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Alvinda by Emmy Petersson


The Twist Collective’s Spring issue is hot off the virtual presses and the knit joy spills out of every page. There’s a lot to love about this issue not the least of which is the April in Paris photo shoot. I love the pattern contrast and colorwork of Jeanette Cross’s shawl, Fine Kettle. I can see needing to knit more than one of these. Fiona Ellis’s Charleston sweater is so utterly charming it made me swoon.

I have to say that this go around, Alvinda by Emmy Peterson, has captured my heart, which is all kinds of kind of awesome, since it’s out of Blue Moon’s Marine Silk Sport. I admit, I was a little skeptical when Kate first pitched this design to me. It might have been the original color it was in or my mood… who knows. Kate you were so very right. I’m delighted!