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I am here….


Hello all
I am sorry for the delay in keeping you up to date since letting you know I was in the hospital but it’s been a bit of a whirlwind of testing and information and treatments. A whole lot to process for me and my family.
I so appreciate your patience, all of your well wishes and prayers ~ thank you!!!
So… it turns out that what we thought was post covid issues is in fact a return of breast cancer.
It’s metastatic at this point but still very treatable according to my oncologist.
in fact we’ve already started treatment and I seem to be responding pretty well. I have the hormone receptor positive kind as it was last time just a bit more invasive. Because of the amount of lymph involved last go around we all knew this was a very strong possibility.
I have been home for a few days and getting back into the swing of things very, very slowly with a whole lot of help and support.
I am answering emails and working on shipping and a dye schedule.
I know it’s been one thing after another here for awhile now with all of the mill, supply chain, and shipping issues and delays and you all have been so very patient and understanding.
I have put my foot down with the powers that be.
I am putting this little note up on here on the blog and will be sending out an email to all of Blue Moon’s mailing lists.
If you have an order in that you need sooner than later please let me know.
If you can wait a little longer I appreciate it more than you can know.
I love dyeing yarn for you!
A lot of you have already asked how you can help.Your patience and compassion is very helpful in many ways so thank you!
My friend Benjamin Levisay is putting together a gofundme to help cover medical expenses and such. When I have that info I will post it.
A few of you have sent letters which I soooo love if you feel inclined to write.
You are my people I love hearing from you!
Now that I have ripped off this bandaid and told you I will keep you in the loop!
I am off…I have PT coming today and a daughter who is making sure I take ALL of my pills. I know this probably will come as no shock to those of you who know me ~ I might not make the most cooperative patient.
My kids are saints!!!

Thank you!!

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