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A week and then some!

This week did not have the best start for me.

You know when you’ve made all kinds of awesome plans and… it’s a three day weekend, and one of your besties is coming for a long visit, and you are going to one of your favorite events of the season Art in the Pearl, and you are so excited and have been looking forward to it for months. You know that kind of excitement?! You know what happens next right? Big fat buckets of rain kind of thunderstorm on my parade. I woke up Saturday morning with a very painful, red and hot arm (the one they took all the lymph out of) . I had cellulitus!! Argh!!!! Turns out when you have lymphedema like I do, you are more susceptible. Sigh. Sick as the proverbial dog. Luckily for me my oh so wonderful buddy was here. She took such good care of me.  (Thank you Karen!!)  I don’t know what I would have done without her. I have not been that sick in awhile.

So it has colored my week a little as far as energy goes. The antibiotic has worked wonders though and I am almost as good as I was last Friday! Pretty surreal.

One of the things I was going to do last weekend was make new colors. So that is why there are no new colors this week. Sorry!

I am working on them this weekend so they should be ready to go next week.

In the meantime look at this Heirloom Tomato Jam on our Panda top. It looks good enough to eat doesn’t it?



Spinzilla is quickly approaching so if you have not already stocked up we have an offer for you. 10% off any of our spinning fibers from now onto October 3rd.

The code is spinzilla2016

Speckles on roving are seriously wonderful!!! So pretty! When my arm is all better I am going to dye myself some Heckley Speckley in our yak blend or maybe the BFL Mix. Hm… .


One of the other fun Knit-a-long events of the season is Socktober. I showed you our Witchypoo and Socktberfest colorways in last week blog post.  Our very own long time sock club member, RAV gorup moderator and all around lovely knitter, Crist Payne (turtlegirl76) is designing a pattern for the Socktober fun and games.

Here is an in progress picture with it knit in Socktoberfest.










She is calling it her Slip Stripe Sock. I love that slipped stitch on the side of the rib!!! I can’t wait to see it in Witchypoo Rides Again!

Speaking of the sock club we are at one of our  discount deadlines. If you have not used you discount code for the year the 15% part of it expires on the 15th of September. The code is the in the January dyer’s notes.








This lovely photo is courtesy of Terri O’Brien who owns Feather Your Nest in Sarnia Ontario. She has a thing, as do I, for our Targhee Worsted. The colorway she is using is Blackbird. Terri will be at the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter’s Fair this Saturday and she will have some of our yarns with her, including the Targhee.


I will leave you with this oh so charming thought for the day.

Karen is knitting a cowl out of our Crackpaca. She posted this picture and description on her instagram feed the other day. She had me at kittens and puppies but then the making smores with them in your lap? Perfection!