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Once in a Blue Moon


Our full moon this weekend is a rare Blue Moon one.  A Blue Moon is commonly defined as the second full moon in a month. Our last Blue Moon was in October 2020. A lesser known definition dating back to 1528 applies to the 3rd full moon of a season where there are 4 full moons. Generally, each season has three full moons. But this summer, which began June 20 and ends Sept. 22, has four full moons (June 24, July 23, Aug. 22 and Sept. 20). Seasonal Blue Moons are uncommon, occurring about once every two to three years. The last one rose on May 18, 2019, and the next one won’t shine until Aug. 19, 2024.

Truly a “Once in a Blue Moon” bit of lunar magic!

Quite awhile ago I did a special order for a colorway for a store and they ended up not making it (sad) so I have been sitting on these skeins until there seemed to be a place for them. I over-dyed them to create this truly ~ Once in a Blue Moon ~ colorway to celebrate Blue Sturgeon Moon.

So this is a truly limited Once in a Blue Moon offering. There are only 30 of these skeins in Socks that Rock Lightweight and once they are gone that is is for this special colorway!

Since they are limited I am not going to add them to the website as their own colorway. If you  would like to order one of these beauties. Order Socks that rock Lightweight in SNOWFLAKE and in the comments section let me know you would like Blue Strugeon Moon and I will get it out to you. These are all dyed and ready to roll!  I really love this colorway. The color concept is based on the silver pink of the Sturgeon ( This is the Sturgeon Moon) and dark blue for the night sky and also waters the Sturgeon resides in.

Our heat wave finally broke and I am hoping that is the last one for this summer.  So very hot and dry. So unlike our lush green Pacific Northwest.  There has been so much wildlife of all kinds at the water stations I have put out. Even the bugs were parched. My neighbors and I were wondering why the flies and such were so bad this year and I finally realized they weren’t it’s just we were seeing more of them because they were looking for water. Anyway I am grateful to be through that. Dyeing in that kind of heat is not fun. I changed my hours so I was dyeing before the crack of dawn or late at night. Was cracking myself up singing singing the Midnight Rambler song and changing it to the midnight dyer. hahaha….









I want to Thank all of you that are supporting the Targhee Worsted LOVE campaign!! I also would like to remind you that these were not to be dyed or shipped until the middle to end of August. I have started on these. They are big bulky skeins so I do them early in the am before the sock yarns and such. It’s been so interesting to see what colors everyone chose. So much blue!!! Oh my goodness.  A lot of you put when you needed this by in the comments section of you notes so I am going by those . If you need it sooner than late please do let me know. I know also a fair amount of you used this as a stash build along with supporting out wonderful Targhee.

Sock Club is shipping now!! I will be sending a sock email out in a few days. I will be including all of the patterns and dyer’s notes again for those who can’t find those emails.

Last part of Silk Club has shipped with notes to follow this week once Karen looks them over. I was going to ship the last shipment of the spinning club but…and this is sad. I wanted to support a local while also giving you all a different experience. Unfortunately after dyeing and drying the fiber I noticed as I tried to bundle it that it was breaking. I know…I almost cried. Anyway long story short I am in the process of dyeing it all over again in another fiber. Live and learn I should have tested a bunch first. You often do not see these kinds of things until it’s processed.

The exciting new project I mentioned in May took a bit of a delay because the person I am working with had a family health issue. I will be announcing this in the next two weeks hopefully and I am so very excited. I have been wanting to work on this level for so long.

Before I head out to the barn I want to mention supply chain.  The pandemic has effected us all in so many different ways. Supply chain for our industry is one of them with delays in shipments and also a few quality issues. I am doing my very best to navigate these as we all are. Right now I am waiting on ink cartridges for my printer that prints the labels. I usually have it here in 3 days. I will not have it for 2 more weeks and I ordered it 4 weeks ago. So I am creatively labeling the colors on the yarn labels. You will see!!  It truly is a different world we find ourselves in.  We are all doing the best we can with what we are being dealt. I am doing my very best to meet each challenge I am presenting with optimism, grace and my wicked problem solving skills. I most definitely am an out-of-the-box thinker!! lol

Oh and all of you lovely  people who are including what you are making when you order—- THANK YOU!!! It’s a joy to know who and what I am dyeing for. As a lone worker still, it warms my heart. Like this blue ( Sapphire) went to a woman knitting a baby blanket for her first born. So lovely!!!










I do love most parts of my job. Honestly though you guys are the best part. Otherwise it’s just creating into a void which does not appeal to me at all. I’m a people person!! I and good alone but I sharing with others ups the joy of and experience to a whole other level for me. I can hear all of my introvert friends groaning. lol

Oh one more thing before I head out. I just got new price list from all of my suppliers so…there’s a good chance I will have to increase pricing a bit in the next few weeks.

Okay I could keep going but the dye pots are calling.

Have a great day.

Choose love!!

PS: I found a case of Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for  Sock Knitters ( Book One) If you want one. I have a bout 20 of them.

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