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Price Changes

It has been a very long time since we have changed the pricing on most of our garment/accessory type yarns. So…starting next Wednesday just about all of our garment yarns will be going up about 15% give or take a fudge here and there. We wouldn’t want to make things be 34.27 or some such nonsense. I like my numbers tidy where money is concerned. It makes thing easier to add them in my head.

And just because…. our super cute duo of the day. My friend Linda has two of the most dear grandchildren, Ty and Clara, they are just a joy!  Ty loves all things fiber arts related and I believe when he is just a little bit older is going to take the knitting world by storm. He calls me Tina Newton in the dearest way that just about does me in. Both Ty and Clara came to our dye day and played. Ty has been before and had a very clear and distinct vision for his yarn. He named them even!!  Mountain Rainbow and Midnight Sunset. See…he’s gifted! And his little sis Clara is no slouch either look at that pink she has there.  She calls her colorway Happy. Ty thought maybe Pink before you Wink would be good name for hers. It’s a great name and now, thanks to dear Ty and Clara, in the beginning of the Fall season, I am going to have to come up with a Pink before you Wink colorway!

Thank you Linda for sharing these two wonderful souls with me!!! xoxo


Colorways coming down…

Hey all, here is that list of colorways that we are taking down in the next few days that I promised last Friday.  Sorry! Getting all my ducks and doc appts. lined up for the start of chemo has been kinda crazy! Ducks are so much easier to line up than doctors. ;0)

Ok without further ado here they are:

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 2.53.38 PM


If you have any favorite fall blue moon colorways you’d like to see back just let us know in the comments.

Targhee Worsted

We were expecting our shipment of Targhee Worsted last week and just found out that the whole process has been delayed about 4 weeks (to mid-September) because they didn’t feel that clip was ready. We are still waiting on the final word.

Our Targhee yarns are ranched, processed and milled here in the US, which we are pretty thrilled about for many reasons. Since they are ranched in Montana, that makes them pretty local to us, which in turn makes the foot print of this yarn not too hard on our planet and also supports our economy and the US textile industry. Because there are not a whole lot of Targhee sheep being raised right now, it’s a bit of a limited commodity. We think this yarn is pretty fabulous and want to make sure those of you who want it can get it as soon as it waltzes in the door. So, we are leaving it up on the website for purchase. If you purchase the Targhee Worsted (we have plenty of Targhee Bulky by the way) your purchase holds yarn for you and as soon as our order arrives we will dye it up and ship it out. We are doing it this way to assure our customers, wholesale and retail, get their beloved Targhee and to show the ranchers and mill that we love what they are doing!

If you place an order that has other yarns with your Targhee order we will of course ship those out before the Targhee.

Our yarn stores – Twisted in Portland, Oregon and Eat, Sleep, Knit in Georgia – both carry our Targhee Worsted and might have some in stock.

If you have any questions please do contact us.

Of course, this comes at a time where we all want to knit the fabulous Safra Shawl by Susanna IC in the new Fall Twist Collective. Luckily for us, the designer did a version in our equally as wonderful Silky Victoria. The Silk Victoria is the one on the left in Afternoon Delight and the Targhee worsted wrap is in Pond Scum!!

Thank you Twist Collective and Susanna for such lovely designs and photographs!



The good ol’ summer time hues

What you see in the basket on our homepage is a just a few of the new colorways I’ve come up with for the end of summer, the quickly approaching fall season and lastly, new holiday hues. I have spent the past two months pouring my heart and soul into dye and then onto yarn and having a grand ol’ time doing so.

I have a few new  dye techniques I’ve come up with along with a series or two or three…brewing. I know…I’ve been hinting at a new series for awhile now. I don’t mean to be color coy I just want it to be exactly how I envision it in my head, to be as it is on the yarn.  One of these series I am so excited about I can barely stand it. It is the SCUM series. Yup, Pond Scum’s family has moved into town and there are one rowdy scumtastic bunch, just as you imagine they would be.  They will be making their debut around the 2nd week of August. So stay tuned!

Coming next week is the first 4 colorways in my Grimm series. I am thoroughly obsessed with Grimm. I came a little late to the party ( as usual) . Which means I got to watch the first two seasons at a reckless, only slightly obsessive, pace. Grimm is set in Portland which added even more depth to it and a whole lot of charm.  If you are also a Grimm fan let me know what you think. I think I hit the mark on this one. Also what Grimm type colorways would you like to see?

I’m considering watching it again in the next two weeks as I recover from my mastectomy. I have to watch it again now for research, right?

Yes, it is that time. I go in today for my bilateral. I feel like I am in as good a place as you can be with something like this and am ready to move on to whatever is next.  It’s been a whirlwind here getting ready for me to be out of the dye loop for two weeks or more but we are there!

I want to say a really big Thank you!  for all of the love and support. My heart has been overflowing with gratitude for it all.  My surgery is at 4:00 tomorrow so if you have your knitting and can knit a stitch or two in my direction I would love it!  xoxo


Here’s the first Grimm color way.  Whatcha think?



All kinds of color fun!!



We had so much fun this weekend at our annual barn sale and dye day event.It was a beautiful day for it, if  a bit on the warm side. Thank you everyone who came and shared the day with us!!



Online Mill End Mystery Bag Sale!

Of course we are having an online Mill End Sale!

They are up on the website right now!

Details are right below, for those of you who are new to our Mystery Bags. I had a whole lot of fun putting these together!! I dyed a whole bunch of them as Rare Gems a few weeks ago and so quite a few of them  have a Rare Gem and then a regular colorway in the package. I love some of the combo’s so much it was exceptionally hard to leave them for you all. Feel the hue love, my friends!!

Years and years ago when I first started over-dyeing  I always had to let someone else rinse and hang them to dry. Otherwise I ended up with half of them in my stash which kinda defeats the purpose. I wasn’t even allowed in the barn while they were drying. I kid you not.  I swear that the barn sale we about 3 years ago was just my stash from all that Rare Gem hoarding. Yeah…the first step is seeing and admitting you have a problem,which is hard when your business is yarn and you have two big storage pods .

Now I’m really good at enjoying them as they come out of the pot without owning them for myself. It makes me feel good that they are off to knitterly homes that will love them as I do. However. the place I fall is in putting the Mystery Bags together. It takes me quite awhile to do because I have to ooh and aw over almost every one and take notes or pictures or both and then I can put them in the tubs to be shipped out to you. I’m so happy with the combo’s in this batch. I wish I had all day to take pictures of them all to show you.

Unfortunately I do not. I have quite the list of things to get done in the next 14 days before my surgery. And yes I am a bit nervous about it all, as it gets closer and closer.

I want to thank everyone who came out this past Saturday to the barn sale. It was truly wonderful to see so many happy familiar faces and have a visit . Thank you to those who made color with us!! So much fun. I’m going to post the  few pictures I have of our fun in the scrolly thing at the top of the blog.

Happy Tuesday!!

If you are new to our Mystery bags this is how it works:

We created our grab bags a few summers ago when we had a substantial mill end surplus. It was such a huge success, and loads of fun for us, that we decided to make it a summer tradition (as long as we have mill ends). The bags are still grouped by yarn size and is exclusively sock yarn. I’m your color grabber for these bags. I have so much fun putting all of these bags together choosing for the most colour joy. I have spent the past day filling the bags in a very thoughtful, hue inspired way. There are all kinds of color combos, who knows you might even get a Rare Gem! Some are seasonal hues, some bright and in your face, some dark, sexy and mysterious.

There’s no limit to wicked colour fun. I hope you enjoy getting them as much as I enjoy making them!

All of the Mystery Bags are made with our beloved Socks that Rock. We consider most of these skeins Mill Ends. Our Mill Ends are skeins that either have an under-plied section, a knot (or three), or a colour boo boo. We use these skeins all the time ourselves. There are really no huge flaws, we just feel that they are not up to our standards enough to charge our regular price.

Supplies are limited and these go very fast, especially the lightweight.


Grab bag description:

2 skeins of Socks that Rock® mediumweight – Mill End Mystery Bag
100% Superwash Merino
405 yds / 370m, 6.0 oz / 170g (per skein)
$34.00 each

2 skeins of Socks that Rock® lightweight – Mill End Mystery Bag
100% Superwash Merino
2 Skeins at: 405 yds / 370m, 5.15 oz / 146g (per skein)
$30.00 each


A good way to start the week!

Barn Sale!! Dye Day!

Good Morning! Well at least it is still morning here. Below you will find  all of the important details for the Barn Sale this Saturday. If  you have questions that we have not answered here please leave a comment or email us at

The parking info is very important because I have brand new neighbors. We need to be respectful of their space and property.  And Also show them how awesome us fiber people are!

 When: Saturday July 12th, 9:00 am  to 6:00 pm

 Where: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Dye barn at 56587 Mollenhour Rd. Scappoose Oregon

 Directions:  Whether you are coming from the North or South Hwy 30 is the way you get to Scappoose. Once you are here, you want Scappoose-Vernonia Highway. If you’ve come from the south ( PDX) it is the last light at the end of town and you want to turn left onto it. If you are coming from the North then it is the first light and you want to turn right onto it.

You will be on Scappoose-Vernonia Highway for about 7.25 miles. You will lose cell service about 3 miles up. 

Your next turn is a left ( you can only turn left) onto Chapman Road.  (The road before Chapman Rd. is Chapman Grange Rd. Do not turn there!!)

After about a 1/4 of a mile you’ll come to your next turn which is also a left onto Mollenhour. Again you can only turn left.

Go about 1/8th of a mile up Mollenhour and our gravel drive is on the right, after a row of mailboxes, where ours is the first mailbox. There is a huge piece of driftwood that marks the driveway with my neighbors house number on it and ours on a numbered sign beside it. 

Take that gravel drive ALL the way down to us. Please do not park anywhere on my neighbors land.

Note: There is no cell service out here!

PARKING:   Parking is limited so please carpool!  Blue Moon is at the end of a gravel drive in a rural area. There is another house you pass on the gravel driveway you take in order to get to us. PLEASE, please, oh please do not park on their property. We will have balloons or something marking us so please come all the way down to those and we will find a place for you to park.

SALE: We have plenty of yarn for sale! You can come just for the sale. We will put up what is left up on the website for sale next week as Rare Gem Mill Ends.

We will also be doing hourly door prizes so be sure to grab a ticket when you walk in the door because you just might win a prize!!!

DYEING: All of our dye slots are full. Because it is just a one day event there can’t really be a waiting list. However in our experience some folks do not show or some take less time then others so we might be able to squeeze you in if you make yourself available at the time you are interested in dyeing.

Everyone who is dyeing remember to dress in clothes that you don’t mind getting dye on. We will have an indigo vat going so if you want to bring a t-shirt (1 or 2 ) to dip that would be fine. Over-dyed cotton in indigo is pretty sweet.

We get asked if you can bring your own wool and yarns to dye and I am sorry but because we are a production facility I don’t let in wool that I don’t know where it’s been.

Please bring your lunches and knitting!  We have plenty of room and it is quite lovely and peaceful in my little corner of the world.

We are super excited to see you all!! We are going to have so much fun!

Barn Sale, Dye Day and Seasonal Hue Shift

I am having one of those days! Seriously, pissy as hell, mostly at anything technological. So… it’s probably a very bad time to write a blog post because we all know it will probably crash the system and then I will most probably cry.  I have some super wicked mojo where electronics are concerned but most especially computer related ones. All I have to do is walk by and things go wonky.  Nonetheless. I have  things to tell you and I know talking with you will make me feel better. I most certainly will not be bested by a machine even if it is smarter than I am and it totally is!













Okay so first things first. A lot of you have asked if we are doing a Barn Sale  this summer and yes we are. We are doing it a little earlier and for one day instead of two because my surgery is scheduled for the end of July and I’m pretty sure August is going to be about recovery. So Saturday July 12th we are having our annual Barn Sale and Dye Day in Scappoose at Blue Moonland. Yay!!!  Sorry that the notice is kinda short. I have been waiting on  the surgery date.

We are starting the festivities at 9:00am and going until 6:00pm.  If you just want to come to the sale, play with chickens, have a picnic and take part in a scavenger hunt that’s sure to be a blast then you can just come. There is not a ton of parking so if you can carpool that would be all kinds of awesome.

If you want a place at one of the dye tables for painting some yarn or fiber we need you to sign up. We’ve learned a few lessons since we started doing these dye days. The biggest one is time! We have the day slotted out into four two hour slots and we can accommodate 11 people dyeing per slot for a grand total of 44 for the day. These spaces are just for the hand-paint part of things. We also have dipping in the indigo vat or use the drum carder and whatever other color fun we can come up with!

Debra, Becky, Sarah and I will be your dyers for the day. We will giving you the basics and holding your hand as you paint your yarn the colors you desire to create.  We suggest arriving a wee bit earlier than your scheduled time to pick out your bases.  For those of you coming at 9:00 you can arrive at 8:30 to pick our what you want to dye..

Just to be crystal clear this is not a formal dye class. We will be there to inform and guide you in anyway you need. We hope you will join us, it is great fun! The cost for this dye adventure is the 10.00 reigstration fee and the cost of the fibers and yarns you choose  to dye.

The 4 time slots on Saturday July 12th are:  9:00am to 11:00am, 11:00am to 1:00pm,  1:30pm to 3:30pm and the last slot is 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

Okay so that is the Barn Sale and Dye Days

It’s also time to change things up colorwise. I want to add in some of our hot summer colors to honor the season and encourage the sunny days.

As usual here’s the list of colorways going off for a wee vacation. If there are any colorways you’d like to see back right now please let us know in the comments section to this post. We’ll be taking these down on June 24 and our summer hues will go up the next day.

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 9.46.54 PM


A last note for the members of the sock club. Remember that the 15% coupon code expires on the 15th of July and goes down to 10%.

Ok my knitterly friends thanks for listening!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Eat. Sleep. Knit.

Welcome Eat.Sleep.Knit. to the Blue Moon family of local yarn shops!

We are pleased to be working with with Erin and her wonderful team of  creative women in Georgia.

6400 Highlands Parkway, Ste I

Smyrna, GA 30082





Eat.Sleep.Knit is the brainchild of Erin Walker and her lovely husband Dan. It was born in Erin’s closet in 2007 and has grown to be a place of sanity and community for yarn fiends looking for luxury, hand dyed and painted yarn. The Yarnathon, Knit-A-Long, trivia, lotto tickets, and fun challenges like a T-shirt scavenger hunt are what make Eat.Sleep.Knit the yarn shop of your dreams!


Erin, owner and founder of ESK, is the proud Mom of an 11 month old baby boy named Levi. When she’s not singing along to bad country music in the car with Levi, you’ll find her knitting while re-watching Dawson’s Creek or forcing her hubby to watch Down to You…again! If you can manage to not crack a smile while Erin is around, you are ridiculous (her favorite word)!

Emily L
Emily L, Photographer and Editor extraordinaire, is a member of the Atlanta Women’s Chorus and loves to belt out Don’t Stop Believin’! What does she believe in? Living by the motto “It is what it is.” She is an avid reader, loves The Muppets, and would die if she could find a quart of the seemingly extinct Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby!

Jess has a growing little family comprised of: 2 darling kitties (Skatha and Poe), tree frogs, fire bellied toads, and a few fish! When not searching for a new Hello Kitty plush or buying Halloween decor, you’ll find Jess savoring a pint of Jeni’s Savannah Buttermint ice cream. She could spend hours smelling all the new lotions in the store Lush and loves Pearl Jam.

Emily K
Emily K, Social Media & Marketing Manager, loves to shop for antiques and collects a plethora of them! From vintage cameras and radios to 50s spools of thread and buttons, she adores it all! She has 2 kitties (Ollie and Bianca), thinks “everything happens for a reason”, and absolutely cannot live without peanut butter cake!

When Janine isn’t sitting in the drive thru at Starbuck to get her iced coffee, you’ll probably find her watching home improvement shows with her girl kitty, Gary. She loves going on long hikes, listening to the band Fleet Foxes, learning about Neuroscience, and looking for a new glazed ceramic coffee mug.

Aside from her talents as our Graphic Designer, Jenny is double jointed and can do a lip wave! She cannot resist a sale at Dick Blick to pick up her prized art supplies. If she’s not drawing or painting, you’ll find Jenny watching the movie Teen Witch with her kitty Puddy. While knitting, she loves listening to Queen and Leslie and The Lies.

Office Manager Lindsay loves her 3 adopted dogs (Buster, Bailey, and Gizmo) and spoils them rotten! As a Memphis, TN native, Lindsay loves her peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. She never misses an episode of any MTV reality show and regularly tunes in to NPR.

Wendy the Wool Winder is our resident baker who uses her hand-made wool potholders to pull delicious confections from the oven. When it’s too hot to bake, Wendy loves Tastykake’s Butterscotch Krimpets. She loves going to the library and reading with her 5 girl kitties (Sparky, Skylar, Inky, Coffe, and Toffee). If she can’t find the answer in a book, Wendy loves using Google; especially to find new inspiration for her next knit.

Jackie loves all things girly! She is addicted to buying new handbags, shoes, make up, and yarn. When she isn’t searching for the next Turkish drop spindle to add to her collection, you’ll find her walking her 3 dogs (Gus, Argo, and Oona). Jackie has a secret affinity for trashy romance novels (don’t we all?), Sci Fi TV shows, shopping, and lemon bars/pie.

Last day of Spinning Fibers Sale!

rp4rp3    Today is the last day of our spinning fibers sale! Tomorrow the prices will go back up the 15 % we took off for the sale plus a wee but more. We have not raised our spinning fiber prices in quite awhile so this is over due.

I hope everyone was able to get what their spinning hearts desired.

Here’s a few pics of what was ordered.

rp1r4 r5 r6 r1ravensroving