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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse










We had a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus this week. I did not get to see it here because of CLOUDS!! I could feel it for sure just not see it. I have seen quite a few so I do know how beautiful even a partial one can be as this one was. Although I do believe it was almost a full percentage-wise.

I have not done all of the moons this year for many reasons but I was seriously inspired by this one so thought I would give it a go and I am really glad I did. The pictures do not so it justice. The dark red end has all kinds of color in it. I throw some grey over it and then a little of the golden hue too. It’s so pretty but nothing you can catch with a picture. I loved it so much that I am doing a whole skein that way. I get to rinse it tomorrow to see how it turned out.

I really do love creating full moon colorways every month but …it’s  a lot. I was thinking of maybe in 2020 all the new ones would be good for the next lunar cycle only. What do you think? Rhonda and I were thinking with the ones we already have it would be fun to do some sort of moon blanket. I know I would love one. I think we played with this idea early in 2020 and then “you know what” happened.

Before I forget and I will. I have full moon brain this week. There is an instagram little game up right how that goes until Monday evening. You could win one of these skeins and all you have to do it tag a friend and send a love note! It’s quite lovely actually. I’ve been trying to do a bunch of writing today and have been in and out of insta reading everyone love notes. It’s made my day ~ all that love!

The barn is full to brimming with drying Targhee Worsted! Smells very sheepy. Most are shaded solids and I have to say it’s quite stunning. Some of my favorite so far are Big Brain Blue ( stunning on the Targhee) , Spruced, Greige, any of the Ravens, Lean Mean Aubergine, Maroon 5, Pining 4 Ewe and my absolute favorite Moontide. And there is that moon again. Hehe

IMG_9804D IMG_9498D






Greige and Big Brain Blue!!



My Gaea Fingering and SilkMo Lace project is moving along!!



I am loving this!! I only have two issues. Knitting with kittens is pretty challenging. Knitting laceweight mohair with kittens…hahahahaha!!! I’m an idiot.

My other issue is that it’s been awhile since I knit with such a slippery yarn so it’s just going a little slower that usual. I am practicing being Zen about it. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. So far so good!

Isn’t is pretty? I am so in love with My Euphoria colorway I just want to dye everything in it. I will wait until I get this done. Believe it or not I am a one project at a time kinda knitter. Surprised aren’t you. I have yarn test swatches always going  but I don’t think they count. I do not have a ton of knit time so it’s one at time for me. Otherwise I stress and i have plenty of that without adding knitting stress to the list.








The full moon brought a cold spell with it which gave us our first frost of the year. It might have been freezing cold but it was also quite beautiful. The bunnies absolutely love the cold so they were super hoppy (get it?!)  I am from the East Coast so I do appreciate cold and clear when it happens here.

I am working on some new shaded solids. I want to round things out a bit so if there is something you would like to se that you feel is missing please do let me know! I do know that I am heavy on the greens!

Okay off to finish up Dyer’s notes and work on Blue Notes. So much writing!!! Who knew there would be so much writing with dyeing.

Have a good weekend

Take care, stay safe and love each other!!

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 5.50.41 PM



odds and ends…

I took time off to go sit in my favorite coffee place to write you without the most adorable distractions! If you follow Blue Moon on instagram you have seen that I adopted two adorable kittens about a month ago. I have been riding this fine line of inviting more furry folks into my life. I was waiting for the right moment which came one morning when I decided to break out my warmer clothing and discovered mouse nesting material and a ton of cat food. Which means my current feline friend was seriously not doing her job. To be fair she pretty old but still. The next day I went and adopted a sibling pair ~ Fiona and Felix.IMG_9715IMG_9268









They are seriously distracting!!! Especially Felix who really loves the keyboard.  I would say that you will be seeing so many pictures of them but it is seriously difficult to photograph black cats. It’s almost impossible to get a good picture of Fiona.

Okay so my shoulder is better and I have some help this week so we going be dyeing a massive amount of Targhee Worsted.  As I said earlier if you have an order and it is for holiday knitting or another deadline please do let me know.  A lot of you have done so and it is appreciated!

IMG_9748 (1)

I still have a few RSC to ship for their 4th shipments.I have them here ready to go as of last week but the shipping software had a glitch and the person at Endicia made it worse so after 6 hours on the phone with them it’s almost there but not quite yet. I will ship it just wont then put that info back into the Blue Moon database with the tracking info and we really need it to do that little piece so we can keep track of it all. I called this am but there was not an available techie. And yes I am frustrated!!!

Speaking of sock club I will be sending out dyer’s notes this week. I have decided to keep sock club going. I just can’t not do it. It will be different because well… things are different.  So very different.

I will be shipping the last two sock club offerings together in December and then we will be done with the 2020-2021 Pandemic Rockin’s Sock Club. I am so looking forward to that moment when I ship out that last package! It’s going to feel so satisfying.

I will; be putting 2022 up for presale soon because I am getting lots of emails requests about it.  You will also be seeing that mysterious new project I have been teasing you with. I am so very excited about this one and I really wanted the timing to be right so I could give it the time and attention it deserves. Also wanted to be able to finish some of our other clubs and specials before working towards this one.









With a little help from my friends…I am also revamping the barn to open it up for some community centered projects here in my lovely community.  Change is good and opening space for growth and more making and then being able to share it all! If you are local and are interested please do contact me.

Indigo Fields

We are finally going to get the dye garden going. The beds are being prepped this week for massive amounts of indigo along with  quite a few other types of dye plants that will grow in the very damp but fertile hills of Scappoose. I am going to emphasize dye plants that are native to my area. Like I won’t even have to plant any nettle since there is much growing wild where I am. I have considered calling my place Nettle Bog Farm ~ the farm with a sting!



I feel like there’s a lot more to tell you but I think this is probably  good for now. Thank you so very much for you patience with me and your support of Blue Moon. I am doing my very best to not let you all down!

Oh I did change up the colors on the website moving more towards winter and winter holidays. How are we here already?? I will have a few new colors soon. I have been making new colors but wanted to get more orders out before adding them. If there are colors you would like to see please do let me know!!

Okay back to the dye pots!!

Takc care dear ones and stay safe!