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Rose City Yarn Crawl!!!

When the sun rises here in Blue Moon-land it slowly climbs over the hills, breaking down and over into the fields and finally peaking through the tress, down the drive and right smack dab into the barn the two sets of double glass doors that are the front of the dye barn.











As you an see it affords us with many lovely sunlit woolly moments that just warms the heart and inspires the soul!

Since we are speaking of inspiration and delight I spotted this on my walk yesterday. We are rich with pussy willows especially down my the river where I like to walk. It is that time of year wear for their fuzzy selves to shed their covers.  Luckily I happened upon these as they were still shedding their shells. Look at their little caps!!! So cute!










Is everyone getting excited for next weekend?? The Rose City Yarn Crawl Portland’s knit extravaganza is finally upon us! We have been dyeing so much yarn for Twisted  that we all have been wondering where the heck they are going to put it.  So when I showed up early this week with yet more yarn (and yet more today) and was met with boxes and boxes of Blue Moon yarn and lots of Twistedista’s unpacking and inventory it all I got a small glimpse of to the, hows and where. It was quite the sight I will tell you. It looked a lot like the dye barn had exploded on Twisted and in a way I guess it has. As you can see everyone was enlisted to help!











I designed two colorways for Twisted inspired by this years theme ~ ” Oregon Grows Great Things”.

Leapin’ Lupines for all of the beautiful wild lupines that grow pretty much everywhere here. I know along Hwy 30 they are all along the roadside on the the sides of the hills. So pretty! One of my favorite flowers.











Photo Credit: Rose City Yarn Crawl

I do not think you can have a conversation about what Oregon grows without considering mosses and lichens, since they basically grow everywhere on just about everything here in this part of Oregon.  I secretly (and firmly) believe if one were to stand still long enough you would find yourself with a lovely green mossy coat. One of Portland’s other growing super powers is most definitely our hipster vibe which I translated into the plaid aspect of our colorway by how the colors play out when it crochets/knits up. All  of which gives us a Mossy Plaid Portland which makes this Oregonian’s heart sing green!








Photo Credit: Rose City Yarn Crawl

I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed creating them. I love how well they worked in the two stunning that  Kat and Megan created.  I love both of these designs. Kat’s is quite elegant and if I were a lupine I would be feeling the love right now. Such a pretty lace panel.
I do not often say this but Megan’s shawl makes we wish I was a more talented crocheter because I would be starting to crochet one right now. So much fun.









Photo Credit: Rose City Yarn Crawl

 Oregon Lupine Shawl designed by Katherine Leek 












Photo Credit: Rose City Yarn Crawl

Oregon Moss Shawl by Megan Parrish










So after lots and lots of talking and some number crunching with have made the hard decision of saying goodbye to our light and lovely BFL Fingering. We love this yarn but it is not the easiest thing for the mill to do and well… sometimes you just have to let things go. Which we are choosing to do at this point time.

We have about 150 pounds left in stock which is a fair amount when you are a light and lofty fingering weight yarn. We have marked it down to form 23.50 to 13.50.  A pretty sweet deal. I know I am going to add a fair amount to my stash since it makes such a light and lovely shawl.

Do you remember the super fun KAL we did a few years ago with Star Athena’s Interval?








Photo Credits: Star Athena

and then there’s the holey goodness that is Shannon’s  Vernonia


















Our BFL  sale will last as long as the yarn does.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.


We have been having a little extra fun lately and I thought maybe you would like a glimpse into our super wooly and very colorful world.

The two sock club colorways Sprinkles and Shannanogins inspired us in many ways. I walked into the barn one afternoon and was met with  this!


I knew  they were us to something because every time I walked in there was giggling and whispering.

So…we could not leave Sprinkles out of the fun. Seriously you don’t want colorway animosity. And  since my buddy Karen was here who is one of the designers for the January sock club of course we had to have cupcakes with some sprinkles on top! I mean really we are not heathens.


Please be assured no cupcakes were harmed, they were consumed but not harmed!

So much fun!!

We also might have built a bit of a bit of a pyramid, a triangle really, with the Shannanogins colorway. Cause why wouldn’t you? You have to pile it anyway might as well be creative with it.


And then there was Tutu Day! Thanks to Kalia wh0 is Blue Moon’s CFO (Chief Fun Officer) .

You can see from this picture why Kalia is our CFO. She’s a but of an imp!














Shipping fairy Paula

Shipping fairy Paula

It’s amazing how much wearing a tutu to work changes your outlook and your day!

Two of our dye elves Jess and Aimee.

Two of our dye elves Jess and Aimee












Brandy and Kalia checking in yarn and making mini skeins.

Brandy and Kalia checking in yarn and making mini skeins.













Aimee and Kalia doing some skein aerobics. Don't worry it's a mill-end all skeins are treated with love and kindness!

Aimee and Kalia doing some skein aerobics. Don’t worry it’s a mill-end. All skeins are treated with love and kindness they so richly deserve.










Sarah and Kalia have all the yarn packed and leaving for the day. Brandy too but she is hiding.

Sara and Kalia have all the yarn packed and leaving for the day. Brandy too but she is hiding.










Sarah as our Love is a Battlefield colorway!

Sara as our Love is a Battlefield colorway!












Brandy and Jess being their lovely selves!

Brandy and Jess being their lovely selves!

I have such a great team and this isn’t even all of them. Becky was out sick and Debra off having an adventure.

Know that you yarn is not only infused with color and all other wooly goodness but also a great deal of love and joy!

Have a great weekend.

Sock for Busy B’s


Socks for Busy B’s

by Shannon Squire

A fun collection of go-to simple and sassy sock patterns for the knitter that is on the move!!







Life pulls us in all kinds if directions and usually all that same time. The last thing we want or need from our knitting projects is more pressure. What are the best sock type of knitting that takes no time, are fun and great to wear? Anklets! They are the perfect low pressure sock knitting. So… if you find yourself feeling bogged down by your current project and you need a little break then put it in ones of those lovely bags you have and cast on these lovely anklets. They will literally fly off your needles with the Flying Geese pattern along the top, and the back cuff which add a nice visual and knitterly interest.

Knit in our super bouncey and fun~fun~fun Tigger Targhee in Nyame



A fun reverse stockinette stitch path up the front, and an easy toe-up design, Stolen Moments are perfect for those little times in our very busy lives when we need to be somewhere, but don’t actually need to BE there. Knit in Sock that Rock Lightweight. Colorway Shown here is: It’s a Supernatural Thing!

Make that a knit-moment and take it for you. You are worth it!



We all have way too many irons in our personal fires and feel the pressure of all that heat.  Smithy is a great pattern for letting off some of the daily steam of life and maybe channeling your inner blacksmith. So…put another iron in your knitterly fire an cast on these socks for a little peace of mind. They knit up quickly, with an easy-to-memorize chevron pattern that is elevated by that highly variegated skein of Sock that Rock Lightweight that’s been winking at you from your stash.  Colorway shown here is: Shabby Chic Oasis

Three delightful toe-up sock patterns that are not only perfect for those wee bits of time we all have – waiting for this, killing time until that… but are also fun knits and seriously cool socks!

These lovelies are available individually for $5, or as a set for $11.

Photo Credits: Stefan Lombard