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A shawl and a sale.

It is a beautiful day here in the ever enchanting Pacific Northwest. I’ve been diligently whittling away at my to do list for the day but for the past few hours all I have wanted to do is go outside and soak all of the glorious sunshine this day is dishing up. Unfortunately I  promised myself that this crazy long to do list would be a thing of the past by the end of that day . I am on a mission to complete it.

I am sorry for my absence here. My life took a pretty dramatic turn about a month or so ago and I have been adjusting to it all. I’ll tell you all about later this weekend. Today is for sunshine and silk and a very pretty shawl that I LOVE and a sale!









It feels like it’s time for a special, doesn’t it?  I was doing some sorting and organizing this past weekend (my best thinking task) and I came across my friend Sam’s Accumulate Shawlette that I just wear and wear and love  quite a bit.  I am sucker for holey knits, especially ones that have a rhyme or reason to them as Sam’s does. This shawl also holds a special place in my heart not only because it’s holey, or that Sam does, and she does, but also, because her design came from a skein of Silkie that she dyed in a dye class I taught. Sam is one of my favorite kind of students because she knows her own mind and speaks it!  I really like students that keep me on my toes.  Imagine my surprise and delight when Sam showed up for another class with this lovely shawl as her show’n tell. As a teacher  you want to see students take what you give them and make it their own.  I could not be more delighted with what Sam has created with all that what we explored together in dye class.

Since it is really and truly Spring here. It is. I kid you not.

See?!  spring


I want to have a little Spring Fling. So for a few weeks we have marked Silkie down from it’s regular $24.00 price to $18.00 plus Samantha has kindly offered us a discount of 15% on her lovely shawlette pattern, Accumulate. The code for you to use to redeem that is, LOVEBMFA .

We are going to run this special for a few weeks. If you would like color choosing help do not be shy I love to help with color choices. I think the paler more subdued ones are great in this piece but am really interested in seeing alternatives. A sultry raven one for evening might be fun. I can’t wait to see.  One of the best parts of color and knitting is to see all the different interpretations.


My very well worn and loved Silkie Accumulate is knit in Single Cell Dating Pool. I’m considering another one in Beach Glass, or…maybe Tomatillo, or…what about Orchid Queen? Oh dear. What’s a dyer to do? I’m in the barn all day tomorrow making new colors too so I can tell this is going to be a problem for me.

We will be adding some more colorways to Silkie tomorrow (Thursday).

Paula asked me to ask all of you Rockin’ Whorlers with any address changes to please email her those. You can email her directly

We have a few new exciting yarns coming soon so stay tuned!!

I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!









I love this picture!

RSCY and Rockin’ Whorl Club


I feel a little like the white rabbit this morning running around feeling like I’m most definitely going to be late for a very important date. So this is going to be short and sweet!

The February shipment of the Rockin’ Whorl Club shipped out yesterday. Phew! So ti should be showing up in your mail boxes very soonish! I hope you like it.

We have our new colors up on the website and tickling into our stores so do check them out in person!

I will be at Twisted today with all kinds of knit loveliness and myself. Twisted is jam packed with yarn and fun. I would love to see you!

If for some reason you do not know about the absolutely fabulous Rose City Yarn Crawl you really need to check it out.  So much fiber fun everywhere in the greater Portland area!

Alright I think that is all. It’s a beautiful sunny day today and I am looking forward to being out in it !!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

A little Spring color!

The end of February, that time where most of us have just had it with winter. We are beyond ready to see, feel, smell and hear, any sign that Spring is just around the bend.  With all of the flippin’ freezing cold temps, snow, and ice that mother nature has given us ~ and is still ~ we are even more in need of a reminder of the light ( not snow white light) that is at the end of this frosty tunnel!

In lieu of the bright green of crocuses and daffodils we wish were peaking through the snow, of that delightful trill of bird song we long to hear, and the whiff of growing things we imagine is on the breeze, we have our Spring color line-up. I went for bright and happy with an emphasis on blooming love. You’ll find the list of our Spring brightness below.

I posted of picture of Saltwater Taffy on facebook and asked for name suggestions for it. Thanks to everyone who submitted names! There were some really good names. Although I thought Saltwater Taffy was the best name for the colorway I had posted I did think some of the other names worked well for some of the other hues!! So thanks all for the naming help. I do love naming the colorways and it’s just as much fun to have you all play along.



Coral’s Reef’er Madness



Jumping Jellybeans


Lady Grey


Lil’ Sprout

Mermaid Tears

Orchid Queen

Petticoat Junction

Retro Chic(k)


Saltwater Taffy

Sassy Pants

Silence of the Baa Baas

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


Sweet Cheeks Mowgli

Sweet Tart

I hope you like them!!


We are hoping to get our BFL Fingering back in stock next week. BFL is in high demand these days and we all know what happens when this is true. Yes, $$ go up. The price we pay is going up enough that we have to raise the price we charge. So starting next Monday both BFL Fingering and BFL Superwash Fingering will be $23.00 a skein. Still not too shabby for 405 yards of blue face goodness!

We will be shipping the first installment of the Rockin’ Whorl club next week. I wish I could show you what the barn looks like with a few hundred 8oz. bundles of roving painted in the same colorway hanging form the rafters. It’s so pretty and happy! I keep making excuses to myself to take breaks from paper work and walk into the barn.

We are experimenting this year with letting a very few our our yarn stores carry our yarns online. We are a small group of women making all of this color and yarn happen. So we are taking the slow and steady approach to all of this so every one is served to the best of our ability. Next week Allison of Simply Socks will have some Blue Moon on her site for a awhile. Allison and I see this happening a few times a year on specific yarns and colorways. I’m excited and honestly a little scared! We are also adding more Yarns stores to our ever expanding family so do check the list on our website!


Okay, I should go since my to do list today is terrifying! I hope everyone has a warm and cozy weekend!

So very much snow…

We’ve been closed since Friday due to WINTER!  I hope that by tomorrow it will have melted enough so that team Blue Moon can get here safe and sound.

Mother Nature sure is putting us all through our paces this year.

Hope everyone has been staying safe and warm!



A few things…

It’s getting late but it was my intention to post this morning and I am determined to not let this all go another day.  Paula is out sick, so I got to play at being Paula today. Actually I did on Monday too. Just between you and me I think this will be true for the rest of the week, so bear with us. I talked with her this evening and she sounded awful. Poor baby!!  Let’s all send her some get well vibes. It sucks to be sick.

It seems to me that there has been a lot more sick this year. Every time I turn around there’s another bug or two making the rounds. I wonder… maybe it’s the cold. Who knows? What I do know is that when you are a small business having even one person out sick is a stress and usually it does not stop there, it makes the rounds.  We’ve gotten to the point this year that if one of us so much as sneezes we break out all of our remedies and wipe the place down. It’s quite a sight really. Before I sat at Paula’s desk to work this morning I asked Denise where the disinfectant was and she said not to worry they already wiped it down. I love practical women!

So my dear Paula take care of yourself, rest and get better. We miss you tons. I will try my best do do your job as competently and graciously as you do! ( I can hear you laughing.)

Okay now for our latest news!

Madrona is right around the corner and even though we are not going to have a Blue Moon booth, we are very pleased to announce that one of our new LYS’s, The Fiber Gallery, is going to have a nice selection of our yarns, including a ton of Socks that Rock in some  hot new spring colorways!!  We hope you will stop by and welcome the Fiber Gallery to the Blue Moon LYS family!!   I hope everyone has a grand time. Have a little extra fun for me I will miss seeing all the wonderful knitters that I love.

Speaking of new additions to our LYS team, I have a few more to mention Please welcome in Vancouver B. C. Maiwa a store full of all kinds of wonder. Maiwa is our first not just yarn store.  Do check out their website and see all the treasure and beauty they offer, especially the Symposium they put on every year that is overflowing with talented artisans from all over the planet.

Last, but most certainly not least is (Are you ready because it’s pretty exciting?) our very first European LYS,  L’OisiveThé, Salon de Thé in Paris.   We have spread our wings, flown to Paris and straight into one of the loveliest yarn stores on the planet.  Thank you Kate for calling this summer and gently suggesting (telling) me I had to put my yarn here. I’m delighted and hope Aimee is too!  Look for L’OisiveThé  and Socks that Rock at stand  B8.3  at L’Aiguille en Fête 2014 this next week.

We will be adding LYS’s  more and more so if you have a local yarn store you’d like to see our yarn in please do drop me a line at

I spent the weekend in the barn cooking up all sorts of new colorways and design ideas! I can’t wait to show you! I was hoping to so do this week but it might have to wait til Paula is back next week. I’ll post a picture of the whole lot tomorrow!

Ok I am going to give this a look over for typos. I’m as good at typos as I am at color!

Sweet dreams!

Dyeing for Spring

In an attempt to warm up and to ward off the winter blues ( or greys) I’ve been in the dye barn brewing up some new hues. We all know what that means. In order to make room for the new some of our old friends need to go to the spa for rejuvenation.  Above is the list of colorways that take of on Monday ( February 3rd) . So if you are desperate need for one of these right now this is your chance, at least for awhile.

On Monday ( still… February 3rd) we’ll be adding back some of our Spring and Valentine colorways followed, two days later on Wednesday, by our brand new colorways.
If there is a colorway you would like to see us ad please do let us know.

We are celebrating the beginning of the Chinese New Year by shipping out our first sock club package of our ninth year tomorrow.  All kinds of luck and goodness all wrapped up in a colorful wooly bundle! I’m so excited I can’t wait until it arrives on your doorsteps.
Enjoy the weekend! If you are in the frozen zone stay warm. All those knits are coming in handy now!

Picture 4

Drum roll please…

Our  very smart and committed contest winners are:


2nd  YAY COLORS!      Jamie

3rd  CLUB COLORS      Hoosknitting

Congratulations!!! Please email and she will hook you up with your winnings.

Thanks to all who played! It was a daunting task!

Mya, I am still awed by your submission. I should know better but there you have it. Dr. Mya you are a rock star!! I bow to your organizational powers!

A lesson to all of us. Sock club OCD does pay off!


I am working on new colors, new yarns and designs! The new colors you will see soon!

How about you?

What are you doing? What are you knitting? Spinning? Crocheting? Weaving? Cooking? Dreaming about?  We would like yo add a weekly segment here and on facebook of our knitters and what they are making. If you send us an email telling us a bit about what you are working on or are done with and a picture we will post it here and on facebook so we can spread a little more fiber love.


Happy New Year! Sock Club Sign-ups…

I know. I’m  7 days late on the New Years wishes. Here’s the deal, ever since we started the Rockin’ Sock Club sign-ups in the beginning of January it just doesn’t quite feel like the new year for me until the sign-ups go live.

Today is that day!!! Yay!  Sock club sign-ups go live here at 11:00 am ( our time) Pacific time.

I love this day!  I love all the planning that goes into a new sock club year, all of the creative and fun bits and pieces and the practical ones too. I love that every  year I get a fresh start. I love the build up to sign-up day, although it is a bit different than it was in the beginning, and I am okay with that.

Since that whole bank fiasco years ago (You know the one where they accused us of running a scam because, really? A sock knitting club?  One that sells over 2,000 memberships in 3 days? No way lady, you’re running a scam. ) I now, every morning of sign-up day, make my cup of tea, pick up the phone and call my PayPal management team  to remind them that today is the day.  They assure me that this is not necessary anymore that they know how this rolls, it’s marked in my file and all is well and I chuckle to myself, thank them and mark the calender for next years phone call.

Our little sock club has grown by leaps and bounds from the days where we packed it all up in my living room then loaded it in trucks and had a convoy to our local post office. We’re an ever growing, evolving knit-entity which is one of the things I love about us. In eight years we’ve  grown into a wonderful community of knitters. I have met some of the best people I know through this club.

I can’t believe we are starting out ninth year together. Where does the time go? Forget I asked that.  I know exactly where it goes.

In celebration of  these past eight years we thought it would be fun to put all of the sock club colorways up on the website at the same time for the next week or so for us all to see. I actually was going to put them all up here, on the blog, as a group, in order, with little love notes about them.  But then… we decided it would be fun to see if you could do that. At least it would be fun for us. We hope you agree!

So… a CONTEST!!! A contest on sign-up day. I don’t know about you but I am pretty excited by this one!

So here’s how we see this playing out:

There are 8 years of colorways. Usually this means that there are 6 colorways each year unless we had a color-work shipment with more than one colorway. (The plot thickens.) And… another plot twist, since we do not make the colorways available to the general knit public for a full year,  the colorways for last year (except January) will not be pictured on the site with all the others. They are on the site in a very special place  which you’ll get to find. ( It’s now that hard.)

How do you play?

We want the names of  all the colorways. Which year they were in. If it was a color-work kit then colorways that made up that kit need to be listed as such.  (Note: There will be an honorable mention to the knitter who can also list them in order within each year. This is not mandatory.)

Everyone gets one guess. If you submit more than one we are going to go with your first entry so think this through before submitting please. Please submit your entry in the comment section of this blog post. If you have trouble doing that you can email us at We prefer the comments section though. It’s way more fun that way.

How much time do you have? You have until Tuesday January 14th at 11:00 am pacific time.

What do you win? There will be 3 placed winners. 1st place prize is a $2o0.00 BMFA gift certificate, 2nd place prize  is a $100.00 BMFA gift certificate and 3rd place prize is a $50.00 BMFA gift certificate.

I think that covers it. It’s 10:05 and Paula is looking over my shoulder to edit so we can get this yarn ball of ours rolling!

Good luck! It’s a challenging one. Although every time I say that it turns out not to be. So I guess we’ll see.

If you have any questions about sign-ups or ned our assistance with gift certificate transfers we are here:

Customer service email down!


So… we thought that maybe it all was quiet on the knitter front after the holiday but it turns out or ticket system is having a bit of a spasm. It happens every so often and honestly, it’s been awhile , so I think it might be due.

I’ve been assured by tech central that it’s being looked into and worked on.

As always thank you for your patience.

If you can’t wait please email



HolidayHuesI made new colors and… they are all up on the website right this very minute. All photographed with descriptions and everything! Ready for the holiday gift knit-a-thon!

I love them all! I was just talking with JJ about which was her favorite and realized I could not pick one. I am kinda their mom so I guess that stands to reason. Although…1 maraschino short of a fruit cake holds a special place in my heart solely because of it’s name. I love it so very much!

Here’s the list with their descriptions!

Blitzen:   When my sisters and I were wee things we would pretend to be Santa’s reindeer. Some of us were a little better at pretending or maybe just had more of a reindeer kinship then the rest of us. One evening my sister Regina, in her sleigh pulling exuberance, fell firmly to earth and her head met the corner of the coffee table in the living room. She was all well and good after a few stitches in her head. Even though I know in my heart of hearts that she thought of herself as Rudolph, I always thought she was more of a Blitzen.

Blitzen the exuberant reindeer!


Cindy Lou Who: I have a soft spot in my heart for Cindy Lou Who.  Such a huge amount of wide eyed hope and optimism in a tiny little Who-girl. She believed in the basic goodness hidden in those Grinchy layers when others didn’t.  We all need someone in our lives who believes in us the way Cindy Lou believed in the Grinch.


Festivus:  Thank you Jerry Seinfeld for such a great celebratory word. The episodes where Mr. Constanza fights against the commercial pressures of the holiday season and makes his own holiday celebrations and traditions were some of my favorite!  I chose bold colors and then shadowed them with lighter versions of their selves leaving a little light (white) in between to bring them all together.


Holly and Ivy: I love all the shades of greens in holly leaves and it’s bright red berries.  I always make a holly wreath for the holidays as a celebration of the season. We have holly tree farms here in Oregon and there is a place in Southwest where there are some old ones that are covered in ivy and those feel ancient and magical to me. So, we have greens for Holly and Ivy and red for the berries.  Where they meet there’s a swath of dark purple for the berry of the Ivy!

“The holly and the ivy

Now are both well grown

Of all the trees that are in the wood

The holly bears the crown.”


Joy to the World : I was raised Catholic and one of my favorite parts of that experience was singing in the choir and folk group. I love to sing!  I have quite a few favorite holiday songs but my memories of singing Joy to the World with a full choir and packed church at midnight mass fills my heart to brimming. So many voices raised in love. Most definitely a sounding joy!


 Noël : I love vintage holiday cards. I have one that was my grandmothers from a friend long ago. It’s simple and elegant with that understated blue next to that vibrant red and neutral white.  These are my favorite holiday hues.


1 Maraschino short of a fruitcake: I do believe this one speaks for itself. I swear we had the same fruit cake being passed around for years and years. I do mean cake here. Although the holidays do bring out a little bit of the nut in all of us. (heehee)


WhoVille: The magical land of Dr. Seuss that exists on a speck of dust.

“Da hoo dorais fa hoo dores

Welcome Christmas Christmas day

da hoo dorai fa hoo dores

Welcome Christmas, Christmas day

Welcome, welcome fahoo ramus

Welcome, welcome dahoo damus

Christmas day is in our grasp

So long as we have hands to clasp

Fahoo fores dahoo dores

Welcome Christmas bring your cheer

Fahoo fores dahoo dores

Welcome all Whos far and near.”

 -Dr. Seuss


Tinsel: I know what you’re thinking. This colorway does not look like tinsel. It does if it is delicatley thrown on the tree and the christmas tree lights are on and all of the other lights in the room are off, then and only then, does this colorway look like tinsel. I promise!


Under the Mistletoe: A kiss, is a kiss, is a kiss.  Underneath the mistletoe anything goes! Green for mistletoe and pink for the kiss!


Watch where the huskies go and… don’t you eat that yellow snow!  Thank you Frank Zappa!! If you have not heard this song, go look it up on you tube. It’s fabulous. We were being very silly in the barn one day and Charlotte said she wanted more yellow colors. I explained to her that not many people like yellow and well things escalated from there. At some point she suggested a sprinkle of yellow, like pee on snow, with a splatter. As soon as she said it I thought of good ol Frank. So this colorway is for Frank and Charlotte.


Kate’s Blue:  One of my favorite people to work with is Kate Gilbert. She’s generous, creative as hell and very funny. We have great fun brainstorming over yarns and colors and for projects she wants to use my yarn for in Twist Collective. She needed a blue. I made this blue for her so this is Kate’s Blue!


Candy Cane Tipsy: Miss Candy Tipsy is from the Cane branch of the Tipsy family tree. She is very sweet  although she can be a bit stripey when the mood is upon her so… best look out. You can tell she’s been in the vicinity by a hint of mint in the air as she breezes by. Candy loves the holidays and is the life of the party! You’re  likely find her hanging around the Christmas tree.


I hope you love the new colorways as much as we do.




PS: If there is a yarn base you want that one of these colorways is not offered in then please do send us an email and we will do our best to make that happen for you!

PPS: We will be posting the 2014 Sock Club info next week!!