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Happy Birthday Special!!

It’s my birthday this weekend! It’s a big one too. I turn 65  so I think that means this whole getting old thing is official . he he

Because of the horrors we are living through right now I was going to let this moment pass. And  then a few things happened, as they tend to do, to give me a different perspective. There is nothing quite like a glass bottle flying through the air,  hitting  and shattering your windshield to shift your attitude a little.

“We must never give into despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road, and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself.”  ~ the Last Air Bender

So here I am remembering to be hopeful, to look for the light, use my voice and honor the lives taken by living fully and gratefully!!

Okay I am sending out a newsletter tonight so look for that!!

And… we are going to celebrate 65 years on the planet with a 10% off on ALL yarns and rovings starting now and going until June 1st. The code you need is: birthdayspecial  ( all lower case)

I also made not one but two birthday colorways.  I could not choose so I embraced my double Gemini self and am claiming them both as birthday colorways.

Here they are:

6A9A2A0E-760D-4A18-A2B4-46930E71EBAC 62F4B2FB-7E53-43BD-8559-3B7E823CC41EThey are both up on the website. The one called LIT might have a name change but we shall see. See why I had a hard time choosing?

I will be running instagram contests and give-aways so do check in there. If you want to get our newsletter and are not ont he lsit you can email me and I will put you on or you can sign up when you are on instagram. There is a link to do so in the bio.

Also…a little sock yarn news.


I have decided to put up another Socks that Rock STAR Sponsorship package for 2022. The 2021 has shipped and thank you to all of you that supported our beloved Socks that Rock!! I have added this 2022 sponsorship because this last lot of yarn I have ordered which is due in the door soon is costing 8.00 more a pound than the last increase 6 months ago I know…
I can’t raise the price of the yarn to cover that big of an increase so I will be making other choices and am working on a new mill relationship which will be in place in about 8 to 9 months. In the mean time Blue Moon will be absorbing that cost of this increase. Just so you know, I have been in this business for over 20 years and never ever has there been that kind of price increase in such a short period of time. I am excited about the new mill though. It will put everything here in the US so way more sustainable approach of us in the long run.  Also the mill I found specializes in sock yarns for the hosiery industry so yay for us! In the long run this is a very good shift for Blue Moon and it will bring the price down for both you and me while supporting milling and ranching folks here! I’m hopeful and excited. See there’s that light shining through!!




There have been a few questions about our Master Class that I thought I would address here just in case others folks were wondering the same.
Someone asked about the cost. The cost higher than the other School of Yarn Semesters because it’s a 14th month long class and you get 12 skeins of wonderfully made high quality yarn. It’s a whole lot of yarn my friends! The cost of the yarn in itself is the main reason for the pricing.
There is also a whole lot of research and writing involved for both Karen and I. I am hoping to add in a few zoom meetings we can all be a part of because there is just so much fun and exciting things to share with you. Like… lambing, shearings ( i have one tomorrow) and ranch visits and interviews with everyone along the supply chain along with their stories. And then of course there is the actual making of our yarns.
Another questions was could it be dividing into 2 semesters? It is one because this is truly how long it takes to make a new yarn. I wanted us all to have that experience in order to gain an insight and appreciation to what all goes into making the yarn we use and love.
Believe me if you can you are going to want to be a part of this adventure. In the next week indigo is being planted here to use for fresh plant dyeing on one of our shipments. You will be part of a community working toward positive, sustainable growth in our industry, country and planet.
I have already dyed a lot of the yarn for our first shipment. It’s so pretty and soft and pretty and honestly I am head over heals in love with it. We have named this lovely worsted wonder Larch and it will be available to the Master Class before everyone else gets it on their needles!!
Another question was about homework. Yes, of course, there will be homework. Karen would be so very sad if there was not homework. There will be exercises and such just like the other semesters of School of Yarn! We are going to make this as interactive as possible and put us all through our paces Karen and I both are seriously passionate about pretty much every aspect of this from the ranch to our hands and needles.
I hope you will join us!

I am working right now on all outstanding orders which finally are not so many and of course, sock club. I have also been giving talks on the Master Class and our Community Supported Yarn so my kitchen table is full of the Apsen samples right now. I just want to wind a bunch of it up now and sit and knit.  Actually the same is true for the Larch base. Hmmm…I just remembered that Karen will be here this weekend for my birthday and to help with sock club so I bet we will have some late night knit parties.

Happy dancing!!

Look at the visitors I had this week!







Take care of your selves!

Remember we have a super power. We can create beautiful things to warm our bodies and hearts stitch by stitch!!