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Garment Yarn Special

Okay so I have been chuckling about this since I sent out that email on Saturday.                                                                                    Actually I had a feeling as I was adding all the bases to the coupon code on the website. As I added each of the bases to the code I wanted to include in this “Garment Yarn”  special I kept thinking what makes each one specifically for garments.Is there really such a thing as a garment specific yarn anymore.


Basically, I had wanted to steer clear of a few yarns because I am waiting on shipments that are a wee bit late. Also the sock yarns went up in pricing again so I can’t really discount them at the moment. Pretty much any yarn can be used to knit a garment. Do I think you might regret choosing a very fine lace-weight silk like our Silk Thread to knit a cardigan out of yes, I do. However, it does not mean it’s impossible ~you certainly can give it a go. I sure do not want to be the one to limit someone’s creativity. I am that child that totally ignored the lines when coloring. And that right there is what I was finding so very amusing. Well, that and the fact that I know one needs to be specific on these kind of things. Communicate well Newton!!!

I knew as I hit send on that email I should probably qualify what I meant but I let it go and moved onto shipping what I could get out before USPS showed up. She tends to come early on Saturday.


Now that I have answered a fair amount of emails about what bases are included I am putting a list of them here and will be send out another email with that list.

I am sorry.

I know better. Ya know some of us just need to be hit over the head a time or two extra to get it!  LOL

The SPECIAL runs to the 8th . The codes is: garmentyarnspecial and it’s a  15% discount

Yaksi and Yaksi Fingering
Targhee Worsted
Silky Victoria
La Luna Dk
La Luna Fingering and La Luna Lace
Aspen Worsted
Aspen Sport
SilkMO Lace

ALL Rovings are included in this! Got an extra bump so….lots and lots of Targhee!!!

I would like to say, that while it’s true that pretty much any yarn could be considered a garment yarn it does not mean they should be. As much as I believe in not limiting vision and creativity I also believe in using the yarn that is going to give you the best outcome no matter what you are knitting. And some of these yarns are better suited for garments because of the fibers used to make them and how they are spun!!!












My current favorite yarns for sweaters and such are Targhee Worsted, Aspen Sport and Worsted, Silky Victoria, Aria and the La Luna’s. Someone is bound to ask!

Anyway there you are!

Hope everyone is hanging in there!

Take care!!

And just because here is my Felix who is so very loving and absolutely ridiculous! He does this ALL the time. Silly boy!