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Important Vendor Insurance info

We have taken the amount of coverage that you need down to what we feel is more reasonable.

We are doing this even though we have been advised otherwise.

I again think this is lack of knitterly understanding we are up against.

If you have already sent us your contract no worries I will change it to reflect this new amount.

We are also looking into other insurance over-writers to see if we can find a more reasonable one.

It is my goal to have this settled this coming week and have this information out to you.

I apologize for the confusion and any undue upset or stress this might have caused any of you.

Also we are having some bounce backs when we send emails so if you email addy has changed since you contacted us please send us the new one.

thanks for your patience

  1. Alice in the Heartland #

    I’m wondering if anyone out there (i.e. Oregon) has Berkshire Hathaway connections and could contact Warren Buffett about the insurance concerns? Not being a vendor and not knowing what you’re up against this is just a left field suggestion. Want you to know I’m paying some attention to what you post here Tina. Hugs to everyone there. I’m practicing my lever knitting and my spinning. How was Rosie’s concert experience? More hugs, Alice

    November 30, -0001
  2. Help! Please answer! I have been emailing for a vendor contract to sock summit. I was approved as a vendor but never received the password to access the contract! If you do not want me as a vendor, JUST PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I am fully insured! Thanks!

    November 30, -0001

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