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We are here!!

I realized this week when a few of you emailed asking if I was okay that maybe it had been awhile since I posted.  I am fine. We are fine. Actually we are all kinds of wonderful just super busy with new worker bees and the training that is involved with new dyers.

We have two new dyers Karen and Kelsie  that at least in my book are keepers! It also makes our team out here; Me (Tina), Kalia, Sarah, Crystal, Karen and Kelsie.  So much hard C and K sounds. Sarah and I are the odd ones out which in all honestly totally fits! Always the odd duck. Anyway training new dyers is a whole lot of work and we had a few that kind of floundered in the dye pot before these two gems waltzed in. It feels like a team again and I can’t tell you how thrilled we all are!

Thrilled enough to make new color and bring in a few new yarns kind of thrilled.







Colorway shown here is: Calla

Actually the yarn is one we carried eons ago. It was one of the first ones I added in after Woobu. I loved the texture of it and how it took color. I was still a bit of a new knitter at the time and I felt like this yarn with all of it thick and thin ripples did most of the work for me. Seriously with all of that texture and color I could just knit and end up with a stunning fabric!

So here we are right before the holidays where we are going to hit deadlines our knit optimism signed us up for.  We all are going to run out of time since time is that commodity none of  us seem to have enough of or decide at the very last moment that  hell yeah I am so going to knit Aunt Jenny a cowl, she so deserves a hand knit.

It is at this point that our bulky yarns are our best friends. I could knit a cowl at of Ripple in an evening with the right netflix and some coffee. You can knit this on anything from an size 10 ( if you are a loose knitter) to a 13. I recommend needle sizes about 10 so you can really appreciate the play between the thicker and thinner parts of this yarn and the looser you knit the more that Ripple does it job.









Here are a few patterns I thought would work so well!

Nonaperiel by our own Karen Alfke

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 9.32.24 AM








Superb Infinity Scarf by Anne Gagnon

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 9.43.55 AM









Soft and Cozy Infinity Scarf by Mary Englar

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 9.53.54 AM










You could also old school it and be super creative, choose a simple stitch pattern and do a little math and swatch and design your own. I want something long that I can wrap around a few times because this yarn is so very soft. I wore the skein wrapped around few a few days! Yes it is that soft and pretty!!










Seriously cozy!!!

So we brought in a short run of our Ripple to see how you like it so don’t wait too long. Trust me you are so going to want to knit with this and then wear it. That probably is the only drawback is if you are gift knitting you might want to get another for yourself !!

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. As you can see Team Blue Moon had some fun!









Kalia and Sarah were on fire ALL day!!

Too much fun!

I’ll leave you with this new beauty and then I am off to run errands!!