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Short and sweet!

First of all Happy Lunar New Year!!

I was going  to write a lengthy share today but…we have so much snow. Up to my knees at the moment and what usually happens when we get this much is we loose power which means I can’t work and there is no shipping. I actually doubt USPS will make it here anyway since they would be hard pressed to get down the drive.

So I just wanted to put that note here. In case we do and you hear nothing I am fine, all is well, just seriously snowed in.

It is quite beautiful and very peaceful. The chickens are seriously not happy but the bunnies are loving it. Which I will say I did not know about rabbits.

I am diligently working on all of your orders. I really appreciate your patience and support.

To those who have called and emailed and sent notes thank you so very much for taking the time to reach out. It’s just wonderful to hear from you. Also those of you sharing on instagram thank you so much knit and crochet goodness!

I will check in when all of this winter storm business has passed.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other!!!