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Online Mill End Mystery Bag Sale!

Of course we are having an online Mill End Sale!

They are up on the website right now!

Details are right below, for those of you who are new to our Mystery Bags. I had a whole lot of fun putting these together!! I dyed a whole bunch of them as Rare Gems a few weeks ago and so quite a few of them  have a Rare Gem and then a regular colorway in the package. I love some of the combo’s so much it was exceptionally hard to leave them for you all. Feel the hue love, my friends!!

Years and years ago when I first started over-dyeing  I always had to let someone else rinse and hang them to dry. Otherwise I ended up with half of them in my stash which kinda defeats the purpose. I wasn’t even allowed in the barn while they were drying. I kid you not.  I swear that the barn sale we about 3 years ago was just my stash from all that Rare Gem hoarding. Yeah…the first step is seeing and admitting you have a problem,which is hard when your business is yarn and you have two big storage pods .

Now I’m really good at enjoying them as they come out of the pot without owning them for myself. It makes me feel good that they are off to knitterly homes that will love them as I do. However. the place I fall is in putting the Mystery Bags together. It takes me quite awhile to do because I have to ooh and aw over almost every one and take notes or pictures or both and then I can put them in the tubs to be shipped out to you. I’m so happy with the combo’s in this batch. I wish I had all day to take pictures of them all to show you.

Unfortunately I do not. I have quite the list of things to get done in the next 14 days before my surgery. And yes I am a bit nervous about it all, as it gets closer and closer.

I want to thank everyone who came out this past Saturday to the barn sale. It was truly wonderful to see so many happy familiar faces and have a visit . Thank you to those who made color with us!! So much fun. I’m going to post the  few pictures I have of our fun in the scrolly thing at the top of the blog.

Happy Tuesday!!

If you are new to our Mystery bags this is how it works:

We created our grab bags a few summers ago when we had a substantial mill end surplus. It was such a huge success, and loads of fun for us, that we decided to make it a summer tradition (as long as we have mill ends). The bags are still grouped by yarn size and is exclusively sock yarn. I’m your color grabber for these bags. I have so much fun putting all of these bags together choosing for the most colour joy. I have spent the past day filling the bags in a very thoughtful, hue inspired way. There are all kinds of color combos, who knows you might even get a Rare Gem! Some are seasonal hues, some bright and in your face, some dark, sexy and mysterious.

There’s no limit to wicked colour fun. I hope you enjoy getting them as much as I enjoy making them!

All of the Mystery Bags are made with our beloved Socks that Rock. We consider most of these skeins Mill Ends. Our Mill Ends are skeins that either have an under-plied section, a knot (or three), or a colour boo boo. We use these skeins all the time ourselves. There are really no huge flaws, we just feel that they are not up to our standards enough to charge our regular price.

Supplies are limited and these go very fast, especially the lightweight.


Grab bag description:

2 skeins of Socks that Rock® mediumweight – Mill End Mystery Bag
100% Superwash Merino
405 yds / 370m, 6.0 oz / 170g (per skein)
$34.00 each

2 skeins of Socks that Rock® lightweight – Mill End Mystery Bag
100% Superwash Merino
2 Skeins at: 405 yds / 370m, 5.15 oz / 146g (per skein)
$30.00 each


A good way to start the week!

Barn Sale!! Dye Day!

Good Morning! Well at least it is still morning here. Below you will find  all of the important details for the Barn Sale this Saturday. If  you have questions that we have not answered here please leave a comment or email us at

The parking info is very important because I have brand new neighbors. We need to be respectful of their space and property.  And Also show them how awesome us fiber people are!

 When: Saturday July 12th, 9:00 am  to 6:00 pm

 Where: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Dye barn at 56587 Mollenhour Rd. Scappoose Oregon

 Directions:  Whether you are coming from the North or South Hwy 30 is the way you get to Scappoose. Once you are here, you want Scappoose-Vernonia Highway. If you’ve come from the south ( PDX) it is the last light at the end of town and you want to turn left onto it. If you are coming from the North then it is the first light and you want to turn right onto it.

You will be on Scappoose-Vernonia Highway for about 7.25 miles. You will lose cell service about 3 miles up. 

Your next turn is a left ( you can only turn left) onto Chapman Road.  (The road before Chapman Rd. is Chapman Grange Rd. Do not turn there!!)

After about a 1/4 of a mile you’ll come to your next turn which is also a left onto Mollenhour. Again you can only turn left.

Go about 1/8th of a mile up Mollenhour and our gravel drive is on the right, after a row of mailboxes, where ours is the first mailbox. There is a huge piece of driftwood that marks the driveway with my neighbors house number on it and ours on a numbered sign beside it. 

Take that gravel drive ALL the way down to us. Please do not park anywhere on my neighbors land.

Note: There is no cell service out here!

PARKING:   Parking is limited so please carpool!  Blue Moon is at the end of a gravel drive in a rural area. There is another house you pass on the gravel driveway you take in order to get to us. PLEASE, please, oh please do not park on their property. We will have balloons or something marking us so please come all the way down to those and we will find a place for you to park.

SALE: We have plenty of yarn for sale! You can come just for the sale. We will put up what is left up on the website for sale next week as Rare Gem Mill Ends.

We will also be doing hourly door prizes so be sure to grab a ticket when you walk in the door because you just might win a prize!!!

DYEING: All of our dye slots are full. Because it is just a one day event there can’t really be a waiting list. However in our experience some folks do not show or some take less time then others so we might be able to squeeze you in if you make yourself available at the time you are interested in dyeing.

Everyone who is dyeing remember to dress in clothes that you don’t mind getting dye on. We will have an indigo vat going so if you want to bring a t-shirt (1 or 2 ) to dip that would be fine. Over-dyed cotton in indigo is pretty sweet.

We get asked if you can bring your own wool and yarns to dye and I am sorry but because we are a production facility I don’t let in wool that I don’t know where it’s been.

Please bring your lunches and knitting!  We have plenty of room and it is quite lovely and peaceful in my little corner of the world.

We are super excited to see you all!! We are going to have so much fun!

Barn Sale, Dye Day and Seasonal Hue Shift

I am having one of those days! Seriously, pissy as hell, mostly at anything technological. So… it’s probably a very bad time to write a blog post because we all know it will probably crash the system and then I will most probably cry.  I have some super wicked mojo where electronics are concerned but most especially computer related ones. All I have to do is walk by and things go wonky.  Nonetheless. I have  things to tell you and I know talking with you will make me feel better. I most certainly will not be bested by a machine even if it is smarter than I am and it totally is!













Okay so first things first. A lot of you have asked if we are doing a Barn Sale  this summer and yes we are. We are doing it a little earlier and for one day instead of two because my surgery is scheduled for the end of July and I’m pretty sure August is going to be about recovery. So Saturday July 12th we are having our annual Barn Sale and Dye Day in Scappoose at Blue Moonland. Yay!!!  Sorry that the notice is kinda short. I have been waiting on  the surgery date.

We are starting the festivities at 9:00am and going until 6:00pm.  If you just want to come to the sale, play with chickens, have a picnic and take part in a scavenger hunt that’s sure to be a blast then you can just come. There is not a ton of parking so if you can carpool that would be all kinds of awesome.

If you want a place at one of the dye tables for painting some yarn or fiber we need you to sign up. We’ve learned a few lessons since we started doing these dye days. The biggest one is time! We have the day slotted out into four two hour slots and we can accommodate 11 people dyeing per slot for a grand total of 44 for the day. These spaces are just for the hand-paint part of things. We also have dipping in the indigo vat or use the drum carder and whatever other color fun we can come up with!

Debra, Becky, Sarah and I will be your dyers for the day. We will giving you the basics and holding your hand as you paint your yarn the colors you desire to create.  We suggest arriving a wee bit earlier than your scheduled time to pick out your bases.  For those of you coming at 9:00 you can arrive at 8:30 to pick our what you want to dye..

Just to be crystal clear this is not a formal dye class. We will be there to inform and guide you in anyway you need. We hope you will join us, it is great fun! The cost for this dye adventure is the 10.00 reigstration fee and the cost of the fibers and yarns you choose  to dye.

The 4 time slots on Saturday July 12th are:  9:00am to 11:00am, 11:00am to 1:00pm,  1:30pm to 3:30pm and the last slot is 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

Okay so that is the Barn Sale and Dye Days

It’s also time to change things up colorwise. I want to add in some of our hot summer colors to honor the season and encourage the sunny days.

As usual here’s the list of colorways going off for a wee vacation. If there are any colorways you’d like to see back right now please let us know in the comments section to this post. We’ll be taking these down on June 24 and our summer hues will go up the next day.

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 9.46.54 PM


A last note for the members of the sock club. Remember that the 15% coupon code expires on the 15th of July and goes down to 10%.

Ok my knitterly friends thanks for listening!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Last day of Spinning Fibers Sale!

rp4rp3    Today is the last day of our spinning fibers sale! Tomorrow the prices will go back up the 15 % we took off for the sale plus a wee but more. We have not raised our spinning fiber prices in quite awhile so this is over due.

I hope everyone was able to get what their spinning hearts desired.

Here’s a few pics of what was ordered.

rp1r4 r5 r6 r1ravensroving

A Spinning Sale!!

We are having a sale on all of our spinning fibers!!  Tour de Fleece is soon and we thought it would be nice to have a little sale for a few weeks. Also I promised Carrie!

So… starting today and going until the 17 of June all of our spinning fibers including our Sheep  2 Shoe Kits have been marked 15% of their regular price.

Also…we’ll be putting the next installment of the Rockin’ Whorl  Club up for sale later this week so look out for that! I’m so excited that we get to continue our spinning adventures every other month. I really look forward to them! I’ve already started scoping out some cool blends for our next go around.

After I talk to the surgeon later this week we’ll also be announcing when the Barn Sale and Dye Day is going to happen.

Okay Debra and Paula just walked in for afternoon meeting so off I go.

I hope they brought popsicles!

roving3 roving2 roving1 roving 4


You know you have a chicken problem when….

You know you have a chicken problem when….

the woman at the feed store rubs her hands together in delight when she sees you walk through the door.

you have a set up in the house and one in the dye barn and a special section in the coop for the various age range of  your chicks.

your friends start texting you for chick raising advise.

you have a chicken book lending library.

you yell that you are off to the store for chicken food and everyone yells back at you, No More Chicks!!

you don’t mind that the little darling perched on your shoulder just pooped all down your back.

and the list goes on and on.

Right now our problem seems to be naming them all. Which is really quite funny giving my penchant for naming.

A few week ago Charlotte and Becky requested these crazy feathery hens so I went and got 2 Polish chicks and we named them Becky and Charlotte. I mean they did request them so it seemed appropriate at the time.  I have to tell you it’s the best thing ever.  We put them in with Isabella and Rossellini ( I have a thing for Isabella and this means I can stand in the yarn and call for Isabella Rossellini and have chickens come running. ) and of course, immediately Becky and Charlotte started picking on the older chicks, which is all kinds of funny if you know them.  Anyway they all settle down into a happy mostly functional chick family.  We’ve raised quite a few chicks in the barn over the past three years (Has it really been three years? Hmm…)  but these two have captured the hearts of everyone. I’m not sure if it’s the names or that they are so very funny or maybe a little of both. What do you think?


BC Don’t you just love the mohawk on Charlotte?!

And Becky’s has this Phyllis Diller thing going on that cracks me up every time I see her little face.

Look we still have 8 more to name .


Life on the farm sure gets complicated!

Ok so I’ve been putting this next bit of news off because honestly,  it just gets weird telling people. I also wanted to have all the information, all my ducks in a row and be as ok with it all as I could be before I put it all the way out in the world.

And yes, I feel like leading with the chickens was helpful, at least to me. You know if you can’t laugh you might as well dig a hole and crawl in it!  And I ‘m sure as heel not digging a hole big enough to get in! Thank you Gran for that one.

In early March I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As so very many of us know from personal experience cancer is a very, very scary word to hear. It is my second  time hearing it. I had kidney cancer 6 years ago so I have a little experience with it.  I kicked it then and am bound and determined to do the same now. My family has a history of breast cancer so I’ve known that this was a possibility for me.

It is a lump and lymph ( I’m considering a colorway) in my right breast that is almost 100% hormone positive which made me a prime candidate for enodcrine therapy, which I have been on for two months. I was scanned everywhere you can be scanned and it has not spread anywhere else! Yay!!  The endocrine therapy is working really well, all my numbers have dropped and it is so small they can barely find it!!  It was not small to begin with so this is fabulous news! Because of my family history and genetics I am opting for a complete bilateral mastectomy followed by chemo. Which means this is how I am spending my summer and why I cancelled sock camp.

I am feeling great! I have no side effects from the drug I am on, other than I have a megaton of energy, which is making my girls a little nuts. Of course there are hard scary moments but mostly I feel like we caught it early enough and I have a great team of Docs on my side and so very much love and support. I am hopeful and optimistic and I feel so very blessed by the people in my life.

Ok so we are over that hurdle! I swear one of the hardest parts of this for me has been the telling. I’m not quite sure why. So…now that we are over that hard part I will most definitely keep you up to date and in touch.

My friend Lisa thinks we need a Bye Bye Boobies send-off party.  I think she is right.  When I feel sad about the whole no boobs thing, which is not very often,I go to the barn and pick out colors for knit ones. I can’t decide at the moment if my favorite combo is grawk breast and pond scum nipple or pond scum breast and grawk nipple. Hmm….maybe one of each, since I will need a pair. Ooh… that’s it! I haven’t started knitting them yet maybe I will this weekend. Although I was thinking the first pair was gonna be from hand-spun. That sounds right doesn’t it?

Okay if I don’t go feed the dog soon she is going to jump out of her skin.

I leave you with a dew drenched poppy! xoxo



A collection and a obsession

See these?



Aren’t they pretty?

I love them, every last one of them.  Which is a bit odd really, because red and I have a bit of a love hate thing going on that dates all the way back to my childhood and my mothers obsession with it. It’s taken me years to get over all of the red carpets, drapes, couches, cars, walls… that mom decorated hers and our lives with. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of making friends with it considering the chroma-torture I put up with as a child.

One of the ways I have been able to do this is through the eyes of those I love, who also love red. Through my ~ dyeing/color creating ~ life, these friends have taken my hand and shown me the rosy light of day. Gail helped me tremendously and most of my early red colorways were with her in mind. Recently my friend Marisol has waltzed in with her joie de vivre, tilting and tinting my color sense with her passion for shoes, most especially Fluevogs. She asked me to create some colorways for the a gathering she is hosting at the San Francisco store.  I thought this sounded like all kinds of fun and off we went. I took my inspiration from the Fluevog Spring/Summer Collection.  Once we got started it was hard to stop.  We involved the Ravelry Vog knitters and made a naming game out of it all. Great fun!!

So I started with the red and kind of got lost. It’s a warm ripe tomato red that makes my heart sing. I want to put it with everything but most especially blues, dark blues, green blues, tints and shades. Red and blue is a pretty traditional approach for me. So when I needed my tomato friend a little cooler for the Blue Box Fever colorway the Rav group wanted I might have been a little pissy over the lack of challenge. Just a little!!  I  blued her up a bit and put her with a very turquoise blue and BAM! I love it. All of these colorways just make me happy.  I hope they make you all happy to. Marisol thank you for asking me to do this with you, for sharing your passion, taking me to the Fluevog store when Sophie and I were visiting and just being you!

Oh and mom, I might just get it a little more now. After all I do have a pond scum bathroom!!

There are bunch of new colors up besides the ones inspired by Marisol and her Vogs.





blog3Here’s a list so you can find them.

multicolor wave
Afternoon Delight
Black to the Fuschia
Death by Puree
Flying Monkeys Revenge
Gnome on the Range
Juice Me!
Marisol’s Flue
A room without a Roof
Sail Away !
SassMaster Skein
Skyrocketing Puddle Jumper

shaded solid
Crabby Apple Green
Vine Ripened Red
Violet’s Blues
Walkin’ the Dog

FleuVog Inspired Collection

It’s a collection, not an obsession                                                                                                           FlueMarket*Find                                                                                                                                                                        Blue Box Fever
Marisol’s Flue
Afternoon Delight                                                                                                                                                Vine Ripened Red                                                                                                                                        SassMaster Skein                                                                                                                                   Skyrocketing Puddle Jumper!

Check it out!! Guess who’s selling our yarn in their online store now too!!   Twisted PDX 

We are thrilled!!!

Have a bright and happy weekend!!



A shawl and a sale.

It is a beautiful day here in the ever enchanting Pacific Northwest. I’ve been diligently whittling away at my to do list for the day but for the past few hours all I have wanted to do is go outside and soak all of the glorious sunshine this day is dishing up. Unfortunately I  promised myself that this crazy long to do list would be a thing of the past by the end of that day . I am on a mission to complete it.

I am sorry for my absence here. My life took a pretty dramatic turn about a month or so ago and I have been adjusting to it all. I’ll tell you all about later this weekend. Today is for sunshine and silk and a very pretty shawl that I LOVE and a sale!









It feels like it’s time for a special, doesn’t it?  I was doing some sorting and organizing this past weekend (my best thinking task) and I came across my friend Sam’s Accumulate Shawlette that I just wear and wear and love  quite a bit.  I am sucker for holey knits, especially ones that have a rhyme or reason to them as Sam’s does. This shawl also holds a special place in my heart not only because it’s holey, or that Sam does, and she does, but also, because her design came from a skein of Silkie that she dyed in a dye class I taught. Sam is one of my favorite kind of students because she knows her own mind and speaks it!  I really like students that keep me on my toes.  Imagine my surprise and delight when Sam showed up for another class with this lovely shawl as her show’n tell. As a teacher  you want to see students take what you give them and make it their own.  I could not be more delighted with what Sam has created with all that what we explored together in dye class.

Since it is really and truly Spring here. It is. I kid you not.

See?!  spring


I want to have a little Spring Fling. So for a few weeks we have marked Silkie down from it’s regular $24.00 price to $18.00 plus Samantha has kindly offered us a discount of 15% on her lovely shawlette pattern, Accumulate. The code for you to use to redeem that is, LOVEBMFA .

We are going to run this special for a few weeks. If you would like color choosing help do not be shy I love to help with color choices. I think the paler more subdued ones are great in this piece but am really interested in seeing alternatives. A sultry raven one for evening might be fun. I can’t wait to see.  One of the best parts of color and knitting is to see all the different interpretations.


My very well worn and loved Silkie Accumulate is knit in Single Cell Dating Pool. I’m considering another one in Beach Glass, or…maybe Tomatillo, or…what about Orchid Queen? Oh dear. What’s a dyer to do? I’m in the barn all day tomorrow making new colors too so I can tell this is going to be a problem for me.

We will be adding some more colorways to Silkie tomorrow (Thursday).

Paula asked me to ask all of you Rockin’ Whorlers with any address changes to please email her those. You can email her directly

We have a few new exciting yarns coming soon so stay tuned!!

I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!









I love this picture!

RSCY and Rockin’ Whorl Club


I feel a little like the white rabbit this morning running around feeling like I’m most definitely going to be late for a very important date. So this is going to be short and sweet!

The February shipment of the Rockin’ Whorl Club shipped out yesterday. Phew! So ti should be showing up in your mail boxes very soonish! I hope you like it.

We have our new colors up on the website and tickling into our stores so do check them out in person!

I will be at Twisted today with all kinds of knit loveliness and myself. Twisted is jam packed with yarn and fun. I would love to see you!

If for some reason you do not know about the absolutely fabulous Rose City Yarn Crawl you really need to check it out.  So much fiber fun everywhere in the greater Portland area!

Alright I think that is all. It’s a beautiful sunny day today and I am looking forward to being out in it !!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

A little Spring color!

The end of February, that time where most of us have just had it with winter. We are beyond ready to see, feel, smell and hear, any sign that Spring is just around the bend.  With all of the flippin’ freezing cold temps, snow, and ice that mother nature has given us ~ and is still ~ we are even more in need of a reminder of the light ( not snow white light) that is at the end of this frosty tunnel!

In lieu of the bright green of crocuses and daffodils we wish were peaking through the snow, of that delightful trill of bird song we long to hear, and the whiff of growing things we imagine is on the breeze, we have our Spring color line-up. I went for bright and happy with an emphasis on blooming love. You’ll find the list of our Spring brightness below.

I posted of picture of Saltwater Taffy on facebook and asked for name suggestions for it. Thanks to everyone who submitted names! There were some really good names. Although I thought Saltwater Taffy was the best name for the colorway I had posted I did think some of the other names worked well for some of the other hues!! So thanks all for the naming help. I do love naming the colorways and it’s just as much fun to have you all play along.



Coral’s Reef’er Madness



Jumping Jellybeans


Lady Grey


Lil’ Sprout

Mermaid Tears

Orchid Queen

Petticoat Junction

Retro Chic(k)


Saltwater Taffy

Sassy Pants

Silence of the Baa Baas

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


Sweet Cheeks Mowgli

Sweet Tart

I hope you like them!!


We are hoping to get our BFL Fingering back in stock next week. BFL is in high demand these days and we all know what happens when this is true. Yes, $$ go up. The price we pay is going up enough that we have to raise the price we charge. So starting next Monday both BFL Fingering and BFL Superwash Fingering will be $23.00 a skein. Still not too shabby for 405 yards of blue face goodness!

We will be shipping the first installment of the Rockin’ Whorl club next week. I wish I could show you what the barn looks like with a few hundred 8oz. bundles of roving painted in the same colorway hanging form the rafters. It’s so pretty and happy! I keep making excuses to myself to take breaks from paper work and walk into the barn.

We are experimenting this year with letting a very few our our yarn stores carry our yarns online. We are a small group of women making all of this color and yarn happen. So we are taking the slow and steady approach to all of this so every one is served to the best of our ability. Next week Allison of Simply Socks will have some Blue Moon on her site for a awhile. Allison and I see this happening a few times a year on specific yarns and colorways. I’m excited and honestly a little scared! We are also adding more Yarns stores to our ever expanding family so do check the list on our website!


Okay, I should go since my to do list today is terrifying! I hope everyone has a warm and cozy weekend!