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A little Spring color!

The end of February, that time where most of us have just had it with winter. We are beyond ready to see, feel, smell and hear, any sign that Spring is just around the bend.  With all of the flippin’ freezing cold temps, snow, and ice that mother nature has given us ~ and is still ~ we are even more in need of a reminder of the light ( not snow white light) that is at the end of this frosty tunnel!

In lieu of the bright green of crocuses and daffodils we wish were peaking through the snow, of that delightful trill of bird song we long to hear, and the whiff of growing things we imagine is on the breeze, we have our Spring color line-up. I went for bright and happy with an emphasis on blooming love. You’ll find the list of our Spring brightness below.

I posted of picture of Saltwater Taffy on facebook and asked for name suggestions for it. Thanks to everyone who submitted names! There were some really good names. Although I thought Saltwater Taffy was the best name for the colorway I had posted I did think some of the other names worked well for some of the other hues!! So thanks all for the naming help. I do love naming the colorways and it’s just as much fun to have you all play along.



Coral’s Reef’er Madness



Jumping Jellybeans


Lady Grey


Lil’ Sprout

Mermaid Tears

Orchid Queen

Petticoat Junction

Retro Chic(k)


Saltwater Taffy

Sassy Pants

Silence of the Baa Baas

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


Sweet Cheeks Mowgli

Sweet Tart

I hope you like them!!


We are hoping to get our BFL Fingering back in stock next week. BFL is in high demand these days and we all know what happens when this is true. Yes, $$ go up. The price we pay is going up enough that we have to raise the price we charge. So starting next Monday both BFL Fingering and BFL Superwash Fingering will be $23.00 a skein. Still not too shabby for 405 yards of blue face goodness!

We will be shipping the first installment of the Rockin’ Whorl club next week. I wish I could show you what the barn looks like with a few hundred 8oz. bundles of roving painted in the same colorway hanging form the rafters. It’s so pretty and happy! I keep making excuses to myself to take breaks from paper work and walk into the barn.

We are experimenting this year with letting a very few our our yarn stores carry our yarns online. We are a small group of women making all of this color and yarn happen. So we are taking the slow and steady approach to all of this so every one is served to the best of our ability. Next week Allison of Simply Socks will have some Blue Moon on her site for a awhile. Allison and I see this happening a few times a year on specific yarns and colorways. I’m excited and honestly a little scared! We are also adding more Yarns stores to our ever expanding family so do check the list on our website!


Okay, I should go since my to do list today is terrifying! I hope everyone has a warm and cozy weekend!

A little of this and a little of that.

When I went out into the dye barn this morning, the first thing Paula said (after Good Morning…we are civil) was “Please, oh, please put that list of colorways you are taking down on the blog today.” I’m sorry to both you all and Paula. Truly, I meant to put it up on Tuesday, but this week has completely kicked my butt and gotten away from me.

I can’t believe it’s Thursday. What the hell happened to Wednesday?

I was also going to tell all the Rockin’ Whorlers when we were going we to ship (today), and we all see how well that went. I did send out a newsletter at the end of the week last week with the shipping information in it, but still…

So here I am with my list. This is a hard list for me to post.  I’m having deeply saturated psychological autumnal hues letting go issues. It isn’t pretty.  As I have most undoubtedly told you many times before, I love this season and all of its turning inward, transformational hues. Because of my autumnal obsession, we have a mega-ton of fall hues, all of which I adore.  We have far too many to offer them all at once — much less be able to add in new ones. So…I either have to get over my bad self and let a few rest or…wait, I think I might have an idea. What if we rotate through them all season?  What if we offer some for a few weeks and then change them up again?  Hmm…just ran this by the team, and they love this idea too. Yay!!

I’m loving this idea quite a bit.  A bit of a, “we can have our cake and eat too,” approach to our colorway offerings. Now, if my therapist were sitting here or reading this post, she would have a whole lot to say to me about my ability to let go and what lengths I’m will go to in order not to. Luckily for all of us, she is not sitting here, and if and when she reads this, it will be too late.

When we give this more thought, we’ll let you know our rotation plan/schedule. Until then, here are the colorways that are coming down on Tuesday for a few weeks.

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 2.19.23 PM







Remember how I told you we were knitting up a sample of Stephen’s Batad in our Marine Silk Fingering as an option to the Worthy?



It’s done!

Meet our very reluctant model, my lovely daughter Sophie.

…in Porcini and Spores. I like this one a lot, but now I want to see it with Porcini as the MC and Spores as the band.


BFL Fingering Update:  I talked to the mill today, and if all goes as planned, our BFL Fingering will be back in stock at the end of next week (unless I just jinxed it by telling you), which is perfect because Shannon has a lovely new design in it that I can’t wait to show you. Yes, this is a teaser!


Last but least, we are running a Labor Day Special this weekend. We are going to bring back our Trick or Treat and a few of our Winter Wonderland shaded solid kits. I’m going come up with a couple “news” in a few weeks but thought it would be fun to revisit these first.  This time they are 250 yd skeins instead of the 210 yd ones, but they are still priced the same so…a bit of a deal. These will be up as long as supplies last.

They are dyed to order, and, as with any special we run, these take us a bit longer due to volume of orders. We will do our very best to get them to you as soon as we can. I see them shipping around September 13th.

We’ll make these live  tomorrow, Friday the 30th, around noon Pacific time.


I have a friend coming, and we are going to go to Art in the Pearl. If you are local, this is a wonderful event in the Northwest park blocks in the Pearl District. So many talented artisans displaying and performing. Inspiring and fun.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


I leave you with a taste of our upcoming new colorways GO Beavs!!









ps We have Blue Mooned Facebook!

Rockin’ Whorl


I have been talking about doing a spinning club for years. I have even gone as far as planning out projects and sourcing for breed specific fibers. It’s been one of those things that always got moved to the back burner as other parts of life and work were more demanding.  This past February, when I was at a spinning retreat with Judith, I realized, as I sat there for days and days spinning to my heart’s content, that the time had come and was now or never.

So…here were are!!!   It is up on the website right now as I write this blog post.

Since this year has been about change, growth, and movement, I’ve decided to do this club a little differently than we do the sock club. If you recall, a month or so ago I asked what you’d like to see in a spinning club, and I tried to incorporate as many of your wishes as I could.

We are starting with small steps, which actually is just how I started the sock club; it just didn’t stay that way for very long.  Anyway…for the rest of 2013, we’re offering the spinning club in three individual packages and then, also, as a group of three (with a small discount), which gives you choices!!  So if you just want or can afford one, then you have that option. We are offering a limited number to start with, and once we get our bearings, we’ll probably up the number next year.  You should know, though, that once we hit our limit ,we will be closing down sign-ups for 2013, which means that if you order the August package and then change your mind a month later, there’s a good chance we’ll be sold out. So just keep that in mind.

We’re starting Rockin’ Whorl with some of my favorite tops: Polwarth, BFL Tussah, and BFL Mixed, Baby Camel, Merino and Silk, and will then work our way into batts and all kinds of other glorious breeds, blends and put-ups and who knows what other fiber wonder. I’m so excited with the prospect of working with so many differing fibers, blends, put-ups, the creative people who make them and what we then can create with them.  I am first and foremost a spinner. I love the process of spinning and making yarn and this makes my woolly heart  hum with joy.  We’ll spin for all kinds of color, we’ll explore different breeds, the best way to process and spin them based on what they are; we’ll talk tons about blending and so much more. There is no end to the twists and turns we’ll take!

I hope you’ll join me on this yarn making journey.


Seasonal Hue Shift Update:

As promised the list of colorways from your wish list that really are up temporarily. We’ll be taking these back to Hue-Spa this Wednesday before 12:00 pm Pacific time.

 Apple Vally Road * Alina * Barney Rubble * Chawton Cottage * Cozy, Fierce and Dirty Girl

Dragon Dance * Drucilla * Fairgrounds * Faulty Dyer * G-Rocks * Ilanaaq

 Koi Koi * Lettuce Knit

 Monsoon * Mr.Green Jeans

 Pop Rocks * Rabia * Scaponia  * Sassafras * Spawn of Braun

 Storeytime  * Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

I think I did that right. Holy moly that was way harder then you would think. I kept deleting the ones that were leaving and leaving the ones that were staying. Obviously time to head to the dye pots!


Before I head to the barn, please join me in welcoming to our LYS family Rebecca Hart and her lovely yarn store,  Warm’n Fuzzy in Cary, North Carolina. If you’re in the neighborhood, say hi and stop by she just got a shipment of Blue Moon!