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One day a a time.

Hello all,

I’m dropping in here to let you know that I am here working away and doing my best! I know you’ve been worried and I am sorry for worrying you. It certainly has not been my intention. Running all of this by myself for so long got to be overwhelming. There were things that I just did not have the time or energy for and unfortunately this was one of them. Which made me sad I do so love sharing with you and it’s been a bit lonely here.

Anyway I have brought one of my dyers back to help as of last week and we are moving through things. Well we were until the firestorm hit. We are on the North side of Portland and so far are safe from the big fires. However our air quality is as of today the worst on the planet. So it will be just me here for a few more days. We also have had spotty power. Since we are rural and that’s where these fires start the power company has been shutting things down when the winds are high. Downed power lines are usually the biggest causes of these kinds of fires. I appreciate them being safe although it is a pain.

It’s terrifying and there is so very much loss. So much it’s heart breaking!! If you are local a whole lot of folks are being moved here to the fairgrounds and other places, farms and families that have room. The Columbia County fairgrounds is asking for donations of any kind basically. Food, clothing, bedding, games for kids to play. You pretty much can’t go wrong. A lot of these families are from farming communities so their animals have been moved here also so feed is also needed. If you are on Facebook you can go here to  this group to see what is needed and how to go about donating.

You can also donate to the Red Cross and local Food Banks to help the staggering number of folks who’ve lost so very much in California, Oregon and Washington. I know we’ve not experienced anything like this in Oregon.

Okay I am off to make a run to the fairgrounds to drop off some things and then back to work.

I am so very grateful for each and everyone one of you. I hope you are all taking care and staying safe! Thank you for your extreme patience with me as we navigate all of this and your continued support. When I am low I remember each and everyone one of you dear creative souls.

Show your postal carrier some love!!

Love each other! We truly are all we have. It takes every single one of us with all of our beautiful differences.








Diller shaking off a dust bath on a better day last week.