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Ravi KAL coupon code extension.

A little news before before breaking out my spinning wheel and starting my Tour de Fleece spinning for the day. On the docket for today is one of my new colouways that I’ve been wanting to spin since it rolled off the dye table.


Marmalade Skies in Polwarth.

I’m also hoping to use these hues to lure my Sophie’s, best friend Claire, into our spinning ways.  She’s almost there, she just needs that small nudge that is colours she loves spinning into yarn and rolling onto that bobbin. I know she just won’t be able to resist herself.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

There should be some sort of universal sound that you hear when a new spinner or knitter is made. You know… like the bells when an angel gets their wings.

Wonder what it would be? Hmm….

The news is that we’ve decided to extend the Ravi kal coupon until July 5th and to make it good for 2 uses instead on the initial one. There are knitters late to the party and we don’t want then to feel left out. No one likes feeling left out.

We made it good to use two times, because everyone is loving this kal so much so, that some of you want to knit more than one.

Yeah Carol!!

Code and details are at Stolen Stitches

Ok off to try rooster wrangling one more time alone before I enlist help. It’s way harder than I thought it would be. If I had a dollar for every time I said that statement I could build that mill I want so bad.

Hope everyone has a fun fibery weekend!

Dyeing not dead.

You know it’s been a long time since you reared your head and blogged, tweeted or really did anything resembling communication when, you start getting emails asking if you’re dead or alive. I am alive and kicking and thanks for asking.  I am just crazy busy, the kind of busy that makes you feel every once in awhile like you’re one of those spinning tops you had as a kid. Remember those bright metal tops with the pretty colours and the handle on the top, that you push and push and push, until the top is spinning and whistling. Yeah that’s me. Unfortunately, I’m the pusher and the spinner.  I can’t whistle worth a damn though.

Because some dumb ass (that would be me) scheduled the Gourmet Retreat the same weekend as Black Sheep Gathering, we’ve been prepping for two shows, not one. I know, right? It’s quite a miracle really, that the marvelous, talented, beautiful, generous and….(the list goes on and on) women who work here with me, have not left me to fend for myself.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am that they have not. 

And speaking of those women, guess what? Our Paula is back with us. Sometimes things do not quite work out the way we plan or hope they do. This was true for Paula and Tom so they read the writing on the wall, took the hint and are back in their beloved Oregon to stay. We are thrilled!

We also have Becky back, who was out for a couple of months recovering from hand surgery. Ouch!

Our new design coordinator, Deb Accuardi stepped up to fill Becky’s shoes as best as she could and we are forever grateful to her for the wonderful job she did. Thank you Deb!

Lots of comings and goings leading to a few ups and downs and now settling back into some semblance of what we know as normal around here.

We’ve put in a Blue Moon community garden and a dye garden, although, I swear, if we don’t get some sun soon, it will all seem for naught. We built a chicken coop that is a bit of a palace and filled it with the loveliest group of chickens. I can’t tell you how delightful it is to walk out the door to go to the barn and be met by a bunch of funny fowl.

I’ve been busy making new colourways and designing new yarns. The colourways will be up this weekend and they yarn will hopefully follow in a month or so. I’m so excited about these yarns. I’ve been working on a few of these for quite awhile so, that we are this close, is beyond satisfying. We have a couple of cashmere blends coming, a heathered yarn and my beloved polwarth. Just typing the words makes me a little short of breathe thinking of all the knit possibilities.

We are putting on some pretty hot new summer colourways this week. Since it is still cold and wet here we’re trying to find heat anywhere we can so lot’s of hot brights and richness in our summertime hues, it’s either that or some pretty heavy summertime blues.

One of our new colours, is created specifically, for RavelryTeam Blue Moon.

Here it is and it needs a name and Team Blue Moon on rav is holding a naming ceremony. If you want to play along you can put your name idea here as a comment to this blog post or you can go here and vote. You have until July 10th so, plenty of time. On July 10th I get to pick my favorite.


We think it is a Prince of a hue.

And if that weren’t enough? 

Carol Feller has designed her hundredth pattern, Ravi.  A really sexy summer cardigan and we are thrilled she has used our Socks that Rock mediumweight sock yarn for. Carol has a KAL where you get 4 installations, one at a time.  As you can see from Carol’s pattern page we are offering a discount coupon until July first for everyone who wants to join the fun. It looks like a good summertime fun knit to us. Tammy, Jen, Deb and I are joining the fun. I believe they’ve all started and I, as usual, am waiting for my yarn to dry.  I’m always the last on the knit train. Hell I’ve just added the second colour to my colour affection shawl.  They’re are not enough hours in the day and these days mine are spent either dyeing or typing.

We’re still playing with colours for shawls and have a few new patterns of our own coming out: Acute Angle by Sam Roshak and Counter Balance by Deb Barnhill.

ohh and speaking of shawls… have you hear about Sivia Harding’s Mezzaluna Club? it’s pretty cool. She’s doing a shawl club based on the crescent shape.  I am intrigued by this concept of Sivia’s.  Sivia’s design work is very creative and she is an excellent teacher, a good combination for running a club. I am making a colourway on one of my yarn bases for her first shipment.  I’m honoured to be working with Siva.

There is a bit more but I am running out of steam and time. If you have not yet joined the Rockin’ Sock Club for the year and want to this week is your last chance we are shutting down sign ups on Monday the 25th. We kept it open way longer then we ever have for those of you who requested a little longer time to gather funds.

If you are in Eugene Oregon this weekend for the fabulous Black Sheep Gathering be sure to drop by and say hi to Deb, Jen and Paula. Oh and go pet a sheep, there are sheep, lots and lots of sheep!

Baa, Baa…

Here is the list of new colourways. We’re still working on getting them up on the site. It takes time and I needed to get this blog post up tonight while my brain was not too overloaded. They will all be there by Friday

List of new colourways:


Freudian Slip

Pinapple Express

Tangerine Dreams

Marmalade Sky




Rue De Pond Scum

Pixie Puke

the Kracken

Shaded Solid

Ray ( a drop of golden sun)

Black Sheep Gathering

Believe it or not it is in fact June, which means it Black Sheep gathering time. We are prepping for Black Sheep and the Knot Hysteria Retreat. If there is anything you’d like to see there let us know and we will do our very best make your fiber dreams come true.

I will be at the retreat so will miss the joy that is Black Sheep. Deb Accuardi , Jen Clodius and Rosie will be running the Blue Moon Black Sheep booth so make sure you keep them busy! You got watch that Deb she’s a slippery one and will head right to the fleece judging with Judith and really who can blame her.

Don’t have too much fun without me ok?!