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Hazelwood by Shannon Squire

Hazelwood, as seen in our Twist Collective ad this Spring! Designed by the delightful, cute, spunky and ever so talented Shannon Squire!  Hazelwood is knit in our BFL Sport one of my favorite garment yarns here at Blue Moon. I love the soft airiness of this yarn.

Don’t even get me started on the way it loves to be dyed. So pretty!

Hazelwood is the prefect romp around town sweater. It looks and feels good in all of it’s stripey coordinating goodness! I’m super excited to see all of the color combinations everyone comes up with for this sweater.

If you are anywhere near~Twisted PDX, The Fold, Natural Stitches ,The Fiber Gallery ~ you can see our BFL SPORT close up and in person.

As always if you need color selection help please do not hesitate to ask.

Hazelwood pattern (pre-sale)  is available on Ravelry


A shawl and a sale.

It is a beautiful day here in the ever enchanting Pacific Northwest. I’ve been diligently whittling away at my to do list for the day but for the past few hours all I have wanted to do is go outside and soak all of the glorious sunshine this day is dishing up. Unfortunately I  promised myself that this crazy long to do list would be a thing of the past by the end of that day . I am on a mission to complete it.

I am sorry for my absence here. My life took a pretty dramatic turn about a month or so ago and I have been adjusting to it all. I’ll tell you all about later this weekend. Today is for sunshine and silk and a very pretty shawl that I LOVE and a sale!









It feels like it’s time for a special, doesn’t it?  I was doing some sorting and organizing this past weekend (my best thinking task) and I came across my friend Sam’s Accumulate Shawlette that I just wear and wear and love  quite a bit.  I am sucker for holey knits, especially ones that have a rhyme or reason to them as Sam’s does. This shawl also holds a special place in my heart not only because it’s holey, or that Sam does, and she does, but also, because her design came from a skein of Silkie that she dyed in a dye class I taught. Sam is one of my favorite kind of students because she knows her own mind and speaks it!  I really like students that keep me on my toes.  Imagine my surprise and delight when Sam showed up for another class with this lovely shawl as her show’n tell. As a teacher  you want to see students take what you give them and make it their own.  I could not be more delighted with what Sam has created with all that what we explored together in dye class.

Since it is really and truly Spring here. It is. I kid you not.

See?!  spring


I want to have a little Spring Fling. So for a few weeks we have marked Silkie down from it’s regular $24.00 price to $18.00 plus Samantha has kindly offered us a discount of 15% on her lovely shawlette pattern, Accumulate. The code for you to use to redeem that is, LOVEBMFA .

We are going to run this special for a few weeks. If you would like color choosing help do not be shy I love to help with color choices. I think the paler more subdued ones are great in this piece but am really interested in seeing alternatives. A sultry raven one for evening might be fun. I can’t wait to see.  One of the best parts of color and knitting is to see all the different interpretations.


My very well worn and loved Silkie Accumulate is knit in Single Cell Dating Pool. I’m considering another one in Beach Glass, or…maybe Tomatillo, or…what about Orchid Queen? Oh dear. What’s a dyer to do? I’m in the barn all day tomorrow making new colors too so I can tell this is going to be a problem for me.

We will be adding some more colorways to Silkie tomorrow (Thursday).

Paula asked me to ask all of you Rockin’ Whorlers with any address changes to please email her those. You can email her directly

We have a few new exciting yarns coming soon so stay tuned!!

I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!









I love this picture!

A little Spring color!

The end of February, that time where most of us have just had it with winter. We are beyond ready to see, feel, smell and hear, any sign that Spring is just around the bend.  With all of the flippin’ freezing cold temps, snow, and ice that mother nature has given us ~ and is still ~ we are even more in need of a reminder of the light ( not snow white light) that is at the end of this frosty tunnel!

In lieu of the bright green of crocuses and daffodils we wish were peaking through the snow, of that delightful trill of bird song we long to hear, and the whiff of growing things we imagine is on the breeze, we have our Spring color line-up. I went for bright and happy with an emphasis on blooming love. You’ll find the list of our Spring brightness below.

I posted of picture of Saltwater Taffy on facebook and asked for name suggestions for it. Thanks to everyone who submitted names! There were some really good names. Although I thought Saltwater Taffy was the best name for the colorway I had posted I did think some of the other names worked well for some of the other hues!! So thanks all for the naming help. I do love naming the colorways and it’s just as much fun to have you all play along.



Coral’s Reef’er Madness



Jumping Jellybeans


Lady Grey


Lil’ Sprout

Mermaid Tears

Orchid Queen

Petticoat Junction

Retro Chic(k)


Saltwater Taffy

Sassy Pants

Silence of the Baa Baas

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


Sweet Cheeks Mowgli

Sweet Tart

I hope you like them!!


We are hoping to get our BFL Fingering back in stock next week. BFL is in high demand these days and we all know what happens when this is true. Yes, $$ go up. The price we pay is going up enough that we have to raise the price we charge. So starting next Monday both BFL Fingering and BFL Superwash Fingering will be $23.00 a skein. Still not too shabby for 405 yards of blue face goodness!

We will be shipping the first installment of the Rockin’ Whorl club next week. I wish I could show you what the barn looks like with a few hundred 8oz. bundles of roving painted in the same colorway hanging form the rafters. It’s so pretty and happy! I keep making excuses to myself to take breaks from paper work and walk into the barn.

We are experimenting this year with letting a very few our our yarn stores carry our yarns online. We are a small group of women making all of this color and yarn happen. So we are taking the slow and steady approach to all of this so every one is served to the best of our ability. Next week Allison of Simply Socks will have some Blue Moon on her site for a awhile. Allison and I see this happening a few times a year on specific yarns and colorways. I’m excited and honestly a little scared! We are also adding more Yarns stores to our ever expanding family so do check the list on our website!


Okay, I should go since my to do list today is terrifying! I hope everyone has a warm and cozy weekend!

So very much snow…

We’ve been closed since Friday due to WINTER!  I hope that by tomorrow it will have melted enough so that team Blue Moon can get here safe and sound.

Mother Nature sure is putting us all through our paces this year.

Hope everyone has been staying safe and warm!



A few things…

It’s getting late but it was my intention to post this morning and I am determined to not let this all go another day.  Paula is out sick, so I got to play at being Paula today. Actually I did on Monday too. Just between you and me I think this will be true for the rest of the week, so bear with us. I talked with her this evening and she sounded awful. Poor baby!!  Let’s all send her some get well vibes. It sucks to be sick.

It seems to me that there has been a lot more sick this year. Every time I turn around there’s another bug or two making the rounds. I wonder… maybe it’s the cold. Who knows? What I do know is that when you are a small business having even one person out sick is a stress and usually it does not stop there, it makes the rounds.  We’ve gotten to the point this year that if one of us so much as sneezes we break out all of our remedies and wipe the place down. It’s quite a sight really. Before I sat at Paula’s desk to work this morning I asked Denise where the disinfectant was and she said not to worry they already wiped it down. I love practical women!

So my dear Paula take care of yourself, rest and get better. We miss you tons. I will try my best do do your job as competently and graciously as you do! ( I can hear you laughing.)

Okay now for our latest news!

Madrona is right around the corner and even though we are not going to have a Blue Moon booth, we are very pleased to announce that one of our new LYS’s, The Fiber Gallery, is going to have a nice selection of our yarns, including a ton of Socks that Rock in some  hot new spring colorways!!  We hope you will stop by and welcome the Fiber Gallery to the Blue Moon LYS family!!   I hope everyone has a grand time. Have a little extra fun for me I will miss seeing all the wonderful knitters that I love.

Speaking of new additions to our LYS team, I have a few more to mention Please welcome in Vancouver B. C. Maiwa a store full of all kinds of wonder. Maiwa is our first not just yarn store.  Do check out their website and see all the treasure and beauty they offer, especially the Symposium they put on every year that is overflowing with talented artisans from all over the planet.

Last, but most certainly not least is (Are you ready because it’s pretty exciting?) our very first European LYS,  L’OisiveThé, Salon de Thé in Paris.   We have spread our wings, flown to Paris and straight into one of the loveliest yarn stores on the planet.  Thank you Kate for calling this summer and gently suggesting (telling) me I had to put my yarn here. I’m delighted and hope Aimee is too!  Look for L’OisiveThé  and Socks that Rock at stand  B8.3  at L’Aiguille en Fête 2014 this next week.

We will be adding LYS’s  more and more so if you have a local yarn store you’d like to see our yarn in please do drop me a line at

I spent the weekend in the barn cooking up all sorts of new colorways and design ideas! I can’t wait to show you! I was hoping to so do this week but it might have to wait til Paula is back next week. I’ll post a picture of the whole lot tomorrow!

Ok I am going to give this a look over for typos. I’m as good at typos as I am at color!

Sweet dreams!


This yarn is all kinds of wonderful. I could wax poetic about the lovely hand it has and how the only reason you want your knit experience to end is so you can wear it as close to your skin as you can get it. It’s so very soft, with loft from the yak and just enough strength from our silk friend. The best testimonial comes from the adorable Rachel one of Twisted PDX’s lovely worked bees (Twistedista’s) who did a test knit it for us. In her words: “This yarn is maybe one of the best things I’ve ever touched…”  When I brought in Twisted’s first order of YAKSI, I had to gently remind the staff that there was more where that came from or there would have been not a skein left for their customers. As a maker and seller of yarn this is the best testimonial. Colorwise, it’s an exciting dye for me because it starts all yakky brown and heathery before I add my color sense to it. So much fun.

We are offering YAKSI in 8 of our Shaded Solids to start with. 60% Wool/ 20% Yak/  20% Cultivated Silk

Our initial supply is limited so we are offering to you at a special “look we have a wonderful new yarn” price!

We think you’ll agree Rachel, Shannon, all the Twistedista’s and Team Blue Moonies that YAKSI is a must knit.

Tuin from Twist Collective

Its always exciting when a new Twist Collective gets released, and this issue is no different, full of beautiful patterns. Tori Seierstad has created a stunning colorwork yoked sweater named Tuin for Twist Collective, Winter 2013 from our soft and cozy Targhee Worsted yarn. You can find the downloadable pattern here:

Kate Gilbert from Twist collective had a particular delft blue in mind for this sweater, so I created just the right shaded solid color for her…and of course named it Kate’s Blue. The Jengu used as the contrast color is from our Spirits collection and is spirited from the color blue, so it is a very, very pale echo of the Kate’s Blue and they are lovely together. While we love this sweater in these original colors, there are lots of fun colorways that you could pair up to create your own special sweater. All photos from Twist Collective, by Linus Ouellet.

tuin_d_500 tuin_c_500 tuin_a_500



Balas Ruby Raglan by Vera Sanon in Knitscene Spring 2014

Vera Sanon is a prolific designer of many elegant designs and this one is no different. A modern interpretation of a baseball tee with a lace bodice and luscious yarn, this pattern uses our Gaea Sport yarn made from 100% organic merino wool in Help Us Rhonda and Everyday Gray. You can find this pattern in the Spring 2014 issue of Knitscene magazine, out on newstands January 14th. All photos from Knitscene Magazine by Nathan Rega of Harper Point Photography.

Zaria by Shannon Squire

The newest Knitty has lots of lovely patterns, but the Zaria shawl is our favorites, and not just because it uses our Socks that Rock Mediumweight yarn! It was designed by one of our besties….Shannon Squire and is  a simple and yet interesting to knit asymetrical shawl that makes the most of a highly variegated colorway with a contrasting solid. You can find the free pattern here:

Shannon knit the original in Mossley Manly with Pond Scum and also did another in Farmhouse with Sunstone. JJ has big plans to knit one in Tempest and Thraven. What about Antiquated System with Bleck, Bittersweet, or Spawn of Scum? Maybe Waltzing Lobelia and What’saabi, Marina, KMBFLA or HRH Princess of Purple Violetta is more to your liking? Smoky Mountain Morning with Single Cell Dating Pool, Pining 4 Ewe and Tempest would be elegant. Ginger Plum-licious with Spores, Smoke on the Water, Ochroid, Poupon, Help us Rhonda, or Cranberry Bogged would be fun to knit. How about Beach Glass with Hazy Shade of Blue, Shoqua, China Rose, or Sadie Sue? Possibly Grayple and Raspberry Mousse, Scum Bubbles, Ochroid, HRH Princess of Purple Violetta, Tina’s Silver Lining or Purple Phantom? I love to help people choose colors for their projects, so if none of these are quite what you are looking for, just send me an email at! All photos courtesy of Stefan Lombard, Shannon’s honey bunches.

Zaria3 Zaria1 Zaria5 Zaria4

Sheep and Wool

As almost every knitter on the planet knows this weekend is the New York Sheep and Wool Festival which means hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of fiber folk will be descending into Rhinebeck New York for all kinds of wooly fun. I’m only slightly jealous. (yeah right?)

It’s been great fun hearing about everyone’s sweater projects.  I can’t wait to see pics of them all. This morning I watched Gale Zuckerman’s video of the pictures she’s taken over past few years of all the sweater glory at Rhinebeck.  If you have’t seen it it’s worth a watch. It’s quite wonderful.

As I mentioned last week we have a very special colorway that I created just for Rhinebeck this year. Little Bo Peep will be at The Fold’s booth(Building B booth 32/33 ) for as long as supplies last. Along with as much color wonder as we could cram into Toni’s trailer.  I do believe we sent her all of the new colors!  We are selling Little Bo Peep on the website this weekend in case Toni runs out and also, for those of us who can’t attend.

Toni has all kinds of fun and beautiful samples with her. One of the new ones is a shawl in our Marine Silk Sport that is particularly lovely.

Port Moody  by Sarah Hedges

In Marine Silk…Mustang Sally, PDX Rose City and Porcini













and in BFL Sport … In the Navy, Chillazin’ and Deep Unrelenting Grey ( I think)

IMG_2816_small2image_small2 image_small2-1

















So very pretty!!

I love these color combination Sarah and Toni came up with.  Elegant and classy!

I hope everyone attending Rhinebeck has a grand ol’ time. For everyone else we’ll be running a special on Marine Silk Sport if you’d like to give Sarah’s Port Moody a knit. I love the name of this shawl so much.  It might be that I am living in a house brimming with young women at the moment that I feel like I’m moored at Port Moody.  The sale commences now and will go until Sunday night at midnight (Pacific time). For some strange reason, yet unknown reason, we could not get out coupon code system to work this morning so we just took the 10% off the regular price. So the discount has already been taken off. You don’t need to type in a code.

If we don’t have it offered in one of our colorways that your heart desires, do let us know. As always I am your color servant and am available to help you choose hues.

We successfully migrated all of our stuff to a new server.  A HUGE thanks to Narayan and the great folks at BlackMesh for making it so and to Jess and Paula for testing the knots out of it. Thanks guys!


It’s still a great shawl!