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a whole lot of somethings

New color!!!!

IMG_4952 (1)








I am making all kinds of new colorways. Seriously inspired by the world around me and feeling the need to translate that into color on yarn.

See the name on the yarn tags?? ~ Tourmaline SunAngel ~  I think this might just be the best colorway name I ever heard! It’s a hummingbird name. Our Kalia found it. I am heavy in love with this colorway!

It’s been a bit of a week which makes it hard to carve out creative time. When one is stressed and problem solving it is hard to make the space you need to feel inspired and to listen to your creative voice. Lucky for me that I am an early bird and we all know what the early bird gets. Yup a big fat juicy worm of creativity. Okay that’s kind of gross but you know what I mean.

Let’s move  away from worms and back to color We are going to be adding new colorways next week. So that means some colorways that have been offered for awhile need to go to the spa for a rest. No worries they do not go away forever just for a little bit.

Below is a lost of the ones that will be coming down next week.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.16.31 PM








We have a few Pokeman peeps among team Blue Moon so we are going to have a few Poke hues! Here is our first one.

IMG_4951 (1)









PokExplosion!!  Sarah ( our in house expert) insisted we needed a red, black and white so I added a little bit of a pikachu sprinkle on the white part.

I love it! Sarah says to please do as she asked and make the red, black and white one.

So my knitterly friends if you are poke obsessed and have any suggestions let me know! You can use the comments section of this post.

The new Star Trek movie is out so I am working on some trekkie hues.

I am teaching our first camp session tomorrow and am pretty excited!! There is still room if you want to join us. The other camp sessions are full and or filling fast. I might ad a few in October if you have something you’d like to see me offer let me know.



Our roving sale is still going on! The Merino/Yak is correctly priced now!!

Fruity Loopies on roving is all kinds of fun!

And… the Speckles….so cool!


Here are the roving specials with a bit of a twist for this weekend only. If you order this weekend we will add to your order a 15 gram bundle of silk hankies dyed per your request. Just tell us the colorway you want in the notes section of your order and we will dye you a bundle and ship it with your roving!IMG_4974

100% Targhee

Super Foot



Merino Yak



Also Special this weekend is our super duper luxurious Worthy Sport. I know!! Now we really do not have a lot of this so if you want it jump! Usually it is 64.00 a skein. We have done a switch on the numbers and made it 46.00. I wore a cowl out of our Worthy all during chemo and it was the softest most comforting thing!

Our Single Silk Targhee also on special for one more week!  I know I said one week but it just looks so pretty hanging from the rafters and you are all picking such pretty colors. This will be our last special pricing on this yarn since it is going into our LYS offerings.

Evidently having the barn sale and such in June threw some of you off. We do usually have it is August . It just worked better in June this year. Since some of you missed the sale I scrounged up a few more Mystery Mill End bags and they are up on the site this weekend also. I even marked them down a little more. We are trying to get the barn clean and organized for the upcoming season and for classes!

How are you doing on your knit-a-longs. I’ve seen some really pretty combo’s on the Farmer’s Market Shawl.

Cast on for Karen’s Letting the Light In!! started this week!!! Yay

Have a lovely weekend!

It’s cool and wet here but I think that is suppose to change.


Summer Dye Camp!!!!!!!!!

Yes! Summer Dye Camp. I am pretty excited about this and will tell you all about it and Shannon’s new Busy Bees pattern and the roving special we are running.

IMG_4605 (1)







Every year we have our annual barn sale which a few years ago we added a dye play day component to.

It’s great fun!

However, it is not a class but more of dip your toes into the very edge of the dyeing experience. Each year I promise I will do more dye events and hold classes and well life has kind of gotten in the way of that happening. I have decided this is my summer to jump right into the dye vat and get this color party started!

Since it is summer and I do love camps and anything campy we are going to start a Blue Moon Dye Camp!!! Yay!!!

I love dyeing and color and fiber.

A part of that passion for me is the sharing of it (along with my knowledge and years of experience of all that is fiber and color) with other like-minded, possessed souls. I have really missed teaching quite a bit so I might be just a little excited!!!

As I was planning all of this and thinking of what I wanted to start with and how to make it all happen I decided to rustle up my trusty class/teaching notebook. In doing so, I realized  just how long I have been doing all of this. I had not really thought of it in awhile, but it has easily been 17 years and probably closer to 20, since I started this little color/fiber journey. It was a staggering realization.

So far I have 5 sessions with varying themes from dye basic and technique to gradients and shibori. You can read all about each of them in the dye descriptions on the camp page.

I did my level best to keep the cost as affordable possible, while also making sure I got paid. It turns out this a bit hard for me. Never in a million years would I have thought I undervalued myself, like never, ever. But… after everyone I ran all of this by kept coming back with the same feedback that ~ hey Tina, this is not enough~ and I kept getting all squirrelly, if finally hit me. At 59 it sure does looks like I might still have some self esteem issues to work through.  I know…go figure. I am sure a little color therapy will help!

IMG_1278 (1)indigo






Waiting for a little color inspiration or divine intervention.

Waiting for a little color inspiration or divine intervention.













I hope you will join me on this new color adventure of ours!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.49.29 AM










Shannon sent out the 1st hint on the Farmer’s Market MKAL this week and I see that a fair amount of you are casting on. I can’t wait to see all of the combo’s all knit up.

If you are a little late to the MKAL party we are doing our best to get you your yarns asap!! The coupon code for that is good until July 15th.

Shannon is up to a whole lot of knit goodness this summer. Have you seen her League of Busy Bees. If not you should totally check it out. It’s pretty wonderful and quite the deal. She just released another pattern for her Busy Bees in one of my favorites of our yarns  Yaksi Fingering. She also knit the sample in a color that she and I both have big love for Fruity Loopies.  I think Fruitly Loopies looks extra wonderful on our Yaksi Fingering. Since Yaksi starts out a little grey it deepens the effect of all of those super bright hues.









The Wonder Shawl!

I do love a shawl that so beautifully shows off a colorway distinctly different stitch patterns. Thank you Shannon for another wonderful (hehe, pun intended) design!

Oh… almost forgot there is a discount code that Shannon gives you for our Yaksi when you purchase.

What colorway in Yaksi would you use?


Remember that on July 15th the Rockin’ Sock Club coupon code changes from a 20 % discount to a 15% percent discount. You will find the code in the January dyer’s notes at the end.

We have a few prize winners from our last contest we have not heard from. If you could please email

#1 Prize: Coloring Book
Winner hipknitta
#6 Prize: 1 skein of STRL Wonderful goodness
Winner: Joviv101
#8 Prize: Silk / Wool Scarf painted
name Annarch

Last but most certainly not least, in honor of Tour de Fleece, we have s free roving specials. We have also added a few new rovings to the line-up for awhile.

Here are the new ones:

100% Targhee, Super Foot and Panda. Super Foot and Panda are temporary visitors. Targhee is a permanent addition to our spinning offerings.  All of these are 27.00 for a 8 ounce hank!

We have also marked down our beloved Polwarth and  Merino/Yak to 27.oo for a few weeks.

Okay  I have to now go wrangle with Sears about a washer they sold me that does not work which means we have to use the one in the house to spin out all of the yarn. Yeah!!! I have spent a good part of the week dealing with this which is a little sad cause I was going to make new colorways. I have a Hamilton series brewing in my head and I need to get it onto yarn. Are you possessed by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton? I totally am.  Our whole family is actually and we are car singers so… . If you are one of the Hamilton possessed and you want to weigh in a colorway names and hues do let me know in the comments.

Have a lovely weekend!





A bit of this and a bit of that…

FullSizeRender (1)










It is yet another stunningly beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest! Just the right amount of sunshine, with a bit of a breeze. The kind of sunny days that you want to be walking in the park or hiking on the mountain or kayaking in the river or beach-combing or sitting on your back deck with a cup as the hummingbirds zoom by my head and the chickens serenade, writing a blog post!

As much as I love you guys, I do wish I was beach combing right now.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.49.29 AM










Next week starts the first clue of Shannon’s farmer’s market MKAL.  Are we excited? I know I am!

IMG_4791 (1)It has been so much fun helping with colors and seeing what you all have come up with!

Two of my fav’s:

Top: Apron Strings, Whirly Whirleroo and Spawn of Scum

Side: Wonderful Goodness, Muddy Autumn Rainbow and Motley Hue

As of today we have shipped almost all the MKAL orders. Ones that have come in the last few days will do our very best to ship out on Tuesday.

The coupon code is good up until the 15th of July!


Speaking of coupon codes…if you are one of our notorious sock knitting Rockin’ Sock Club members we sent out an email to everyone regarding the 20% deadline on your discount code on July 15th.  The code and info are in the January dyer’s notes! I’ll also post on the sock club blog today for everyone!

IMG_4790 (1)










As promised the Color Story and the Gradients are now offered in our Featherlight single fingering-weight goodness!! I will be adding all kinds of gradient choices here. I feel like this is a really good start! I will tell you gradients are quite the time consuming process. Luckily they are also fun!

Okay well I was going to talk a little bit about the dye classes I planning for this summer but I am running out of time. I will be putting up a schedule and more info next week on what I have been thinking of as Summer Color Camp or Come Dye with Me!!! If there is something you would like to play at with dye and color let me know in the comments section here.

Have a great weekend!

I will leave you with a cool shot of dye specks!

IMG_4771 (1)


Summer of Love!

Summer Solstice was this week which means it is now officially summer.

Yay!!  My favorite part of summer are the long light and warmth filled days.


That said, I have to say I have really been enjoying the mercurial weather pattern we have been experiencing here in the PNW. The rain showers here and there with sun breaks in between. The best of both I guess!

I walk by this willow so many times a day on my way back and forth from my home to the dye barn. Yesterday it was putting on quite the show! I walked by at just the perfect wet lit, luminescent raindrops moment!  Little jewel drops of light!

IMG_4693 (1)











You can’t create in the world of color or design without an appreciation and understanding of light.  Color is light!


 Let the Light In

Let the Light In










Designed and knit by the lovely and talented Karen Alfke!

You can read all about our KAL on this page of the blog.

When Karen and were discussing all the wicked design collaboration fun we were going to have now that she had some time this was the firs thing to pop up!  We actually have had some version one way shape and then another of this on the back burner for a few years.  With all the stunning fabrics and great patterns and beautiful sun dresses what better time to have a knit-a-long for a light and lovely lacy mesh pop-over.

A perfect summer knit and top and a great way to ring in Summer

I love that this last KAL is about Letting the Light In!!

I have linked to Karen’s ravelry group where she will have all of the details on the pattern release, dates, how it all is going to work and the 15% discount code that we are offering. So check this Friday June 24th.

The code for the yarns. Laci and Silky Laci will be good starting June 24th. We have learned to give plenty of yarn buying, dyeing and shipping time!

We are introducing a new yarn with this KAL a silky version of our Laci!!

You are going to LOVE it!!

A note from your dyer (me): “We usually re-skeins our lace and garment yarns, especially those dyed as shaded solids, to show and highlight the shading. During a KAL, when we are dyeing in larger numbers than normal and getting them out in time for your cast-on date, we do not have the time to re-skein. So when you get your lovely skeins of Laci and Silky Laci, they may look a little blotchy. Those blotches are not a dye accident, but dye art!

Also, we ask you to please consider your yardage carefully and not err on the side of caution when ordering your yarn. Running out of yarn and needing more (from a new dye lot) is no one’s favorite thing. Two skeins will provide ample yardage for all;
you may even have enough left over to knit a shawl or scarf from the leftovers in the same Irish Mesh Lace pattern!”

I do hope you will join in the KAL fun. if you wanted you could even make a dress to go with it. We did!

Well Karen did anyway.











My fabric is still sitting on the sewing machine. Right next to my knitting basket full of projects and my loom that is half warped. I do have plans!

I hope you join us!  If you have any questions please do let us know.

Summer Of Love

We are spreading LOVE all the ways we know how in our little woolly colorful part of the world.  Please stay tuned for a dye class schedule next week! ( I know!!!!!) If you could suggest a dye or color class from me what would it be??

Lots more colorful goodness, more kits, games and give-aways.

Oh speaking of give-aways we have not heard from all of you birthday contest winners. Please email us so we can get you your yarn and such.

Have a lovely weekend!


AlSookaokay me

Love is…

After what happened this past week I find myself having a hard time just launching into yarn and color without some acknowledgement of the violent and senseless loss of lives. I think most of us are still reeling in the aftermath of the horrific violent act that took the lives of all of those innocent souls in Orlando.

I can’t even imagine how all of the families and loved ones are coping with such a tragic loss.

My heart aches for them.

I have been listening to how we all feel and what we all have to say and also thinking a whole lot about where we are right now in our country, how we have gotten here, and how we can go about some sort of healing. I keep reading and hearing about tolerance. How we need to be tolerant of all our differences and how that tolerance would make everything better.

And while, of course, I agree wholeheartedly with the premise. I wonder if we might be using the wrong word. I’m not sure we should be just tolerating the many faceted aspects of life that makes us all our very own distinctly stunning snowflake. I wonder… what it would look like if we accepted and celebrated those differences instead of just tolerating them? If we truly understood at our core that in order for there to be any sort of narrative there has to be various perspectives and view points. All the colors!

After all isn’t that what life is about? Isn’t that one of the ideals this country was built upon? Isn’t it how we grow and learn?

I don’t know about you but I can not imagine a world that has no variation, for it would be a truly colorless, lifeless world.

Diversity is what makes this world go round.








One of the ways I work through the ups and downs of life is through color.

So that is most definitely what I have done this week. It is a small thing but there needs to be some light so we are putting up a few these colorways in honor of life, of June being Pride month, and this weekend here in Portland, the LGBTQ community, diversity as a whole and love… just love.


Love is… often the answer.

Love is… most definitely hope.

Love is… the remedy for hate and fear.

Thank you to Lin-Manual Miranda for so very much but most especially for your heart-breaking-wide-open sonnet at the Tony’s Sunday night.

Love is…


Knit-a-long updates:

Santa Rosa Plum

Our Marine Silk Sport is here ( yay!!!)  and we have shipped out all orders that were pending before this week. If you just placed an order we will be shipping those out early next week. If you would still like to participate please contact us to order a kit!

Farmer’s Market KAL

I will post pictures of color trios here and to instagram so look out for those.  Some of the color trios you have selected are really wonderful!!! I can’t wait to see them knit up!

Please do let me know if you need color scheming assistance.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.09.19 AM







Thank you for being a part of the Blue Moon Rainbow!


KAL’s,Barn Sale,Dye Day and New Colors…Oh my!

I love playing with yarn and color quite bit. I know, nothing like stating the obvious. But what I love even more, is sharing my passion with others. One of my favorite days of Blue Moon’s year is this Saturday…









Dye Day!! And of course, the Barn Sale. All of which feels like a big ol’ yarn party to me. Even the set up is a bit like a party. Everyone is here today cleaning and moving stuff around and pulling out mill ends from the pod. Debra is here! So much fun!

I hope you will come and play for the day. Our dye slots are full but we will have an indigo vat going and so very many wicked yarn specials. There will be door prizes and loads of laughter and joy!  Our whole team will be at Blue Moon on Saturday. Come meet the newbies!!! There are delightful! You will love them as I do!

I know it has been calling for rain but I have ordered sun and even though we have the Rose Festival weather curse to deal with I think we will be just fine. (Just in case we have some outdoor cover type things which you are also welcome to bring.

I’ll put directions to Blue Moon-land at the bottom of this post!


New colors are up!!!!







Meet (from left to right) Fuzzy Peach Specks, Heirloom Tomato Jam, In a Pickle and Apron Strings! I am pretty tickled with all of this speckled goodness on their own but I’m also excited because they are part of a bigger more mysterious plan!

As we love to do we have teamed up with our buddy the lovely Shannon Squire for a  MYSTERY KNIT-A-LONG

Who does not love a mystery kal??!!  So very much knit suspense. I for one am all about knitting that comes with clues!

Our theme is the all the color and bounty of the summer that is inspired by our local Farmer’s Market finds. Shannon and I chosen 5 colorway grouping themes to start the color scheming yarn ball rolling. we have combined on of our BeSpeckled colorways and teamed  with a Shaded Solid and a Multi-colorway. I know… so much color fun to be had, it is a bit mind boggling. Below are picture of the five we put together. You can use those or you can put together your own trios of hue happiness. As always I am more than happy to help with this process.

We have Peachiness: Fuzzy Peach Specks, Peachy Keen, and Everyday Grey

Heirloom Tomato Jam: Heirloom Tomato JAM, On the Vine, and Vine Ripened Red

Summer Canning Apron:  Apron Strings, Fruity Loopies, and Spawn of Scum

Pick a Peck of Pickles: In a Pickle, Mossy Plaid PDX and Spinel

 Berry Berry Jam: Shaken not Stirred, Purple Rain, and HRH Princess Violetta.

You can change these trio’s by choosing a different shaded solid or multi-colorway or…as I mentioned earlier put you own together!

And look here is what happens if you change it up a bit.

We are going to have all kinds of fun with this and…we have a 4 week dyeing shipping window. ( I got this lesson loud and clear!)

We are in the process of making a new colorway category for our speckled friends! BeSpeckled!!! So if you do not see them in Multi-colorways this is why.

We are offering 15% off of a few of our fingering weight bases for this KAL: Featherlight, Seduction, and BFL Superwash Fingering, so you can choose whichever floats your boat the best. When you purchase the pattern, you’ll receive a pdf chock-full of information, including the coupon code. The discount code is good through July 15th, but the first clue will be released on July 6th.

If you have not used our Featherlight this is your chance. It lives up to it’s name!


Carol Feller’s Santa Rosa KAL

Okay before I go help in the barn one last piece of info is our Santa Rosa KAL/Marine Silk Sport update.

I pick up our Marine Silk Sport bright and early Monday morning and we are dyeing and shipping all next week. Everyone from the first go around who did not get their kits are first and then the wait list knitters.

We have  enough yarn to supply a few more kits for the Santa Rosa Knit-along. If you would like one please email us at and we will do our very best hook you up with one.

Thank you all so very much for your patience.

Have a bright and happy weekend! Hope to see you here.


Here are the directions:

56587 Mollenhour Scappoose Oregon 97056
Google maps works pretty well.
Cell service gets kind of sketchy once you head up the hill.

If you are coming from Portland or Vancouver you want I-405 to US 30 West towards St.Helens
You will be on this for about 14 miles.
You are going to drive all the way through Scappoose to the end of town.
Right after the fire station is the last traffic light which is Scappoose-Vernonia Highway
You are going to turn left onto Scappoose-Vernonia Hwy
Go about 7 miles up. It’s a pretty and curvy drive!
Turn left onto Chapman Road
Go about quarter of a mile and then turn left onto Mollenhour Road
Go about an eighth of a mile and  our gravel drive is right after a row of mailboxes where the 1st one has 56587 on it.
Also…there’s a huge piece of driftwood with a green house number sign on it.
The gravel road dead ends into Blue Moon.

Note: Before Chapman Road there is a Chapman Grange Road. You DO NOT want that one!!!!

Also PLEASE come all the way down to us and do not park on any of our neighbors property.

The party is over…last day Birthday Give-away.

Santa Rosa KAL Kit UPDATE: 

As far as we know from our communications from the mill in Switzerland we are still good for the  Marine Silk Sport hitting the east coast on the 1oth and to us on 14th. I know! So very far away. It’s a great mill and they seriously rock the silk blending and spinning.

We have been trying to figure out the best way to handle new orders on the kits.

We’ve decided a first come, first serve, waiting list would be the best option. How it will work is if you want a kit you email us. We will put you on the wait list and when we know the yarn is on it’s way, which could be as early as this coming Monday-June 6th.  We will then  contact everyone on the list with a link for purchasing the yarn.  As soon as it hits our doorstep will move into the barn and dye it up as fast as we can to get it out to you as close to the cast-on date as humanly possible.

Those knitters we have already contacted whose orders we could not complete with the first batch of yarn of course, come first. Everyone else who has emailed us already I will be contacting this weekend to see what kit you want and if you’d like to be put on the waiting list.

If you want to be  on the waiting list for the Marine Silk Santa Rosa Plum KAL  kits please, email us at: Put Santa Rosa KAL wait list in the subject line of your email.  What we need to know is which colorway kit you want and the size ( 4,5, or 6 skein size). All of that info is still on the website here and the discount will be good until we all have our yarn!! It would also help us to have your address and phone number.  Once we get your email we will send you a confirmation email back letting you know that we did.

I want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding. I know it is knitting and we all have projects to keep us occupied. You have all been so very gracious and kind. I just want you to know it is greatly appreciated!







Grading the Skein!!  Coming early next week,  one color gradient in a skein. I’ve done a few of these through the years but have always wanted to work a little more in this arena. Since I already had a base from the gradient kits I made for Carol’s Santa Rosa Cardigan I thought there is no time like the present. So here we are.  My favorite is the Deep Purple one using my Smoke on the Water shaded solid recipe as the base.  So many knit-possibilities here.

Also early next week we will be taking down the following coloways so if you feel the need to stock up the time is now!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 4.10.34 PM







As always if there colorways you would like to see return let us know in the comments section of this post. All of which brings us to our last question of birthday week.

If you could have only one color in your life what would that color be and why?  I know a scary thought. I certainly have a hard time with that concept. However it is interesting to ponder. As with all other parts of our Birthday Give-away please put  your answers in the comments section of this post.

What the prize is for this last but certainly not least day of celebrating life is a finely woven silk and wool scarf that I will paint in the palette of your choosing!

I will choose all of the rest our prize winners this weekend and announce them on Monday.

Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me it has been all kinds of fun!!! I have to say that so far the raven and writing desk question might be my favorite.

Oh…I almost forgot. BARN SALE!!!!!!!! Next weekend on Saturday the 11th  9 to 5. Those of you coming for the dyeing aspect please wear clothing that you do not mind getting dye on.

Those of you that are signed up for the 1st time slot please come around 8:30 to pick your yarn  that you are going to color out and get it all soaked. and ready.

We have a whole bunch of SALE goodies!!

What we do not have is a ton of PARKING space so we ask that if you can carpool that would be all kinds of wonderful.

I will post the directions on Monday when I announce the winners of the contest.

The address is 56587 Mollenhour Rd. Scappoose.

Okay it has been a week and I think I am actually going to take a before dinner prep. nap

Have a great weekend!

Stay cool!



Birthday Give-away day #6 & #7

Okay before we go into more Birthday-Give-away-fun let’s talk Santa Rosa Knit-a-long.


As far as we know from our communications from the mill in Switzerland we are still good for the  Marine Silk Sport hitting the east coast on the 1oth and to us on 14th. I know! So very far away. It’s a great mill and they seriously rock the silk blending and spinning.

We have been trying to figure out the best way to handle new orders on the kits.

We’ve decided a first come, first serve, waiting list would be the best option. How it will work is if you want a kit you email us. We will put you on the wait list and when we know the yarn is on it’s way, which could be as early as this coming Monday-June 6th.  We will then  contact everyone on the list with a link for purchasing the yarn.  As soon as it hits our doorstep will move into the barn and dye it up as fast as we can to get it out to you as close to the cast-on date as humanly possible.

Those knitters we have already contacted whose orders we could not complete with the first batch of yarn of course, come first. Everyone else who has emailed us already I will be contacting this weekend to see what kit you want and if you’d like to be put on the waiting list.

I know that this is not a perfect solution but I do think it is the best way to be fair and keep team Blue Moon sane.

If you want to be  on the waiting list for the Marine Silk Santa Rosa Plum KAL  kits please, email us at: Put Santa Rosa KAL wait list in the subject line of your email.  What we need to know is which colorway kit you want and the size ( 4,5, or 6 skein size). All of that info. is still on the website here and the discount will be good until we all have our yarn!! It would also help us to have your address and phone number.

Once we get your email we will send you a confirmation email back letting you know that we did.

I will be sending out a newsletter tomorrow with this information.  I want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding. I know it is knitting and we all have projects to keep us occupied. You have all been so very gracious and kind. I just want you to know it is greatly appreciated!



It has been quite the few weeks here at Blue Moon. Today was our beloved Paula’s last day. A bittersweet day indeed. While we are all beyond thrilled that Paul has found something closer to home we will miss her more than I have words to convey at this time.

I will say with a very full heart, THANK YOU Paula, for being you, for sharing yourself with me and all the incarnations of team Blue Moon you have been around for caring about and treating our wonderful knitters so well!











Our contest for the 6th and 7th days one.  If you feel so inclined please leave a good wish for Paula to take with her on this new chapter of her life.

I will pick two of you from these comments and you will win a skein of Socks that Rock lightweight in the colorway Wonderful Goodness.

wonderful goodness










Happy Knitting my friends!

It’s my BIRTHDAY and I’ll dye what I want to….

dye what I want too….

dye what I want too…!

It’s my birthday this weekend and I feel the need for an all out celebration of life this year  mostly because I am still here to have a birthday.  Also because I am turning 59 and well…it all feels significant!

So we are going to have some fun!

Before we get going with all the birthday fun and games I want to say, I AM SO GRATEFUL to be here!  Thank you powers that be! Thank you dear friends and family and thank you wonderful knitting family! I am truly blessed.


Hello 59, I am so flippin’ glad to see you!








Okay let’s party!

We are going to celebrate all week long from this Friday to next because I can’t contain all of this joy into one day or even a three day weekend.

Of course, right off the bat, I made a special colorway to celebrate the moment, since it’s kind of what I do. I made super special birthday speckles.












I started with my best color friend pond scum and made little drops of scummy goodness all over the place, then I grabbed some sassy rhodamine to spice the pond up a little bit and then, worked out from there with whatever struck my twisted little color loving fancy. I wanted it to feel like a ~ party in a skein ~ and I think it does. I am going to cast on some birthday socks sometime this weekend.

In keeping with the “It’s my birthday and I’ll dye what I want to” theme, we have put up on the Blue Moon website for this week only, most of my very, very favorite colorways. I will tell you it was hard to choose and I know I probably hurt a hue or two’s feelings by leaving them out but there are only so many dyeing hours in the day.

Maybe our first contest should be what do you think my top ten favorite colorways are? hmm… I’ll think on that while I tell you what else we have planned.

See these beauties???








I have brought in another of the short run yarns I promised this year, specially priced for your knitting pleasure.  This one is a lovely superfine, superwash merino. La Grande is seriously soft and lofty. I can see this yarn in so many applications from scarves to sweaters but most especially baby knitting!! So, so soft!  We got quite the deal on this one and of course are passing that price on to you at 15.00 a skein!


What’s a birthday without presents? Starting right this very moment there will be a give away of some sort everyday until (and including)  Friday June 3rd. So stay tuned for ~ Birthday Give Away Shenanigans ~ which will range from easy-peasy to hoop-jumping-hard.

Today we are gong to start off on the easy-peasy side of the spectrum which also just happens to be one of my  one of my favorites.

In the comment section of this post please tell me what you favorite color is and why.  It does not have to be a lot of information, it can be as simple as how you feel you look in it or how it makes you feel to be surrounded by it or it is the color of your favorite flower.  I will choose one of your comments and you will win 2 of my fav, fun coloring books!!

Mason Dixie Knitting and Cotton and Steel.









Okay that’s enough birthday excitement for the today.  I have to get back out to the barn to work on some super secret colorways. Some days I feel like a little bit like and undercover dyer! The dye spy? Hmm…


All of you waiting to hear about the availability more of the Santa Rosa KAL Marine Silk Kits I am sorry for the delay. I do not want to put more up for sale quite yet. If you are interested you can drop us an email and we can put you on a wait list.  Thank you for your patience!!!

Congrats to joogle for for winning in the fav song contest. Please contact and she will hook you up with your book and yarn!

okay off to the barn to make a little more color magic a s a 58 yr old. mwahahaha!

Happy Friday!!!

Carol Feller Santa Rosa KAL







Photo credit: Joseph Feller

I think most of us knitters love ourselves a knit-a-long. Why wouldn’t we really?  A KAL is made up of at least three of the things we knitters love the most; a fun pattern, wonderful yarns in great colors and other knitters working all together with a common goal.  Actually  it would be 4 things because at the end you have a lovely knit to wear that you made!!!  All kinds of win!


It is also all kinds of fun on this end, especially when you get to work with people you like and respect.  Choosing yarn with fiber type and weight in mind that works the best with the construction the designer has percolating. After we choose the yarn then working on a color palette that works for the season we are in and also with the design scheme. Lastly making sure all those aspects work together for a cohesive whole.

I had two of my favorite words in mind when working on our end of the KAL experience, collaboration and community. Collaboration with the designer and then again with knitter feedback and the community that just is knitting!                         Phot0 credit: Joseph Feller








Okay so here are the details for our part of Carol’s lovely Santa Rosa Plum KAL:

Santa Rosa Plum









Marine Silk Sport in the 4 skein kit size!

We decided  that Marine Silk Sport was a perfect yarn for a spring/summer cardigan. Lighter with all the silk in it and with an added drape benefit. I love our Marine Silks they are so soft and sleek with a nice sheen and… they take dye quite nicely!

We are offering a 15% discount on our Marine Silk Sport from now until early June. The discount is good for both the gradient kits I’ve put together and also for skeins of Marine Silk Sport not in kits. In order to get your 15% off you have to sign up with Carol and then she will email you the discount code.

I have been wanting to do gradient kits for awhile now but…all kinds of other things seem to take precedent so when Carol asked me to do this I thought to myself perfect, now I have the best excuse to start some grading.

As we worked on this Carol and I decided that these needed to be more subtle gradients so that the changes between them flowed. The Plum colored kit does have the most variation. So I did some tweaking to make sure the colors  met well. It does make things a little tricky on the production end of all this. However, we have color-coded tabs and we know how to use them!!! I made up a whole system!

I’ve created 6 gradient kits each with 3 size options. 

4 skein kit = sizes 34 and 36
5 skein kit = sizes 38.75, 40 and 42.75
6 skein kit = sizes 44.75, 47.25 and 49.25

(The kits are priced a tiny bit higher than single skeins because it is quite a bit more labor intensive for us.)

I did the color creating and photography for the kits in our Featherlight which takes the dye in a similar way as the Marine Silk. Because of the Sea Cell aspect, Marine Silk, does take the dye a bit lighter so keep this in mind when ordering.  We will be offering these and more gradient kits in the near future in our Featherlight yarn.

IMG_1769 (1)










One can most certainly knit this lovely summer cardi in a shaded solid! Also if you want a more dramatic color shift then choosing and putting together colors from our shaded solids will also work. For example one could choose:  Enchanted Forest, Spawn of Scum, Pond Scum and Primordial Ooze. I know my scummy heart would love that one. Or you could get really crazy and mix it up with maybe some  Smoke on the Water, Morticia, Boysenberry and Orchid Queen, so very many colorful places to go.

As always please do let us know if we can help you choose! It’s truly one of my favorite jobs, color collaboration!

Okay I think that covers most of the details on our end of things.