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In the time a social distancing

Honestly I am not quite sure how to start except from my heart. So…here goes, first I hope you all are taking care as best you can.  I know we are all scared and doing our very best to not only protect ourselves and each other.

As most of you know Blue Moon has been around for quite awhile (20 years this year)  and is my sole support and also a few of our team. In order to protect everyone’s health and well being here we’ve been a skeleton crew for a few weeks now.  It has become clear as this all progresses and our Governors issue shut downs that all of us small business owners are going to have to make some very hard choices. If you own or work for a small business you know how heartbreaking this all is. Small teams easily become a family of sorts. We spend our days together working for the greater fiber and knit good in the world.

I just want you to know where we are in all of this. I am here working as much as humanly possible with the support of  2 part time team members for now. We are so very careful with so very much hand washing, space and cleaning.  Luckily we are rural and on 5 acres in the woods so it’s a bit easier to distance form the world at large. Since I am one of those at risk people I am not working in the same space as others! We’ve gotten seriously creative. We have meetings in the driveway in a big circle. It took quite awhile to get this team together and I am so proud and honored to be able to work with each and everyone! Goodness this is sure not how I thought we would be experiencing our 20th year.

IMG_0438 (1)

We are all in this together!  As I have said many, many times we would not do what we do without you, our fiber loving artists and creators. If you are in a position where can support us and other small businesses you value at this time we are so grateful for that support. Right now we will offering a 20%  gratitude discount which covers shipping costs and a little more.That code is: supporteachother2020

Okay let’s move on.

So everyone is predicting a baby boom in the next year with all of this social distancing togetherness. It’s a fair assessment. I am going to predict a design boom and much sooner than 9 months. I think we are already seeing the beginnings of one. Here are just a few that struck my fancy this week.
















Photo Credit: Joji Locatelli

Far Away Dreams by Joji Locatelli

I can tell you right away why this one appeals to me. I do love a plain bit of knitting framed with a bit of lace. Also it’s black and a white speckled with black which is right in my most wearable wheel house. I know I am looking for more simple knits with just enough patterning to keep me engaged and my mind from wandering. I think this fits the bill perfectly. I’m thinking our Feahterlight, Soft Rock or …our La Luna Fingering are wonderful options.  I’m gonna use our Black Onyx and DotCom colors I think. Although really there are so very many color options here like make the lace part darker and the garter fabric lighter or one a solid and one not and one and on! If you need help choosing let me know I would LOVE to help.


DSC_0420rav_small2Photo Credit: Raina K

Brioche Starter Hat by Raina K

One of the things it might be fun to do during this time is learn a new skill or technique. Right?!  True confessions time, believe it or not, I have yet to master brioche knitting. Even though years and years ago, JC Briar our tech editor at the time turned me onto the joys and wonder of Brioche. I have yet to  give it a whirl so that is my challenge. I thought this hat was super cute and and good beginning point. So that is what I am going to do. I noticed on the pattern that even though she calls for worsted weight that sport weight was what most people were getting gauge with so I am going to use our brand new yarn (yes we have a new yarn) Comet. It’s so lovey and perfect for this project and seriously reasonable priced which is one of the reason we brought it in. Hmm…what colors should I use. Oh and did you see the coordinating pom? Too cute!! I see these as a good knit and save for presents.










Photo Credit: Hannah Maciejewski

Peasant Surprise by Hannah Maciejewska

Summer is coming! The first day of Spring was on Thursday so warmer sunny and brighter days will come! I think this would be a great summer topper of a tank or sundress. It’s light and lacy and sized for pretty much all of us! Thank you for that Hannah!!


I would use our Soft Rock for this one or our La Luna Lace both are lovely light fingering weights that will not be too warm for those cooler Summer evenings. Actually for the Pacific Northwest it would be absolute perfection!


As I mentioned we have a new yarn. We actually have a few I have just not had the time to get them up.










This is our Comet  in our Sturgeon Moon colorway. Comet is a sport weight and is quite a lovely yarn. I wanted a yarn that was seriously suitable for baby knits and also blankets. I really wanted a blanket yarn so we could all make moon blankets with the full moon colors. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I think you are going to love it!

And look…







Colorway shown: That 70’s Skein

SilkMo is back finally!! We have made a few changes so I am looking to get those up on the website also. We are calling this one SilkMo Lace since it is a bit finer and softer too!! Also we are offering it in either 300 yd skeins or 900 yards skeins. I know a lot of us are holding the finer silk mohair yarns with other yarns in bigger projects so we though the bigger skeins a good idea. I might go ahead and get this up as yarn choices and then add the colors as we go. So you would be able to order it and just type in the colorway you want in the comments section. hmm…

okay my friends that is a lot and I have yet to get out to the barn today to dye so I need to wrap this up.



Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 11.20.59 AM






We are all in this together and …We’ve got this!


PS: Love notes are welcome we will be sending a bunch out your way. Also looking at setting up some live knit session via zoom and or FB.

At the heart of it all.

Today in about four and a half hours we open registration for Sock Summit 2011.  I would be lying to you if I said I was not nervous – I am – but I’m also very excited.

I was sorting through my thoughts and feelings figuring out what I wanted to say here today and then Steph read me this email that came into our inbox yesterday:


I’m not sure if you can respond to this, but I just wanted to say Thank You.

It seems like such a tiny thing to say, considering the hours/weeks/months

this takes to put together.  But there is absolutely no price I could put on

the ways my life was touched by SS09, on the new friends I made with whom I

am still in constant conversation and contact, and most importantly I wanted

to say that the past 2 years have been so full of remembering SS09 with

delight, wondering about and then anticipating SS11…..  For every hour you

all have worked on this, I have been filled with delight for at least 10

times that amount.  And I know — that’s a LOT!

Because I’m on the east coast, I don’t get to come to most of those other

cool things, the sock camps and all.  But I wanted to let you know that I’m

an Episcopal priest, and I am sending you the Holy Registration Vibes

starting now, throughout the week.  I couldn’t care less what classes I get

(well, OK, that’s a little bit of a lie…!) but truly, what you do is to

create a community that has deep joy at its very center.  It’s a community

that did not end two years ago.

I think what you do is holy, bringing together people and passion.  And I am

grateful.  And a little teary tonight, as well.

Must be after my bedtime!

Did I say thank you?

Thank you, C, I for speaking my heart and mind so eloquently.

I hope everyone gets exactly what they want. We did try so very hard to make it so this was possible.

Sock Summit Registration Announcement

After a whole mega ton of coffee (sorry kidneys) not enough sleep, learning a whole lot of new things about importing/exporting large amounts of data and just how many ways you can do this, not enough sleep, more coffee, proofing, a wee bit of hysterical laughter, editing and proofing again all while on the phone with Steph or sometimes Stephen (I lovingly think of them as my Ste’s) we are here at registration announcement day.  I kid you not.

The letter below is about to go out to all of you lovely knitters on our mailing list.

Ok. Nap time right?

Dear Knitters,

The Sock Summit Team would like to announce that registration for Sock Summit 2011 will take place Wednesday, the 4th of May at 12:00 pm PDT. 

A very great many changes have been made to the registration process this go round, and all of them have been designed to make registration faster, easier, smoother and not melt down any servers anywhere no matter how many knitters try to do so at the same time. As a response to the number of knitters who didn’t get spots last time, this year, we’ve added more classes and more teachers. We find all of this terrifically reassuring, and hope that you do too. 

While you get ready for registration, please spend some time perusing our amazing selection of Teachers, Classes and Events, and have a good look at the schedule.  Monday, instructions and a walk through for registration will be posted on the registration page of our site, and we hope you’ll have a good look at that too, so that you’re ready when we go live.

As always, it’s an honour and a privilege to work for all of you. Running a sock conference is an unlikely and wonderful job, and we’re grateful that we get the chance.

With many thanks,

Tina Newton, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and our exhausted head-geek and ST-2 Stephen Houghton

Sock Summit 2011

Wow, and you know, that might just sum it up for me.  Wow!  It’s been about 3 hours since we launched the update to all of the happenings (well, not all, we still have a few surprises tucked in our cuffs) of our second little sock knitting party and I still feel a bit dizzy with it all.

Everything is looking as it should which for a non-techie always seems a bit magical. I still think there is some little person in there making all that code jive. He does all this dressed in a tux grooving to Al Green. 

Any way this is all the not so short version of saying:


We have our teachers and all the classes this talented knitterly group teach.  There are some crazy cool classes, twinkle toes, tubular bind off and pretty much anything Judith teaches.  We feel like if it has anything to do with sock knitting we have got it here.  You know, the whole time Steph and I were deciding on classes and working on the schedule (let’s hear it for Post-It’s of Power and Filemaker database), we kept lamenting (ok, whining) over the fact that we would not get to take any of these.  It cracked me up so much that really what we both were saying was, “Hey, I really want to go to Sock Summit”.  I think that’s a good sign.

The exact same thing happened as we were mapping out the Marketplace floor and looking at the array of artisans coming and what their craft or specialty is and then where they should go.  It’s a bit like putting together a puzzle. I think the marketplace is our version of Joseph’s Techniclolour Dreamcoat.

As we are puzzling this all out and assembling both, Steph and I often stop and appreciate where we are.  We are two very lucky women to be working with so many talented quality people.  This well spun,firmly knit community is what makes this all so wonderful, what feeds us down to our warm woolly clad soles.  All of you, from our generous supportive sponsors, honestly your faith in us is quite humbling, to our loyal capable hard working staff (again, humbling), every single volunteer who gives of themselves and lastly but in no way least every single knitter takes part in our ever expanding sole searching journey without whom none of this would be possible.

As always, if you have any questions please email us from the contact us page of the Sock Summit site.

Here we go again, knitters!

P.S. It’s nap time, right?


So it turns out that it’s the meetings that make the world go around. This week is a whirlwind of Sock Summit meetings. Steph and I are meeting with everyone remotely associated with anything we do Summitwise.  So far we’ve charmed and worried the folks at the convention center. It was the sheep that did it for them this time.  We’ve challenged DWA to look come up with some more creative ways to showcase while having fun, not killing our feet, being environmentally friendly and again not hurting our feet. All while staying within our budget. 

I love this part of the process the brainstorming ( I know a little scary) and dreaming of possibilities.  It’s a very different process this time because we don’t have to sell any of these people on us. They get it, well most of it anyway, And even if they don’t there is the proof of what they saw with their own eyes and experienced and now they are really willing to work with us to help us manifest our vision.  A refreshing change that I have to say if I’m being completely honest has me just a little worried.  I think it’s about having the wall taken down.  When you’re constantly pushing against a something and then the wall is taken down or maybe even just come loose. Well it’s just a little disconcerting.

It’s a good change and one both Steph and I have been working towards. I’m sure my unease will pass. I just hope I still get to negotiate. I love the spice trader aspect of all of this so much. I know it should worry me but it doesn’t.

Today we start the day with our legal team and move on to the accounting and the books.  While they are still a few brain cells left we’ll head to the filemaker folks in the afternoon.  Luckily ( wicked planning on my part0 we end the day with our graphic team. 

Hey Steph have you seen my sock?

Do you know what today is?

Today is one of those days that has after burners. I’ve had this sneaking suspicion all morning that I’m forgetting something really important. I know one thing I haven’t forgotten though. Today is August 6 and on this day one year ago Steph and our team of awesomeness ( Debbi, Rachel, Joann, Debra, Lisa …) were on our way to the Oregon Convention Center to get the Sock Summit show up and running.

In some ways it feels like it has been more than a year ago and in others it seems like it was just yesterday.  I think this is true for big life moments and this most certainly was a very big life moment for me. The whole thing was from the first tiny spark of thought to signing the last check and mailing it off.

I remember that ride from Scappoose to PDX like it was yesterday. So much excitement laced with a healthy amount of terror.  What a ride.

I wish I had time this morning to list all the ways this changed my life, all the ways I feel I grew. I wish I had time to honor all the people that showed up and gave all they had to give. I think I just might wish there was more time, which is really quite hysterical since we’re on the this journey again.

I’m just so excited to be able to do this again with the best partner anyone could hope to have and just the best rock star team.

Stay tuned… for so much more.

ohh no, look at the clock. Gotta run. A wee bit late for a very important date.

Here are just a few of my favourite moments:

Anna Z and Barbara W. chatting for the first time ever.


Team shenanigans set-up.


“You will too wear this walkie talkie Newton. Don’t even.”


All those knitters strolling. Alice and Denny strolling.


The hand jive and poodle skirts and RachelH’s spirit.


Knitters all lines up for our marketplace and Debbi, Steph and I leading them with 99 skeins of yarn.


Being in the same place as all of these amazing women/knitters.


Breaking records.


and that’s all. Are we done? Can we go to sleep now?


Cake. How could I forget the cake?


Just a few moments. For every one here, there are at least 20 more.

Dye for Glory Winners

So much color and so much talent. As I said earlier this has been such a joy

One of the things that’s been super about the whole Sock Summit thing (and we think the fact that we can still think of super things is a very good sign) is the way that every time one of us has a big idea, it’s caught on like magic and spread like wildfire.  One of the most fantastic things has been the Dye for Glory contest over at Ravelry – which accomplished exactly what we were hoping, that dyers would get a little face time, that we would all get to see some of their clever work and that they might sell a little yarn and boost their businesses. (I know that worked because one several of my favourite skeins didn’t win and I still intend to hunt them down and buy them in the Marketplace.)

In the end, 14 557 people voted and 154 828 votes were cast, and the masses have spoken. 

Hop on over to the Results Page and you can see the grand and glorious winners, and if you’d like to see them in person, we’re going to round up a skein of each and put them in the Colour me Crazy Booth for the whole world to see.  Congratulations Dyers.  We love the way you do things, and a thousand thanks to Casey, Jess, Mary-Heather from Ravelry.  You’re pretty freakin’ awesome too.

You all have voted and I mean you all have voted, over 10,000 voters with over 150,000 votes. How cool is that eh?

Thanks to all the dyers who contributed their lovely work and everyone who voted and Casey, Jess and Mary- Heather for all of their hard work on this.

Congratulations to all of our Dye for Glory winners!!

In the Dipped Dyed Category the winner is: Frog Creek Fibers “Raspberries and Chocolate”

In the Kettled Dyed Category the winner is
: ThreeIrishGirls “Estuary”

In the Mosaic Dyed Category the winner is
: Green Eyed Monsters “Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes”

In the Out of the Box Dyed Category the winner is
: Becoming Art “Twilight”

In the Painted category the winner is
: Emily Parson “Just a Small Gathering of Friends”

In the Pooler category the winner is: ThreeIrishGirls “Father Time”

In the Predictable Stripes category the winner is
: Serendipitous Ewe “Apogee”

In the Primary Category the winner is: SpindleCat “Sockfetti”

In the Random Stripes Category the winner is: Becoming Art “Gypsy Love”

In the Shaded Solid Category the winner is: ThreeIrishGirls “Zephyr”

In the Tertiary Category the winner is: Artisan Acre Fiber Arts “Filaree”

In the Watercolors Category the winner is: ThreeIrishGirls “Georgia Peach”

And honorable mention to the runners up: Shalimar Yarns, Actual Size Creations, Happy Hands Yarn, Creatively Dyed Yarn, ThreeIrishGirls, The Knit Witch, Miss Babs x 2, Serendipitous Ewe, Dicentra Designs, Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks, Madelinetosh. 

a thousand words worth

Isn’t that how it goes? A picture is worth a thousand words.


I am hoping this is in fact true. I have been trying to find some quiet moments to share with you all that is going on here.  From all the beautiful knitting we are receiving for the museum, the stories and the community spirit that is creating it,


to seeing the banners and sign in front of the Convention Center,


to receiving the Proclamation from the Mayor declaring next week Sock Knitting week in Portland,


to all the meetings and the work, the seemingly never ending work.


Top it off with a bit of hysteria laced terror and well what a ride.

Steph and I keep equating this experience with childbirth. The similarities are exact and we are now in the pushing phase and pretty soon we are going to have a brand spanking new little Sock Summit. 


Uh OH here comes another one gotta go

the best 15 minutes

…in a long time.  Actually, more like 30 minutes that I just spent approving entries in the Dye for Glory contest on Ravelry.  I read all the stories and inspiration and looked at all the stunning colorways. Holy smokes dyers, you so rocked this out. I laughed and cried ( despite what Steph says I do not do this all the time) and I am heartwarmed and tickled and just thrilled.There is local color (yeah stumptown!) and those that are traveling that have made the connection between where they are and the road they are taking to be here. All the different ways we are inspired and how we translate that into color onto yarn and then…well, knitted goodness.

Look at this!  Seriously this is really is quite extraordinary…don’t you think? I do and I think I might be a bit head over heels with every single one of you.

Thank you

p.s. Thank you Casey, Jess and Mary-Heather for helping us celebrate this diverse colorful world of ours.

SS09 Volunteers

We are in that last stretch and are still in need of volunteers to help with make the Sock Summit all swatched out.

So all of you that offered in the beginning and we asked you to wait your time is now. Jump on board this train of knit glory with us, it is quite the ride.

We have all kinds of fun jobs we need help with from ticket taking, registration, teacher helpers, demo area sitters, bookstore… see all kinds.

email me at and we will hook you up.


p.s. shhhh don’t say it out loud but have you looked at the calender lately.