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Mother’s Day

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Everything is blooming here! I finally ventured out for groceries and was stunned by all the color and loveliness. It was quite surreal actually to have been on my little island so long to have the world change so much.

It’s Mother’s Day today and maybe it’s all the time alone lately but both my mom and gran ( her mom) have been on my mind quite a bit more than usual. I miss them both and of course, especially this time of year. I never really thought about it but my grans and mom and a few of my aunts were all avid gardeners when spring hits and all the things start blooming I feel them more and miss them too.

For some strange reason the crab apple that I planted years and years ago that has pretty much done nothing to date is in full bloom!! It’s glorious. One of my favorite childhood memories besides hiding in the forsythia bushes at my gran’s house was playing under her crab apple tree and the super yummy jam she made with it. So good. It’s the reason I planted the tree was in her memory. So hopefully I will be making crab apple jelly sometime this summer. We shall see. I will keep you posted.


Isn’t it pretty? I was so inspired by the lovely deep pink of the blossoms that I made a few new colorways.

Of course I did.

The blossoms look red in this picture but they are really a deep pink and so pretty. Ia m not much of a pink person but as you can see from the picture following this one I kind of went Pink  crazy!

IMG_7517 (1)







The middle one is the one for the blossoms and then I decided to take that pink and lighten it with some grey (one on the right) and then also add some yellow for an orangey pink. I love this trio and think I am going to have to knit a Winnie ( my gran)  shawl for myself.

I will have these shaded solids up sometime this week. I am taking today to clean my house it’s such a mess since I’ve been in the dye barn most of the time. My kitchen is an absolute nightmare.

I also get to celebrate Mother’s day with my crew this evening via zoom I think. We are having a cheese and Parcheesi party! Hehe! I love Parcheesi, it’s the only game I ever win. And here’s my contribution.


I also have cheese but I just could not resist! I knew my son would love it.

I love being a mom. I miss my family so very much. There is so very much that is hard and horrifying about this pandemic but lately the isolation and not being with loved ones has been a lot. I try in those moments to be grateful that I have a roof over my head and people that I love that love me and that there are so many brave souls risking their lives for us all.

Okay well I am going to go clean the kitchen. Yikes!!

I did get quite a bit shipped out this week! I am doing my very best to get you your orders.If you have a deadline please do let me know!!!

My love and gratitude to you all. Thank you for the love notes in your orders and the postcards and emails of support. I am truly humbled and touched by each and everyone of you.

Oh if you missed seeing it here is the Flower Moon colorway and it is up on the website!