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A Mystery and a Race



Let’s start with the Mystery shall we. Since the first one was so fabulous, Star Athena and I have dreamed up another Mystery KAL.

Welcome to INTERVAL  that link (yes that one there on the left) gives you everything you need to know to sign up. Once you do that then you’ll have the discount code you need to purchase your BFL Fingering BFL Fingering Superwash (BFL Fingering is out, so the BFL Fingering Superwash is a substitute) from the Blue Moon website . If you happen to be in a city that has one of our stockists (otherwise know as a yarn store) then please, by all means, check in with them to see what they have on hand.

NOTE: We are not substituting the Superwash BFL on orders that already exist. If you ordered the regular BFL Fingering yarn that is what you are getting.

I have picked a few color combinations, took some pictures, had some silly fun with name play and am posting them here. If you do not see anything that strikes your fancy please do comment here or email for help. I love this part of the job!!

Before we move onto our hue viewing let’s talk about our race.

This year Blue Moon is one of the sponsors for the Tour-de-Sock which we are pretty excited about since, it’s about socks and, well… you know how we feel about socks. What’s I think is really cool about Tour-de-Sock is that it really is a challenge. You can take my word for, it I’ve seen things. So, if you want to challenge your sock knitting self, have some crazy fun (There are teams with cool names, good natured heckling and prizes!) and… if that weren’t enough, raising money for Doctor’s without Borders in the process.  A win for all!

As promised hue duos for Interval Mystery KAL:  I couldn’t resist the name thing here. I apologize it was just to much fun to pass up. I was sorely tempted to put them together just for the name amusement aspect itself but then I got a hold of myself and moved on. Another time maybe.

Believe it or not ( my kids do not) I am off tomorrow to go judge a marmalade contest. I know. I’ve developed a thing. My latest batch was smoked pink grapefruit soaked in Jasmine green tea overnight then cooked down, sweetened a bit and topped of with a shot of Southern Comfort. It’s quite wonderful. My son has take to calling me the Marmalady. I haven’t yet decided how I feel about that.  I’m telling you all of this, so you understand if I do not respond to your color inquiries right away. I promise to check in a few times over the weekend.
Ok off to pack. I have yet to pack a thing.  Plenty of time… Right?


Thank you to everyone who played along in our matchy matchy game, you’re all winners in my book!

I went through today and did a count and chose the the first four knitters to get the most number correct.  Sorry for the confusion on Saturdays’ post. I obviously did not think that one all the way through. Next time I will finish that cup of coffee before hitting the post button.  I chose our winners from everyone who guessed before the colorways were posted.

Our winners are… 

Anna > 8 correct matches.
 erb2007 > 8 correct matches.
 yarnderWoman  > 8 correct matches.
 Tru > 7 corect matches

( Thank you Janis for catching that my numbers were off. )

Congrats winners. if you email she’ll hook you up with you prize.

Here are our colorway names and the who, what, where, when, and why of them.

1. Sabertooth Caterpillar :  Rhonda and Heather came up with this one and I think it’s one of the best names ever. When I close my eyes and envision a Sabertooth Caterpillar I see a dirty green that camouflages well, unless of course, said Sabertooth Caterpillar is making it’s way across a sunny yellow pillow with hot pink stripes. And… we all know that Sabertooth’s are way to color conscious to get near hot pink wearing that green coat. Stealth and fabulous is our Sabertooth Caterpillar!
2. Mauvelous:  The absolutely only name for such a lovely Mauve!  End of story.
3. Pistachio:  I’ve almost named several of our green shaded solids Pistachio but they didn’t have exactly the right balance of yellow. They were always just a little too blue. Sad for them, really. I Love this green! Pistachio might be my second favorite green, right next to Pond Scum, as my first, of course.
4. Chillaxin’:  As calm and relaxing as a cool dip in a clear lake on a hot summer day. One calm and seriously cool blue.
5. Passive Aggressive Green: Kermit’s right, it’s not easy being green. I think green has always been just a wee bit envious of it’s blue counterpart. A green that edges towards blue or a blue that’s tinged with green…it’s a close call on this one. I do think green has come out the winner on this particular blue green struggle for hue dominance.
6. Big Brain Blue: I honestly don’t know. It’s just what popped in my head when I saw this blue on yarn. I’m wondering if I should be worried about it.
7. Strawberry Fields Forever: Is this red a true ripe and juicy strawberry red? Almost. It might be a day old strawberry red. When I see this red I hear John, Paul, George and Ringo offering to take me down to Strawberry Fields where nothing is real and there’s nothing to get hung about… .
8. Sea Foam Home:  On a very cloudy day on the Pacific Northwest Coast, a
waves swells and builds, then… right before it breaks onto the sand into foamy bubbly joy, there is this watery green.
9.  What’saaabi:  Have you ever bought wasaabi powder? You add water and get that hot nasal clearing yumminess. This green is that color. FYI: It will not clear your sinuses. Sorry!
10. Bladerunner: If a blade of grass could run really,really, super speedy fast, so fast that, it would break world records and maybe even sound barriers? Fast right? This is the color it would be.
11. Gourdy:  I’ve been trying to get this particular shade of pumpkin orange for a little while now. When I realized I had it I called all the barn chicks over to see.  Rhonda said as soon as she saw it that it looked like a Gourdy and it stuck.  I know pumpkins are not really gourds and mostly gourds are greens and browns. You have to admit, it looks like a Gourdy, doesn’t it?


After Sundown: A tropical sunset on yarn

Available now on Blue Moon!

For a few moments, every evening in Hawai’i, everything stops. Eyes turn toward the ocean, you can almost hear a collective sigh as the sun goes down. Often people will linger until the last bit of orange and pink has faded from the sky. Sunset here is magical, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. What most people miss though, is how absolutely spectacular the sky becomes after the brilliance of sunset has subsided.

When you look directly overhead the sky has become such a deep rich shade of blue, it’s almost indescribable. It’s like velvet. As your eyes follow the gradient down toward the horizon the changes are subtle, but absolutely astonishing. Deep velvety blue with the slightest hints of purple, changes into a rich royal blue, which fades quickly into the sweetest turquoise you’ve ever seen. Dots of warm oranges and golds start to appear in the blackened buildings, as lights come on for the evening. Like twinkling stars, for those of us who are earthbound.

If I were a hue, I would, without question or hesitation, be the evening sky in Hawai’i, just after sunset. 🙂

Nā poʻe o ka pō

People of the night.

This colorway description is from Contessa who was one of our three what hue are you colorway contest on the Rockin’ Sock Cub blog. It was great and challenging fun to create personally specific hues. This was the most challenging one for me.

Thank you Contessa! This colorway will be available for purchase soon on the Blue Moon site!

Congratulations to…

Grand Prize Winner> Sarah Diane

Our Five runners up> Disc, Theresa, AmyM, Nancy and Courtney.

We also hace two honorable mention prizes to> KT for waxing poetic, and Laura for being very observant.

If you all would please email us at with you choices and adresses Paula will happily put your yarn in the mail.

thanks for playing!

What’s New??

Do you know what is new on the website?  Today Monday January 12th.

Do ya?

We have new colorways, new patterns and new yarns. We also have a few returnees.

I could post a list of all these for you here, but what fun would that be?  Not so much, not for me anyway.

I think it would be much more fun if we maybe had a CONTEST.

So… let us have a contest.

The first knitter to list all the;

1. new colorways

2. patterns

3. yarns

4. and the 2 return colorways,

wins a skein of STR in each of the new colors.

There will be 5 runners up that each win a skein of their choosing. These will be chosen based on time received and number correct.

Put your guesses here in the comments. Please list them in one comment.

I will announce the winners on Friday 3:00 pst.




Color Contest Winners

Here is the list of colorways that I see in that oceany header photo:  Carbon, Pond Scum, Olivenite, Jade, Mossay, Kaw Kaw, Rose Quartz, Jasper, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Rauen, Obsidian, Socktopus, Downpour, Monsoon, Gypsum, Smoky Blue, Harlotty, Covelite, Petrified Wood, Quilla, Rooky, Typhoon me, Algae, Mochaberry, Mudslide, Pink Granite, Lunasea and actually all the Ravens are somewhere in there.

It was really cool to see what everyone else saw in this photo.

I am sure that there are quite a few I missed or that are kind of/sort of there.  Out of the 300 entires here are the 10 winners. I could not stick to just five winners.

Angela Saccenti

Debs Feldmann

Jennifer Davis

Joy Roelfs

Leslie Wong

MIchele Corbiel

Julie Bernhardt

Kristin May

Marie (red)

Kristin Perry

Congrats and please email your shipping info to and title it “Winner”. We will then ship you out your Rare Gem.

thanks for playing!!