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We are off and running with the first day of the first ever Knot Hysteria event. Kind of exciting, maybe kind of also a little bit nerve wracking but hey certainly exciting. You would think that after that whole Sock Summit thing that this would not be true but there you have it. A veritable walk in the park right?  Thousand of knitters versus forty knitters. Certainly on the organizing stress’o’meter scale it does not compare. Still making something lovely and educational and fun and respectful so that everyone’s needs are met and their experience is positive does fall on someone’s shoulders and when you are organizer well… there you have it.

Soon Port Ludlow will be over run with knitters and this aspect we enjoy immensely. The staff here refers to us as “ the knitters” and some of them have even learned to knit because they think we are such a fun group.  Julie showed us her first project last night and she was so proud and it was a beautiful scarf that was very, very well knit. We will need to hook her up with some better yarn though. hmmm I wonder how we are going to do that.

ok… Morgaine is waiting for our help to set up her booth so this is brief and mostly to tell you that today JoAnn is adding the spinning fibers to the website and the 15% off sale starts today and goes until November 18th

(right JoAnn??) We decided to start the online sale this weekend so everyone had something fun this weekend.

Everything is on sale except Gift Certificates.

This is the code you need for the sale: holiday2009 (Enter this during checkout in the discount coupon redemption box)

Happy Shopping