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This yarn is all kinds of wonderful. I could wax poetic about the lovely hand it has and how the only reason you want your knit experience to end is so you can wear it as close to your skin as you can get it. It’s so very soft, with loft from the yak and just enough strength from our silk friend. The best testimonial comes from the adorable Rachel one of Twisted PDX’s lovely worked bees (Twistedista’s) who did a test knit it for us. In her words: “This yarn is maybe one of the best things I’ve ever touched…”  When I brought in Twisted’s first order of YAKSI, I had to gently remind the staff that there was more where that came from or there would have been not a skein left for their customers. As a maker and seller of yarn this is the best testimonial. Colorwise, it’s an exciting dye for me because it starts all yakky brown and heathery before I add my color sense to it. So much fun.

We are offering YAKSI in 8 of our Shaded Solids to start with. 60% Wool/ 20% Yak/  20% Cultivated Silk

Our initial supply is limited so we are offering to you at a special “look we have a wonderful new yarn” price!

We think you’ll agree Rachel, Shannon, all the Twistedista’s and Team Blue Moonies that YAKSI is a must knit.