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Bright Spots

The bright spot of my summer is this weekend.  My son Narayan is marrying his sweetheart Candice this Sunday.








My son! ( See Steven and Deb he’s not a myth.)



Narayan is my oldest and this is our families first wedding. We are happy, excited and slightly crazy with it all, as I’ve been assured, is exactly how it usually is with a wedding, so we’re right on track. It’s going to be a wonderful day. I’m so excited that I woke up at 3:00 this morning and just could not get back to sleep, even counting colored sheep didn’t work and it usually does. I did some color scheming  planning for the next few months so at least was productive.

Speaking of color schemes, we decided in the barn this week that it was time for a contest. It’s been awhile and we are a bunch of women who like our games and contests. This one is kind of both. After our last naming contest we had a few of you write in and suggest that it might be fun for you to submit a name and maybe a description ( brief) of what you have in mind and that I come up with a colorway  for that name. I love this idea. It’s a bit of a challenge and I am a woman who likes a challenge.

So here is how I think this will work best. In the comments section of this blog post put the name you are suggesting and a brief hint or description of your intent. If you feel the name is enough or want to see what I do with just the name that is also okay.

We’ll start today and take name submissions until next Friday. Then we’ll pick 20 and post them on Monday, then you get to pick your top 5, which you’ll do in the comments section of that blog post.

The winning 5 get a skein of their winning colorway in the yarn base of their choosing.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it. We did something like this with the sock club and it was great fun. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Ready, set… go!

PS: My buddy Steven was visiting when the Tipsy’s came out and fell for Sadie Sue so we wound up a ball and he started knitting some socks.