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a thousand words worth

Isn’t that how it goes? A picture is worth a thousand words.


I am hoping this is in fact true. I have been trying to find some quiet moments to share with you all that is going on here.  From all the beautiful knitting we are receiving for the museum, the stories and the community spirit that is creating it,


to seeing the banners and sign in front of the Convention Center,


to receiving the Proclamation from the Mayor declaring next week Sock Knitting week in Portland,


to all the meetings and the work, the seemingly never ending work.


Top it off with a bit of hysteria laced terror and well what a ride.

Steph and I keep equating this experience with childbirth. The similarities are exact and we are now in the pushing phase and pretty soon we are going to have a brand spanking new little Sock Summit. 


Uh OH here comes another one gotta go

the best 15 minutes

…in a long time.  Actually, more like 30 minutes that I just spent approving entries in the Dye for Glory contest on Ravelry.  I read all the stories and inspiration and looked at all the stunning colorways. Holy smokes dyers, you so rocked this out. I laughed and cried ( despite what Steph says I do not do this all the time) and I am heartwarmed and tickled and just thrilled.There is local color (yeah stumptown!) and those that are traveling that have made the connection between where they are and the road they are taking to be here. All the different ways we are inspired and how we translate that into color onto yarn and then…well, knitted goodness.

Look at this!  Seriously this is really is quite extraordinary…don’t you think? I do and I think I might be a bit head over heels with every single one of you.

Thank you

p.s. Thank you Casey, Jess and Mary-Heather for helping us celebrate this diverse colorful world of ours.

SS09 Volunteers

We are in that last stretch and are still in need of volunteers to help with make the Sock Summit all swatched out.

So all of you that offered in the beginning and we asked you to wait your time is now. Jump on board this train of knit glory with us, it is quite the ride.

We have all kinds of fun jobs we need help with from ticket taking, registration, teacher helpers, demo area sitters, bookstore… see all kinds.

email me at and we will hook you up.


p.s. shhhh don’t say it out loud but have you looked at the calender lately.

a good day

to dye






Seriously contented dyer.