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Barn Sale & Dye Days Directions and such…

This weekend is our Barn Sale and Dye Days event here, at Blue Moon headquarters of all that is colorful and wild, in the lovely little town of Scappoose Oregon.Where exactly is Scappoose and Blue Moon?

We’re at 56587 Mollenhour Road, seven miles up in the hills of Scappoose.  You can mapquest and get directions or you can use these.

Whether you are coming from Seattle or Portland the main road into Scappoose is Highway 30. If you are coming from the Seattle area the best way is to come through Longview, across the Longview Bridge.  If you are coming form the Portland area, follow the signs to Highway 30 West.

Once you are in Scappoose you want Scappoose- Vernonia Highway. If you are coming from the Portland, Scappoose Vernonia Highway is the last light as you are leaving Scappoose and you are turning left onto it.  If you are coming from Longview it is the first light as you enter town and you are turning right onto it.
Once you are one Scappoose-Vernonia Highway you will be on it for about 7.25 miles. It’s pretty little drive that follows the Scappoose Creek.
Your next turn is onto Chapman Road ( NOT the road before it called Chapman Grange Road.) Turn Left onto Chapman Road ( you can only turn left) then go to the next street which is Mollenhour Road and also, turn left ( Again you can only turn left which makes it super easy.)                                                                                                                                Drive up Mollenhour about and 1/8th of a mile . You will come to a row of three mailboxes the last of which is a little red barn, the driveway after that row of mailboxes is ours, turn right onto it and follow til the end. I t dead ends into Blue Moon.                     It’s also marked by a huge piece a driftwood with the house number sign beside it. We’ll also have BMFA signs up.   They probably won’t say barn sale because then we’ll get folks looking for farm equipment and not yarn. Go figure!                                                              We are out of cell phone range up here.  Once you pass the little store on Scappoose Vernonia you will most likely loose cell service.
It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend so pack a lunch along with your knitting and sit and visit a bit.  If you are dyeing with us please do wear something you won’t might getting dye on. We will have aprons and gloves. One of last people I had here dyeing with me was Stephen West. He wore clothes just to get dye on them  which I totally loved and appreciated.

We don’t have a ton of parking so if you can carpool that would be great. If you have shopping bags or baskets you use we would love it if you brought those too. Other wise I think that is all you need to know.

We are super excited to see everyone. It is sure to be a wonderfully colorful weekend.

If you have any questions or concerns please do let us know.

See you soon!