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Just a little Green.

My roots run deep and green.  Being of predominantly Irish heritage, today is a day we happily celebrate here with great joy and colourful abandon. 

My grandfather’s favourtie good bye accompanied by a pat on the back and hearty handshake.

Dance as if no one were watching,

Sing as if no one were listening,

And live every day as if it were your last.

And … just a little random green moments to honour the day:


A very merry manly green.


A lovely Shannon in her cozy green cowl.


Maybe a bit of walking in green.


Most certainly spinning some green.


Most definitely draped in green.


Where would we be without a little geeky green?


And of course goddess of green. Pond Scum.


Some of us like to eat our greens.


Mother Nature the reigning queen of green. Spiky sacry green, slimy oceany green, growing green, flying shimmery green … .


Green sings.  Can you hear it?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May you always have

Walls for the winds,

A roof for the rain,

Tea beside the fire,

Laughter to cheer you,

Those you love near you,

And all your heart might desire!

  1. All hail to the Queen of Green!! Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Wishing you a day filled with great luck and good fortune, and a rainbow behind every cloud…we are in Oregon!!

    I believe I do recognize that sweet green dragonfly!!! Love him!!



    November 30, -0001
  2. Hazel Smith #

    Just got back from a lunch of Irish stew, soda bread, bread pudding. We were entertained by young Irish dancers and singers. Unfortunately, it was in a church basement so we had to wait until we got back to my house to indulge in something stronger than tea or coffee. Happy St. Paddy’s day, Tina, to you and all the Blue Moon crew. I raise my glass to you all!

    November 30, -0001
  3. Alice in the Heartland #

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day right back at ya!

    Wish I could show you the moss garden from the gardens on Bainbridge Island. Awesome greens there.

    November 30, -0001
  4. Barbara Stoner #

    Oh very pretty green pics. Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you too!

    November 30, -0001
  5. Naomi #

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all.  I live one block away from the Granville St. Mall strip here in downtown Vancouver, BC where all the clubs and pubs are – including several Irish ones.  They will shut the street down for several blocks starting today right through the weekend for full on partying in the street and closing with a parade on Sunday.  They usually paint a green stripe down the middle of the street that eventually gets washed away with the rain.

    Because I live in the banana belt of the Pacific NW, there is always some green around, even in winter.  But it is always lovely to see the new greens that come with spring – the ones that poke their heads out of the ground or that spring from tree branches.  Many of the leaves that unfurl themselves do so in and amongst the many many cherry blossoms that festoon our lovely city for 4-6 weeks out of every year.  Spring is such a blessing, a time of renewing that feeds the soul and wakes it up from the doldrums of grey winter days.

    Here’s to spring and all things green on this St. Paddy’s Day.



    November 30, -0001
  6. KT #

    I spun my 8.5 oz of Greens, which I bought at Madrona.  It made a pretty banging 3 ply.  Now spinning 24 oz of Flaxed in Polworth, which will be 2 ply.  One the the most beautiful BMFA colors, ever.

    May the wind always be at your back…


    November 30, -0001
  7. Thanks for all the greens, Tina. I needed them. There is a lot of gray and brown and still some white here! 

    I did see my first crocus and daffodil buds yesterday, though… so there is hope.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, from one woman of Ireland to another!

    November 30, -0001
  8. Dawn #

    Hey, I wore that Pond Scum shawl today!

    You must be psychic.

    I do love your greens!!

    Hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day!

    November 30, -0001
  9. Did I hear Pond Scum??? When I tell people that is my absolutely favorite color, they look at me as if I were demented.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    In New Orleans, they have a parade on Magazine Street and throw cabbages and green shamrock beads. We would put the corned beef to boil and go out on the balcony to catch some cabbages to cook with it. I was young and fetching and wore pond scum green shirts, plus I can yell really loud. We would be bombarded with cabbages from parade level. All terribly amusing until several strong Irishmen lobbed cabbages at the same time. I caught one, another broke my nose (blood all over the pond scum green shirt), and still another went through both sashes of the 150 year old windows behind me. From that year on, we caught our cabbages at street level. Although any Irishman who can grab you gets a free kiss on their day. Usually, a rather beery kiss.

    November 30, -0001
  10. Thanks for all the great pictures!

    C’mon Spring!

    November 30, -0001
  11. Hazel Smith #

    “The Herve Leger dress like bandage sexy dress”:

    Is this going to be required apparel for Sock Summit?(lol) We’d all kook like mummies.

    November 30, -0001
  12. Val #

    Loved the photos Tina, especially the slimy oceany green…can you tell me what that is a photo of exactly?  I have never seen a creature like that one…absolutely must have that colour in some spinning fiber I think…is there a Blue Moon color called “slimy Ocean?”

    November 30, -0001
  13. Nebraska Knitter #

    Thanks for the green in the photos.  I think everyone is looking for a little Spring.  I loved the photo at the top of the website.  Did you plant vegetation in that boot?  Also, what is the name of the pattern green shawl with the triangle – like lace motif?  I like the way it drapes over the shoulders.

    November 30, -0001
  14. I like bright T-shirt with cool print.

    November 30, -0001

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