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Bunny Day!

















Happy Easter Sunday from all of us here at Blue Moon Fiber Arts and bunny farm! I was hoping to have chicks to add to this mix today but they did not hatched yet.

It’ been quite a beautiful few weeks here in the Pacific Northwest which I have been fully enjoying. So much light and warmth good for the soul. Also yarn dries faster. hehe








Speaking of yarn… . I almost don’t want to say this out loud because I feel like it tempts the powers that be to wreak havoc. However… I am going to because it feels so good. Within the next three weeks I expect to be caught up within the 15 business day schedule so fingers crossed that nothing gets in the way of that. Also I am scheduled to get my first vaccine today at 4:00 so pretty I am excited about that!!

IMG_7517 (1)


I am so excited about being caught up. Such a stress. I feel so good about it that I have actually created a few new colorways. Yeah that kind of excited.

I am going to change up the colors on the website. I’m a little tired of dyeing some of these. So…if you want them order this weekend.


I do not know if you remember but last time I raised prices I said that I was not raising them as much as they were raised on us since it was too big of a jump and it felt unfair.’s that time to raise them. And yes that does include the sock yarn. It won’t happen for at least a week so you have time if you want to order before I do.

I am also going to discontinue Comet within the next week. I brought it in as a short run and for me it has run it’s course.

On the good yarn news front I think I have found a new BFL yarn which I am pretty excited about!!! So stay tuned for this late Spring. I am so excited about this.I also think I have talked the new mill into a BFL mix yarn and Tigger!! So do please send good creating yarn vibes this way. It’ not easy to get mills to branch out right now.

If there are nay colors or themes you would like to see me work new colors into let me know. I am working on music related ones right now. I have rediscovered my musical mojo ( starting life as a musician) . I am going to make a few playlists to share with everyone soonish. Oh and I am on flickr if you want to see pics. I have been quiet there for a few months but have started to photograph more.

A good friend recently told me I need to get back to social media that I am missed. I am honestly not sure that is true but I do plan to revisit it all soon. I do¬† have a few issues about social media as a performative platform that is not real so I am trying to work my hear around how this would look for me and Blue Moon.If you have thoughts you’d liek to share with me I would love to hear them.

Okay I need to go rinse out out everything I dyed yesterday and hang it to dry before I head out to the airport for my vaccine.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

PS I ran across this picture of me in my 20’s and thought I would share. My hair has never ever cooperated. UGH!