glasspie

Orange Love Poncho by Gaye Glasspie

Today starts this KAL with the lovely Gaye Glasspie. If you do not follow her on social media you should she is a bright ray of sunshine. She is ggmadeit on instagram  And she LOVES orange. The KAL looks like all kinds of fun. I think we all have some yarn in our stash that we can use to knit this lovely poncho. Hey, some of us might even hace orange!  You can read all about the KAL here on RAV  









Photo Credit: Casapinka

Olive Pink by Casapinka

This weekend Casapinka dropped a new pattern that she designed with Adelle of Lolabean Yarns for a pop up shop at a LYS that of course had to be cancelled. The yarn used on this one is finger-weight which I know we all have quite a bit of.

I am recommending our Featherlight for this project.

Color recommendations based on ones used are:

Snowflake, Spores or Mica, Winter Solstice and for the pink version Rosebud and for the Olive version Sabertooth Caterpillar.

If you want other color options please do ask me I love putting combo’s together.

Okay I have a lot more designs to share but am going to leave it at one more!









Photo Credit: Susanne Somer

Hoodie Shawl Cardi by Susanne Somer

I so LOVE  a hoodie and this one with all of the combining of color options and then it’s extensive sizing… I am so wanting to cast this on. I would wear this ALL the time. I think in a Raven with a grey and maybe pond scum. My yarn recommendation for this would probably be our Socks that Rock. Yup I think so. Thank you Susanne for yet another wonderful design! So talented!!!

To spread the LOVE we are offering a 15% discount on all yarns for the next few days or so. supporteachother2020

Okay my lovelies I have to go finish spinning since my wheel is now fixed  and get notes fired off and then rinse some yarn out and…

Take care or your dear selves and each other. If you need and ear or shoulder I am here drop me a line.

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